Dirty Washing-----Chapter Four

I slipped silently into the room, Bryant was sat at her desk marking something while she tapped her foot, I sat down quietly and watched for a while, she knew I was there, but she hadn’t bothered to speak yet.
“You know, you have good rhythm.” I remarked as I watched her tap her foot, she looked up and smiled, pushing her glasses up her nose.
“Hello Richie.” she smiled benignly. “I’ll be with you in two seconds, Adam gave me a lot to think about, and write.”
I nodded and relapsed into thought.
Sienna was waiting outside, I could hear her mumbling to herself in Spanish, sometimes mentioning my name, sometimes Grace’s, but I was too deep in thought to notice what words went along with it.
I had known Sienna no longer than three weeks, nearly four but I had not yet thought about her properly. My attraction to her, though it took me off guard, was so sure and permanent from the moment I saw her long legs in Lisbon’s office that I hadn’t noticed it too much, if that made sense. But recently it had made itself present, lifting its head at certain times to nudge my heartbeat a little faster, to make my palms sweat and my head to swim, like an adrenaline rush. So taken aback by the surge of these feelings and emotions was I that I could not bring myself to confirm them in my head, because I felt I did not need to, it seemed as though it were always there, since that first moment. Nothing corny like fate or destiny because words like that were too limiting for someone like Sienna, but sure I was gradually becoming more and more attracted to this mysterious foreign dream, like watching a movie with a complicated and uneasy storyline, that only I and she in the vicinity could understand.
“So, how are you?” Bryant smiled from behind her glasses and I grinned, not even having to answer. She raised an eyebrow and took a deep breath.
“I see you got involved in the new girl…” she left It open for me to elaborate and I sighed, giving her a look then explained.
“So basically, Grace is mostly out of my life and im feeling so much better, just because of Sienna.
She was smiling and I couldn’t help feel good, if Bryant was happy then you couldn’t help it.
“Richie, I think you have found someone who is rather similar to you. Sienna seems very open and honest, you could do worse.”
Then I frowned.
“I could do worse, what do you mean?”
Bryant raised an eyebrow.
“Well, you could do worse…” she shrugged and suddenly understood, laughing.
“Oh, oh, ha, ha, ha ,ha.” Bryant just gave me a funny look.
“Umm, I don’t, Im not dating Sienna, we’re just friends.”
Bryant grinned and chuckled.
“Forgive me.” she replied as the bell sounded from the corridors>
“Go on, run off to a boring lesson.” she laughed then added: “you still could do worse.”
I rolled my eyes at her before leaving the room.
I looked around to see if Sienna had gone off to lessons, but she was still standing there, grinning as she saw me. My heart accelerated my palms were slick in my pocket and my breathing was hard to control.
“Hey.” I greeted her and she winked sexily.
“Geography.” I sighed and she raised an eyebrow shrugging off of the wall.
“I know, but, you sit next to me, so I wont be bored.” She chuckled and sauntered off in the direction of room 12. I frowned as I followed in her wake, her sashay a hard act to follow. I watched her hips swing and her delicate fingers twist in her hair, I definitely had enough to keep me occupied.






Rinskinski   Rinskinski wrote
on 1/16/2010 9:18:25 PM
You're establishing Richie's attraction for Sienna very well! Keep writing!

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