The End Of The Voices
It was Christmas eve, as Steven cautiously and tediously loaded the nine millimeter, as he sat crossed legged on his bed. It was the perfect time to end this madness.
This is stupid, he thought as he pushed each shell into the chamber. It will only take one shell to end this haunting that had tortured his life for so many years, to put an end to his insanity.
He was ready. He had been ready for so long. He just didn't have the courage.

Tonight it was different. He didn't fear the repercussions of his act. Tonight, the incessant voices would end. The nightmare that had driven him to the edge of hell, would be no more. He was sick of the doctors who prescribed his pills, the pills that would ease his depression, the ones that never worked.

One doctor even admitted that there was nothing that could stop the voices. He had to learn to live with them.

He tried. He really tried, but they were always there, telling him the dangers he faced, the horror that awaited, the demons that stalked him. Tonight, on Christmas eve, when lost things are found,the demons would die, and at last there would be peace.

He no-longer cared. He had tried to warn his friends, but they all believed it was an idle threat, in a few seconds, they would know, it was not an idle threat.

Steven pushed the last shell into the chamber. It was time. He wouldn't back out this time, like he'd done so many times before.
"God, forgive me," he muttered, as he raised the cold metal barrel. 

Steven squeezed the trigger and the tragic, ear shattering sound could be heard for blocks. The remains of the demons were splattered and embedded on the wall...silent.

When the police found him, he was lying motionless on his bed. It was over. The police looked at what little was left.
The officer looked at his partner.

"What drives people to do such senseless acts, " He asked.

"His landlady said he talked of being tired of the voices," his partner replied.
"Look, get someone up here and clean up this mess." He ordered.

"I don't want to take a chance of cutting myself on this glass."

"Jesus Christ, an almost brand new wide screen TV, too, the officer uttered, shaking his head."

"Son, I got to take you in. It's against the law to fire a weapon in the city limits.

Steven had a smile on his face as they cuffed him, and led him a way. At last he was free of the hellish voices.

© 2007 Rain

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Short Story
writing Rain
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A story of a young man who could no longer handle the torment of the voices.