Dirty Washing-----Chapter Two

I travelled like a wraith along the corridors, avoiding older and younger students alike, anyone who confronted me saw that I would not react today, so I got to the deputy heads office pretty quickly, with only one fistful of gravel thrown and a few insults hurled at me.

“Richie?” Mrs Lisbon seemed confused as I entered her office, but I wasn’t looking at the old vulture, I was looking at the younger girl, sitting in the chair opposite of her desk.

She was lean yet curvy, her skin a subtle tan of caramel, a sheen on her soft cheeks evident in the light that poured through the windows. Her hair hung long and wavy with curls here and there, dark as satin midnight, mysterious and seducing. She had strong, smooth legs and arms, her hands looked sure and confident as they caressed each other in her lap. Her torso was voluptuous and mouth watering as it lead up to a strong, lean neck and sharp jaw.

Her chin was rounded and cute, but not too stubby, and her cheeks were soft. Her eyes were the right size for her face but larger than normal, brown, deep, like you could see her sunny-warm soul reflected there, the lashes around it thick and long.

The dark haired beauty’s nose was straight and narrow, but not sharp, with a rounded point, soft and natural.

She was honestly the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my whole life.

“Um.” was all I could say, dragging my eyes from her, looking to the old hag Lisbon behind the desk,

She arched an over plucked eyebrow and waited for me to explain, folding her knobbly hands together.

“Bryant, I mean, Mrs Bryant sent me here to, look after the new…girl, while she got to know the place…” my eyes kept wondering back to the gorgeous girl in the seat, her perfect lips full and thick, her skirt showing just enough of her long, long legs.

Those perfect lips pulled up slowly and sexily, revealing straight, blinding white teeth. I felt like the look in her eyes, her whole aura was reaching out and warming me in places, reaching out and comforting me, reaching out and testing me every way and every place.

I pulled my eyes away from her, swallowing to keep myself in check, to look at Lisbon.

She grinned showing less coveted teeth.

“Very well then. Sienna, this is Richie Black. Richie, this is Sienna Escabra.”

I looked at her as she stood up, holding out her confident hand, I took it and it was as warm as her smile.

“Richie, wow, that’s a really cool name.” she winked and I almost died on the spot, she had a tiny Spanish accent, that licked around the her S’s and I‘s.

“I could say the same to you, Sienna, its really beautiful…”

I was staring at her eyes, we were still shaking hands, Lisbon was draining her coffee cup (that no doubt had a drop of brandy in it) and standing up from her desk, patting down her trouser suit,

“Right, Richie here will be your guide Sienna.” she smiled and Sienna nodded as I dropped her hand. Lisbon shuffled us out of her office and locked the door.

“Now, I have a meeting with the head, so I will check up on you later.” Lisbon nodded courteously then turned to me scorning, poking my shoulder and whispering in my ear enough to creep me out a little bit.

Take good care of her Black.”

I nodded, sighing a little.

“Of course Mrs Lisbon, of course.”


“And this is the cafeteria, but I hope you’ve brought your own lunch, it sucks here.”

I gestured around the empty space, I had three free periods to show Sienna around the school, which I was using to my full advantage, learning more about her as she learnt more about the school.

“Yeah, mama told me I should, she grew up in Spain, settled here in the eighties, never got used to the food.” she grinned cheekily and I smiled back, fiddling with my tie and ruffling my short hair.

“So what is it like in Spain?”

She sighed and I look around as she wandered through the tables, meandering through the stainless steel.

“I have only been a few times, but it is over run with shirtless old men and wrinkled old ladies with too pale skin, most of them from Britain.” she chuckled and I smiled knowingly.

“Yeah, and we complain about people moving into our country.”

She walked up to me and put her hand on my shoulder as we walked out onto the sunny field. Though sitting down her legs looked long, she was not taller than me, about the same size really.

I let her through the door first, trying not to be camp or flirting about it, but how could I help it, with her looking up at me through those long lashes?

