I been here before.
man..i could swear i been here before
the same broken neon lights...the same streets
the same stores
different faces wearing the same grin
set em joe with tonic and gin
same shoes on different feet
cuffed pants...pressed shirt...that's the way it is
on easy street
damn, maybe i'm losing my mind
cars all look the same to me
like the people behind the wheel
even the automobiles ain't real
cats lost in the parkin lot...forgot where to go
push the red button...make the horn blow..there you go
you've found yourself...and no-one will know
you are just as  damn lost as me
i need a red button to locate me
damn, its crazy...give me something new...
change your hairstyle..let yourself go
put a horseshoe through your nose
dye your hair pink...walk like marilyn monroe
how many times are you gonna play this scene
are you ever gonna break this same ass routine
jesus man...is this as cool as it gets
is this where old men come and set
and play checkers while pigeons
beg for bread...hell no..i ain't dead yet
man.. this is no life
lost in a movie
where you play your wife
and all the people walk and talk
like they got a key on their back
man...i know i've been here before
look here man...do i look like i'm blind
how many times can you play this film
how many times can you forget your line
somethin needs to change
who in the hells in charge
i'm tired of these bit parts
i need me somethin large
damn man...i swear i been here before
i smell the same perfume...the same cologne
hear the same hustles...what the hell you lying for
even the bums all look the same
pushing their walmart carts
all dressed for the rain
is there a doctor in the house
i need me a pill for this kind of pain
somethin strong...industrial strength
somethin to stop me from goin insane
i got to find a way out...i need an exit door
damn man...i could swear i been here before

fran48   fran48 wrote
on 7/3/2009 1:27:32 PM
Nice poem!

Trenchtownrock   Trenchtownrock wrote
on 7/3/2009 9:03:27 AM
This is awesome writing..thoroughly enjoyed the picture you painted with your words...

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writing Rain
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