The Ghost Finders

The Ghost Finders

It was a hot and sticky evening at the Florida Welcome Center just south of the Georgia border on I-75. This was the third evening the crew had camped out with their cameras, inferred technology and super hearing devices spread out in a twenty meter radius. 

“Dink, I can’t stay here another night, this is it. Show or no show, we have to leave in the morning. My wife is getting pissed.”

Chip Dells said to the creator of the Ghost Finders show, Dinky Douglas. Dinky wasn’t his real name, but it sounded a whole lot better than Eugene or Gene for that matter. The third member of the crew was a more laid back elderly gentleman named Fred Tillman. Fred was the camera expert and Chip was the audio man. Along with Dinky, they made up one of the most successful TV series that captured actual ghosts in the United States.

The current urban legend that they were after was The Family Man; the original thing about this ghost legend was that this ghost actually talked. A talking ghost has never before been captured on film. They have had stories of ghost who scream or make noises from whatever they can, like slamming doors or breaking windows and even squeaking stairs; but an actual ghost who could articulate words would be something altogether different. 

They interviewed several folks who have claimed to have seen the apparition. One of the custodians had the most credible story stating, “He was the most real ghost that I’ve ever seen, and the nicest. He just said to me, ‘I’m taking my family to Florida’, and turned to walk away. That’s when he just disappeared. Only then did I realize that he was a ghost.” And further questioning reveled that this was the only ghost that the custodian had ever seen.

Other statements were similar in nature, stating that they saw a very kind looking younger gentleman, wearing black loafers and blue jeans with a dark yellow polo shirt. He had blue eyes and kept his hands in his pockets the whole time he spoke.  He never made eye contact with anyone and appeared to speak and look right through the person or persons around him.

“Come on Chip, this is a big one. We have to get this on film: a talking ghost, Man!”

Chip had his earphones half hanging on his head and an electro magnetic field detector which could identify the electric energy which apparitions emit.

It was early May and the crew wasn’t used to eighty humid degrees in the evening. The sodium lights from the parking lot seemed like solar spheres giving off their own radiation and heating up the area even more than the rest of the infernal state.

Fred stood erect from his stool which was behind the camera pointing to the map of the state. There was a red arrow pointing to the ‘You are here’ designation. He was more talkative than normal.

“I will wait for as long as needed, and for as long as you are paying for, that is,” Fred said seriously. Fred was normally boarded and wanted to move on to bigger and better things. Tonight he seemed entertained.

“That’s the spirit, Fred. See Chip, Fred wants to stay; he can see potential here, where as you want to go home,” Dinky said trying to make his right hand man see as his left hand did.

“Fred doesn’t have a colicky baby at home with an even crankier wife. The longer I am gone, the greater my dressing down will be when I get back.”

It was 2:30 in the morning on a Saturday night, which meant it was Sunday morning, and the traffic was becoming scarce. There were very few folks entering the welcome center now and the men were getting tired.

“I got something,” Chip said as he viewed the handheld digital meter.

They all stopped breathing as they waited for a confirmation from the devise.

The only sounds were that of the insects in the distant wood line. The traffic was nonexistent and time seemed to stand still as the meter spiked.

“Holy shit do we got something,” Chip whispered coarsely, which came out to a quiet yell.

Fred knew his job and pressed the button which placed all the cameras from stand-by to full power and record.  Dinky stood in front of the map inside the structure itself and waited with his microphone clipped to his collar.

“The Family Man is here and we are hoping to get him on film. Our equipment has indicated, wait, wait, I think I see him,” Dinky said into the recording camera.

Fred turned the camera towards the walkway which led to the doors where Dinky was standing. The image of a man was viewed from his camera lens as well as verified by Fred’s own eyes as he peaked up from behind the camera.

“Hello, Sir,” Dinky said as the camera panned over to the rear side of the ghost walking up to the front of Dinky.

