Dirty Washing------Chapter Three

Sienna Escabra was fast becoming my best friend, and it had only been a week. I could say she was fitting in well, but she wasn’t, with other people, only me. Grace had got the message that she was to, as Sienna put it, “cierre la boca y tome una excursión a pie” (shut her mouth and take a hike), so we got no trouble from her, she kept her word strangely enough though, and still didn’t tell anyone I was gay. Maybe she just wanted to protect herself, not wanting people to find out she used to be best friends with a lesbian.
Ola chica.” Sienna greeted me every morning, squeezing my arm as she met me at the corner shop on our way to school.
Buenos días, el amigo.” “good morning, friend.” was always my answer.
Sienna was in most of my classes, bar P.E and Religious Studies, and she was rather clever as it turned out.
“So you put the acid in here…”I began to squeeze the pipette but saw her shaking her head from her seat on the table top. “What?”
Ay, ay, ay chica.” she said smirked and leaned foreword, wrapping her strong, confident hand around mine and the pipette. “The acid goes in here, remember what hombre said?”
I smiled, shaking my head as she chuckled, squeezing the pipette and emptying the substance into a test tube.
“You never do.” she grinned and I winked.
“I listen to you chica.” I laughed and she rolled her deep brown eyes.
“If you listen so well, listen to this…” She leaned foreword, her hand on my shoulder, pulling me closer to whisper in my ear.
I felt her lips brush my ear, goose bumps erupting on the back of my neck and my arms, my shirt sleeves were rolled up but it wasn’t cold, her touch had done this to me.
Que tal nosotros conectamos alguna vez, yo le puedo enseñar más español tan usted sabe lo que digo…”
I listened to her breathing that came soft against my ear, whispering in my hair, her sure fingers on my shoulder, cheek pressed against mine.
What did you say? I didn’t quite catch that…” I whispered breathlessly in to her shiny hair and she repeated it.
“Ill let you work it out chica, oh, watch out, ramera estúpida on the prowl.”
I turned to see Grace eyeing us up, I knew what it must have looked like, her whispering Spanish in my ear, chuckling, we must have looked together.
As much as I warmed to the idea of it, I couldn’t see it, because Sienna was totally straight, checking out the hombres in the vicinity almost daily, though she always looked at me sideways to ask if I saw any girls I like, but I couldn’t find anyone, or rather, anyone that I liked more than Sienna. Of course I couldn’t tell her that could I?
Ah mi dios que chicas que me matan, que hace ella pienso que ella está ramera loca, idiota estúpido, Jesús que yo la odio y yo me puse aún la conoce bien…
Sienna grumbled in her native language, it sounded so sexy and fluent, like sweet music, I focused on trying to learn, to speak to her in a way only her and I would understand, something like that would bond us together.
Thankfully I already knew a little from my mothers consistent dreams of holidaying in Spain.
¿Que está equivocado mi amigo?” (what’s wrong?)
“Nothing, that Grace is just annoying me, I don’t see why she hates you so much.” she replied in the same tongue, licking the syllables into life like I couldn’t.
“Um, maybe its because she’s worried I’ll hit on her, remember like I said about the girls changing?” I replied, Sienna winked and poked her pale tongue out as the bell went, I helped her down from the table and cleaned up our equipment.
“Still, its nothing to hate someone for, right?” Sienna tried to reason and I shrugged.
“I don’t know. Im not exactly of the homophobic mind am I?” I had switched to the more comfortable language of English now, whispering so no one would hear but her.
She laughed and threw her arm round me as we journeyed out to the middle of the field for lunch.
Usted tan asombra.” Sienna mumbled smiling up at me, I didn’t know what she had said, but it didn’t sound nasty.
We sat on the field talking, sometimes Spanish, sometimes English, once I even managed very bad French, then Grace turned up.
“Watch out, chica espantosa on her way over.” Sienna muttered darkly and I frowned.
Espantosa?” I repeated trying to recall, oh it meant scary.
“Grace.” Sienna added as she jerked her head over my shoulder, I turned quick enough to see Grace’s shadow fall into my lap.
“ lets talk Spanish to annoy her.” Sienna suggested in the tongue but all Grace could hear was “permite que conversación español mol Estela” and Sienna and I giggling.
“What did she say?” Grace asked and I just shook my head.
“What do you want Grace?”
The tall girl raised an eyebrow as Sienna commented.
“A new hairdresser?” the gorgeous girl whispered in my ear, the Spanish hiding her snipe, I couldn’t help but laugh as Grace stood there rolling her eyes.
“She needs a new stylist too…” I replied, glad that Grace couldn’t understand what we were saying.
“Look are you two girls going to chat in Spanish all day or are you going to listen to what I have to say?” Grace growled, glaring down at me, Sienna laughed in my ear and I chuckled, telling her to be quiet.
“Im all ears.” I laughed as Sienna giggled.
“I bet you are.” she murmured pinching my own ears.
“What do you want ?” I repeated and Grace shrugged.
“Bryant wants to see you, said you miss your appointment this morning or something.”
Then she walked away, as if she couldn’t stand being near me, not even to deliver a message. I sighed, rising up as Sienna frowned.
“My counsellor wants to see me, you can come wait outside if you want.” I offered, holding my hand out to help her up, she took it and sprung up immediately, grabbing her bag as I grabbed mine.
“So this counsellor, is she like, old and grey and asking you how you feel about things?” she joked and I shook my head.
“No Bryant is young.” I replied and as we walked down the corridor the devil appeared, checking her clipboard and leaning out of her door.
“Ah, Richie! Wait here five minutes, I just need to finish up with Adam then im all your’s.” she smiled warmly at Sienna then withdrew her head from the corridor back into her room.
I turned to look at Sienna.
“That’s Bryant?” she asked a little open mouthed and I nodded. “She, well, she’s not old.”
I laughed.
“You got a thing for her?” she asked and I went a little red, smiling nervously as Sienna crooned.
“Ooh, Miss Bryant, she’s all yours in five minutes…” I tried to shut her up by shoving her against the wall and covering her mouth but she wouldn’t stop, I tried not to laugh either, to show her that it wasn’t really getting to me.
“Shush, be quiet…¡Calma! “ I chuckled and she stopped at the sound of her native language, she peered up at me and frowned.
“Wow, you sounded just like my mama then, maybe there is some Hispanic in you chica.” I shook my head and stepped away as Adam left Bryant’s room, I gave Sienna a “keep-out-of-trouble-look” and walked into the office.
“Have fun with your feelings.” she winked and my stomach did a little flip at the notion.
I didn’t know much, not Science, not English, not Spanish, all I knew was I this chica was driving me loco!







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Another rather pleasant chapter. Keep writing!

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