To My First Sexual Partner


It took twelve cocktails before I saw it
But there was something about you that night
With your hand on my breast helping me stay upright
All alone in her conservatory.
I don’t really remember but at some point you kissed me  
So we locked lips,
Swapped spit and
Made out
Whilst we made sure everyone else had seen.

Two days later and I wake to a text
“Just thought we should go catch a film”
Well we didn’t catch much of it
Ha-ha. Wink-wink. Nudge-nudge
How cool are we?
How sexually virulent, how can’t keep our hands of each other, madly in lust

Oh baby.

Five films later and you’re undoing my bra –
Well you’re trying to but in the end I just did it for you
It’s ok-they’re tricky and still its not awkward-
Because we’re not scared and inexperienced
We’re sex Gods and beasts and we really want the world to know it.

 Then its hands down pants…
Off with the pants…
And you’ve seen me naked.

And I'm like hell yeah
My parents don’t know it but I’m
Sexually active.

And other girls can call me a slag if they want
Coz I well want them to too
So I act coy but really I hope it’s what they think
Fuel my reputation with an innuendo and a wink

And you’ll report back to your mates and I’ll tell mine
but togetehr we'll nevr discuss it aloud
Just wait till we’re silent in the dark,
some film in the background
So we can explore each other
or just plain guess
Praying that you’re enjoying it and that I’m not doing it wrong

 Months down the line and we’re still going strong
And sure our friends know more about the relationship than we do
And we’ve used it to cultivate an image that isn’t really true
But I couldn’t have done it with someone else
And I’ll never forget it

Because I was nervous, overwhelmed and unsure
Especially for you.


StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 9/17/2008 2:22:03 AM
You bring back so many memories of that first time. That clumsy,inexperienced time. Even today we still may have those with a new love. Thanks for the memories!!!!

Free Verse
writing Rach
The dreams we have no phrases for slip through our fingers into smoke
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a poem about that time when you start to become 'sexually active'