Fred moved over to a closer camera stationed inside of the doors and as he did this he was forced to squeeze by the apparition within inches of actually touching the thing. This move didn’t scare Fred though; the thing looked as real as anyone else, except for its fluid movements. There was no bounce or sway in its walk; it just seemed to move perfectly.

Fred moved the second camera into a better position; one where the view was showing the side of Dinky and the ghost.

“So, where are you from,” Dinky asked while trying to get the thing to talk.

Getting an apparition on film wasn’t original. It was getting a talking ghost on film; what they were after.

The thing stopped about four feet in front of Dinky. A little further and Dink was going to have to back up. The ghost just looked towards the ground with his hands in his pockets.

It was true, all the urban legend and myth about the Family Man was actually true, Dinky thought to himself.

It had lingered for about three seconds. In the crew’s experience, this was a long time.

‘Shit or get off the pot,’ dinky thought to himself.

“So, you are a family man, so I hear,” Dinky said.

The ghost looked up at Dinky, but right past him as if he had heard the comment but couldn’t see from where it came from.

“I’m taking my family to Florida,” the ghost said in a very clear and articulate voice.

“Did you get that,” Dinky excitedly asked while looking over to Chip.

“Shit yeah, I got it boss, keep going.”

“So where is your family?” Dinky asked and anxiously awaited a response.

“I’m taking my family to Florida,” The apparition said in the same inflection and pitch as the last time it spoke. Dinky wanted to elicit a different response from it, some sort of communication. There were unanswered questions that the skeptical world had for the other side. And this was a chance to get somewhere with one of them, somewhere or anywhere. He just wanted to go forward from the ground breaking and fascinating new dialogue that he had started.

“You are taking your family to Florida?” Dinky said while trying to keep it simple.

“I’m taking my family to Florida,” it repeated.

“Well, man, you’ve arrived. This is Florida.” Dinky said cheerfully. He thought that he was being witty and this would trigger the ghost to actually think about what was said. He was right, in a fashion.

The ghost’s eyes locked onto Dinky’s own. There was understanding in the deep ocean blue eyes that had a whole other worlds experience behind them.

His hands came out of his pocket as the facial features changed from a casual and compassionate father and husband to that of a monster of some imaginary world. The contorted face had skin that was pulled too far and had lines on the skin that were long dead. The hair was overgrown and straggly. The lips thinned and showed the teeth all the way to the jaw bone with no gums at all. A scream came forth which could only be described as a banshee. It was ear piercing as well as glass shattering. Half of the glass panes surrounding them cracked but stayed in their frames. The ghost’s hands shot out towards Dinky’s face as the long fingernails clawed the fresh and fleshly skin leaving deep red gouges’. Dinky tried to defend himself from the assault but it was useless as the attacker went in and out of visual and tangible form.

The attack was over before the men even got to Dinky. There were lacerations on his cheeks and forehead as well as his upper skull and shoulders. There was no life threatening wounds but the emotional scaring would last for Dinky’s lifetime. He never sought another ghost.


Several months later the Family Man was seen at the same Welcome Center. He was the same as before but now his question was slightly different.

“Where is my family?” is what he asked, and everyone runs from him.






on 7/27/2009 11:38:31 AM

Peridot   Peridot wrote
on 7/23/2009 9:34:26 PM
Im going to have to cross myself every time I head to I 75, I live on the Florida/Georgia border. lol Nice suspense, makes me wonder if we'll see the Family Man in another story or find more about him and why he's searching for his family.

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 7/18/2009 8:38:24 PM
Hey Raymond, thanks for the friend request. I must say, I got a kick out of this story. When I read, I thrust myself into the story so to speak and at other times I become one of the characters. Through your writing, you've allowed me to be right there in Florida with these guys. For me it was both funny and serious at the appropriate times and I really enjoyed it. It's a very well written piece and I'm looking forward to reading more. Great Story!!! Janice :)

Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 4/23/2009 9:07:19 PM
WOW...very good story, you HAVE learned how to grab the readers attention and not let go. I loved this piece, your articulation, your lack of experience which is your strength. Thanks for the friend request, I am honored.

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