I saw it.

I saw it. The way I wanted it, placed before me on an open table. Do I grab it? Throw this freedom away especially for it? I have before, what's to stop me now?

It was the evening again. The same dreary mess of an afternoon. I walked on as always. The sun shone calmly in the distance as though it knew things we either ok, or they were coming to an imminent end. 'Maybe for you.' I thought briefly. Decomposition had set into my teenage body. Older and dying each day. 'God the pessimistic way of life is fabulous, isn't it?' I said to my nonexistent companion. Pottering on all day in their uneconomical cars, and their little paint can homes are death holes- lead paint not a healthy choice I said, never listen do they? They said. The cancers set in. I took a turn to the left. Such a short run, groceries, kids, Oh no! Go cook for your angry husband! Sucks to that, its not the way I'm going. Scuttling along a heavily pregnant woman passed into my view. Poor girl. Infected by that parasite, I wonder does she even want it. 'Mind you she does look happy.' I consulted again. 'Cause you'll heal over, heal over heal over someday! Birds, trees, birds, trees, birds in trees - where is that damn shot gun. Oh I have arrived. I swung my legs over the short wall. How very devious! But I knew its secret. So I looked down. Heavy shoes eh? Splash! That was a short swim. Didn't last long. Never does.

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Cryptic writings, a shattered state of mind and conscience
A Word from the Writer
Once again, this piece was written quite a few years ago.
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12/21/2005 12:00:00 AM
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