A Letter From The Guy That Bums Cigarettes From Me At The Greyhound Station
Dear Pazzi,   

    Hello there. You know me. I’m the guy that bums cigarettes from you at the Greyhound station. Did you know that if you give me that cigarette, I’ll take that as my cue to ask you for a dollar? It’s the scam I run. You know that you would do anything for me to go away. Who could blame you? I count on decent people like you. It’s my whole livelihood. You are everything I hold dear in the world. Give me ten people just like you this hour and I’ll be pulling more than minimum wage. You know what hard times feel like. I mean if you didn’t you wouldn’t be riding the dog, right?
    The man over at the intersection is clearly a guy willing to work all day at whatever horrible labors you could throw at him just for some simple food. Why would you do this to that poor guy though? Why not give him some money to get his own food? You have nothing better to do while sitting helplessly behind that red light anyway. You could let this guy into your car with you and take him to your house for dinner. You could, but you’re not stupid. He counts on you not being stupid.
    Look in the window at the owner of the local grocery store. He’ll cash your pay check for almost nothing. He also accepts your government nutritional program card. Not only is he compassionate to your food needs, he also supports the state’s education by participating in the State Education Lottery. He’ll tear you off as many tickets as you want and guess what? It’s Social Security check day, the best day of the week.
    Out here, we all have an angle and we all hide it in plain sight. We have unlocked the secret to success. I’ll share it with you. Are you ready?
    Take. Take anything you can at any means necessary and give nothing.

Forever Yours,
                The guy that bums cigarettes from you at the Greyhound Station

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I'm still messing with 1st person writing but had fun with this letter. I hope nobody's offended. Tell me what you think.
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