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We've all experienced calamities at one point in our lives or another in recent times however, the stories have become more so unbelievable. Whatever is happening in our sweet T&T is surely the devils work, to spirituality and divinity we must return before our country reaches a status from which we can never change.

It's strange how our loving people has turned on each other,
how can a forty year old son rape his mother?
Man twenty-four commits suicide after killing the wife he persistently abused,
I'm tired of hearing such morbid stories in the news. 
It's rightly said, "we pay a price for the life we chose", 
but what was the fault of a child only six years old,
murdered and raped after her body turned cold,
by none other than the step-father she'd call her own. 
Lifeless her body stuffed in a barrel inside her home. 

Is this reality? Or a nightmare that feels too real?
Sins of our neighbour no longer concealed.
Frequent news bulletin serve to reveal,
statistics of crime and a shrewd Ministers ideals.
A Country held to ransom by a minority clique,
Crime has spurred forty murders in just three weeks.
Heads of State fail to understand,
that the situation has gotten way out of hand.
To protect our nation we have to amend our technique,
show those perpetrators that our policing is fierce not weak.
It's time to act rather than react to critique.

People of Trin-bago, break the silence, stand up and speak.
The time has come for us to reclaim the peace in our land,
Let us not allow T&T to get a bad reputation.
We have to quell the negativity that has seemed to erupt,
the violence, the hurt, this madness must stop!
Let us band together to protect our families,
through combined efforts we can fend off the enemies,
threatening to plague or lives with irremediable calamity... 

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