Blessed (3 page poem)

Let me see as I open my eyes

The sky soars around me

Clouds tint the blue as if tear drops are falling about me

I roam this mysterious land

Where the grass is much fresher

The flowers bloom so eloquently

As they forever linger

Each plane within this land looks so wonderful

From the little Brussels, to the cottages smoking up top

Each place has its fire

All around me I can’t believe, just exactly where I be

This place is too peaceful; as I can see

This place is too clean; How can they leave it be?

This place, oh this place, is just remarkable

I wish to free my soul

Let my skin rot away underneath the waterfalls of grace

As I grow old and my bones ache, I wish them to separate above the rich land.

Let this madness speak of my adventures, as infinity watches me.

I feel as if this land is false, what else could it be?

I picked this place to rest for now

While soon to my belief

I find these scrumptious apples

Parked, right beneath my feet

Festively I embarked, each apple I ravaged through

As I enjoyed these cores I left all through

Apples usually satisfy me not

But as I lay

These apples, oh these apples were indeed the fondest grey.

Filled to rim, I couldn’t believe

Was I alive here, was I dreaming?

To be full of delight alone tested my mind

The world seemed as though I was blind.

For I have just ventured through the woods

I lost my parents, to the wolves in the dusk

I witnessed their lives, torn to shreds

Even wished

I was dead

But now I lay; right, I'm stay

I see no fright, dream no pain

I even barely mention their names

Sometimes I anger at myself, WHY NO PAIN?

But this remarkable feet, I should not complain.

Jesus and god have blessed me now

Even though I barely mourn

Is this insanity? Am I reborn?

I still have yet to see

Any other, human being why no one around I see myself

This land is just too grand, no one in sight

As there thoughts race through

I slowly lose my might

My eyes begin to shake as things grow slow

Shut now, fast asleep

The first good rest in weeks as this boy use to weep

Dreamt of his parents, as he lay on top of leaves

Dreamt they were safe, living with him

In this place had the ideal dream

That he was indeed with others

Lonely no more

Sorrow no more

As he reached for his mothers hand, or just to his

A shocking response as his body bursts

Awaken he has become

The land just as beautiful as ever before

Only difference is the rain, but even the rain soothes him

The rain pass as all you hear are the greatest echoes and chants

The soft gentle touches of each drop wishfully brace my skin as if they were pillows

Enlighten I have become

Drenched even though I still bet, sitting their we beyond belief

Rain continually drains my face

But I have a fixation

The glorious sight of these rains fully pour over jumbled mixtures,

Middle of variations waterfalls flow about my wishes

Water majestically roams over rocks, clay, leaves making art to the eye

This is truly eye candy

Watching these sites drown my mind

As I ignore the cold breeze running through tempting my health

I just visualize and nothing more

The rain begins to calm down

The sight has stopped

As the sunrise

I visualize more, it now warms me

The lights burn as if radiating

As the once seen waterfalls, and viscously water tyrants

I see a new, as it puts my eyes into a trance

But I wasted my time long enough

As I roam for a purpose

Searching about the place in search of a civilization

Some land of another I seek

I wish their of people

People all around me

I need another touch, voice, smell good or bad I wish it to

As for the distance, everything is blue

No visual of life I see

The trees almost blind me, as that’s all I can see

Into the wild I escape from this place

Trees, just tree as high as they can be

Running I began

Away from this slice of heaven, it’s just so much

To think I came from terror to this

Was just too much

I needed to feel, as if I belonged

I needed them to whisper along

Risking through the leaves I spring

I run through, visions of moments as if the branches were alive

To the right, left, right each tree speeds by

The visions get to my head I begin to be dizzy

Tempted as I run more, I shall not stop

As the run continues my legs grow weak

Determined I can, now these trees grow bleak

I run past, the graceful land, into the dark and cold

Trees begin to tint, a mask encumbered

Ravaged I am, I’m away from the heaven

I stop and feel, the ground shake from under

I have lost everything

shouted I search

to not find a thing

wishing I was back, I step backwards

I slipped at a fault

Shook fully my chest, my eyes are boulders as I am spinning around

Frozen stiff my legs still shook

I crashed from three-hundred feet above, my life has ended

Land lord gave, gave me blessed, untouchable I was

I forsake his trust

As the Devil succumbed me whole



I am no longer


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writing PMurphy
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I wrote this when i got in trouble at school. They sent me to ISS and i wanted to see how long i could write a poem. I ended up with 4 pages on paper, "horrible writing" untill i got bored of it. So i recreated it as bas as i could and tried to write all the sentences the best i could aswell. Some of it may not make 100% sense but i have to review it and edit it and such. Basically its just a "how long can i write" poem.