How A Rabbit Came To Deliver Eggs

    About 100 years ago or so there was a very, very hungry rabbit that came across a very, very tired chicken. “I am so very tired I don't think I will be able to finish delivering these eggs and the children will be so very disappointed if they don’t have any eggs on Easter” exclaimed Miss Chicken. Mr. Rabbit said "I have an idea, if you let me have 2 eggs to eat, I will deliver the rest of your eggs while you get some rest and when I am done I will meet you back here." "Oh that would be wonderful and you may have 4 eggs." As he ate Miss Chicken told him where the eggs were to be delivered.

   Mr. Rabbit finished his eggs and off he went to deliver the eggs but on the way he had forgotten exactly where he was suppose to put them, so while he was walking and trying to remember where to put the eggs he tripped over a bucket of yellow paint that had been left by one of the painters, he tried to keep the eggs out of the paint but it was to late. The eggs were covered with bright yellow paint. "Uh Oh, What am I going to do now?" he thought for a moment, I know I will just hide them under some bushes and find other places to hide them.

  When he finished, he returned to the spot where Miss Chicken was just rising from her nap. "Did you deliver all the eggs to the right place?"Miss Chicken asked.  "Well to be honest I forgot exactly where they were suppose to go, so I put them around the area I thought they should go." Mr. Rabbit explained. "Oh dear, Oh dear, my boss Mr. Rooster will be so upset with me."Miss Chicken said sadly. "Tell you what I’ll do I will go with and explain" said Mr. Rabbit. "You would do that?" asked Miss Chicken. "Of course, it was my fault” he told her.

   They walked to Egg Central, headquarters of Egg Delivery. Just as they were walking in; Mr Rooster was walking out of his office and heading straight toward them. Before Miss Chicken could open her mouth, Mr. Rooster yelled "Why are my eggs covered in yellow paint and hiding inbushes and under leaves?  How will the children be able to find them?"  "Well you see sir" Miss Chicken began, but Mr. Rabbit jumped in and said, "You should be proud of Miss Chicken for creating such a great game for the kids." "And just who are you and what are you doing here?" hollered Mr. Rooster. Just as he was to say something his secretary came running towards them with a handful of telegrams yelling "Mr Rooster, Oh, Mr. Rooster you have to see these immediately!!" "What are you clucking about now Henny" Mr. Rooster blustered. "These are just some of the telegrams that have been sent and there have been calls nonstop expressing their gratitude on the change of delivery pattern on Miss Chicken's route. The children loved hunting for the eggs and they wanted to know if we could use other colors next year." She handed him the telegrams, smiled at Miss Chicken and Mr. Rabbit and went back to help answer the phones. "Well Miss Chicken seems you did have a good idea after all. “You deserve a raise" "No I don't Sir, it was all Mr. Rabbits idea" Miss Chicken told him. "Well I don't care whose idea it was you will still get your raise. He turned to Mr Rabbit and asked,”Tell me Mr. Rabbit would you like to join our team here at Egg Centeral and help with next year’s ideas?"  "Sure, just as long as Miss Chicken and I work together every Easter,” he winked at her and said “you see sir, we have a perfect system.”

 The End


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Children's Stories
Ages 4-8
writing Rhiannon
Anyone can make you smile or cry, but it takes someone special to
make you smile when you already have tears in your eyes

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This was written for a friend who is a very serious type, so on easter I told him to go hunt eggs with his kids and don't worry why a rabbit delivers the eggs and not a chicken So that is how this story came about.