“So tell me more about yourself Richie.” it was not a question it was a request, and before I knew it I had spilled my life onto her lap.

“Well, my mum died when I was seven, me and dad live alone, I don’t have any brothers or sisters, my supposed best friend hates me because im gay and I have to hide it for fear of my life.” I smiled pleasantly.

She raised a sharp eyebrow and I realised I said too much, all I had to wait for was her reaction.

I expected her to lift her hand away and back off slowly, like I was about to attack her, but instead she shifted her hand to the other shoulder so her arm was around me.

She smiled up at me, her face quite close and frowned.

“Poor you.” was all she said.

I looked away incredulously, then looked back.

“You’re not like, freaked out?”

“About what?” she replied confused and I shook my head by an small amount.

“Me, being gay…”

She laughed, quietly at first, then a little louder as we made our way towards the gym.

“No, silly, why should I be?”

I shrugged, the weight of her arm still on my shoulders.

“Its just, many think that just because im gay I look at them in the changing rooms while they’re half naked.”

She sniggered and I smiled down at her.

“Its really not a problem? I mean, I’ve never really told anyone apart from my counsellor and Grace…” trailed off, watching her play with a lock of her hair in the sunlight while she smiled angelically up at me.

“I personally would be honoured to have you check me out in the changing rooms…”

My heart thudded deeply in my mouth, my blood pounding in my ears and throat.

“…I mean, its like a compliment isn’t it? If you like yourself, and someone else likes you, then you have something in common right? Whatever that person may be. Like, its actually really quite cool, means we get variety in the world, right?”

Her little speech ended with her squeezing my shoulder then letting go as we got to the gym doors.

I smiled, believing as much as I dared that this girl Sienna, this beautiful, exotic, girl was accepting me.

“Right.” I nodded then gestured grandly. “well, this is the lobby, girls, boys changing rooms, and over there is the sports hall, where we play games, obviously…”

Suddenly the high, harsh sound of the bell sounded, making both Sienna and I jump out of our differently shaded skins.

A whistle sounded and then the gym doors flew open to reveal a stampede of what looked like my own gym class I had been excused from to show the new girl around.

Grace was amongst them, she wore her gym kit with a red bib over the top as she walked slowly towards us, looking from Sienna to me, to Sienna again.

“Grace.” I nodded and she narrowed her eyes at Sienna.

What is that?” she inquired as soon as she was in my earshot alone, only Sienna heard and edged forward a little frowning.

“Who is that would be more polite Grace. Sienna, this is Grace Alton, Grace, Sienna Escabra.”

Grace gave Sienna a cold look then turned to flounce off.

“Is she the one you told me about chica?” Sienna asked, loping forward to my side and letting her arm loosely curve around my hip.

Grace turned and eyed me suspiciously, then saw Sienna’s arm around my waist.

She looked Sienna in the eye and growled.

“Do you know she’s a dyke?”

I gulped and took a peek at Sienna, who tensed by my side.

“Grace…shut up, come on…”

“Do you know what its like to have children?” she asked and Grace gave me a look that shouted “what the hell?”

“No I don’t chica.” she replied sarcastically and turned away, then Sienna reached her punch line.

“That’s a shame, if you don’t leave Richie alone you might never no you loco ramera!

Grace turned once more to give me an exasperated look then walked away, her hips swinging a little too much, her fists clenched.

Sienna was quite calm when I next looked at her, the lobby was empty though a few stragglers had caught the conversation.

“Why did you do that for me?” I asked and she looked up, winking.

“I figured someone needed to say something, I judge character real good, and that girl loco.”

I hadn’t taken much Spanish but I knew it meant she was crazy.

“What’s a ramera?” I asked as we exited into the sunlight where I became momentarily pre-occupied by the way the shadows danced off her skin.

“Bitch.” she replied simply and we both laughed.





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A nice, calm chapter, but I have a feeling there's conflict to come!

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