The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman

Her face was partly pasty from dry 'spittle' down her cheek
 That eased mid neck ‘ghast opened mouth while snoring through the week
She’d toss and turned as washers churn - thus, shook their ‘pillowed’ wall
Her partner rocked and rolled most nights… with hopes… to sleep he'd fall

She woke one Sunday morning with her hair all in a tease
And could have caught three fish with it then scooped them all with ease
Her eyes were somewhat bloodshot from ‘boot-whisky proof’ she drank
The night before she downed two jugs… then puked ‘chud’ in a tank

The breath smelled somewhat 'sewaged' and soo aromatic strong
Like musty sheets or back-way streets damp rain soft ‘mildews’ on
Her teeth sport ‘stale glazed-mucus’… packing Dunkins 'tween each cheek
Absent a single brush or two to ‘spruce’ her smile each week

She loved to ‘troll’ for nuggets.... crass - she’d pick her nose outright
And scratch ‘proud zits’ 'tween hairy pits 'til ‘tickled-tongue’ takes flight 
Her words soo rough most sailors as she’d cuss a storm to sea
Brought burly men to blush and cringe… ‘said words’ which gaggled me

We’ve guessed what you’d be thinking… yet be not too quick - you judge
Her lover kin and bedroom friend - he carries no such grudge
He thinks that she’s - ‘his perfect’ and forever hopes to hear
Kind words that whew - from loving ‘phew’… who brings much ‘bedroom’ cheer

Once Goldilocks ‘felt’ weary so she sought ‘some’ place to rest

‘Mid the cottage of her neighbors – ‘Willow bears’ from Honey Crest

Though she fully spent - ‘selected’... as par ‘little queens’ befit

The ‘best choice’ of three beds offered to her utmost benefit

What works for ‘some’ does not for all... our hearts don’t beat the same

One’s beauty could 'your’ ugly be should such sully your name

Those of us who seek ‘familiar’ - cognizant of good and bad

Know ‘familiar’ masked as ‘perfect’… absent which… our quests would ‘gad’

Should some seeking ‘affirmation’ from companions ‘prove’ futile

Well… might we suggest... “Seek perfect things ‘your’ soul so breaths worthwhile”

Fierce protect such things - you matter... nourish well the joys they give

For to ‘love’ it is essential ‘our’ fears die that ‘soul’ may live

‘Mid the eyes of some beholders… ‘perfect’ is a state - your mind

Such few souls are ‘earthly-centered treasures’… seeking ‘fits’ in kind

And shared views of what ‘seem’ splendid are not formed so haplessly

From vast ‘public-polled opinions’ skewing ‘true’ identity

Thus adopting ‘others’ visions of the dreams to ‘them’ hold true

Is ‘clear recipe’ for madness... something ‘felt’ - our ‘soul’s sense’ knew

If our hearts and souls don’t guide us to ‘their’ perfect harmony

We are doomed to aimless wander ‘twixt blank space –  most certainty

Some good people to ‘their’ passions do not always ‘seem’ - good match

Much like ‘jam and eggs’… though tasty... seem so clumsily attached

Yet because our friends hate something that is thing ‘we’ love so true

Doesn’t mean that ‘social standards' which accord us joy – will you

Seek your 'picture-perfect' woman... she’ll mime mirror of ‘her’ mate

Sole view of her ‘surface trappings’ won’t reveal ‘concealed estate’

Should you ‘seek’ divine her ‘true self’ - mitigate your ‘quest’s-dishevel’

Look to ‘ever-transit' river beds… which ‘always’ find - ‘their level’

Copyright ©2017 NDL II

Jennifferjudeslachtovsky   Jennifferjudeslachtovsky wrote
on 7/27/2017 11:23:39 PM
That was most beautifully written my old friend. Bravo. The moral and the imagery flow seamlessly, and the structure was accurate and therefore really delightful. I do have one question though regarding the frequent quotations? I thought maybe it was a poem within a poem but, I am a little stumped, you can message me if you'd like, i would really love to know the idea behind that. Well done though. Really well done.

Rhiannon   Rhiannon wrote
on 10/27/2013 11:51:07 PM
Funny but true everyone sees beauty differently and if 2 souls are lucky enough to find one another than what the world has to say wont affect them because to them their world is with each other (thats how I see it :)

sagitta   sagitta wrote
on 10/11/2011 2:25:24 AM
After reading your comments elsewhere, I came here today. Writing is brilliant... I gave 10.

thejackrollins   thejackrollins wrote
on 8/29/2010 7:51:54 PM
Bloody brilliant! I think it displays a little on how love can really be. Good work!

Michele   Michele wrote
on 7/13/2010 11:06:14 PM
Very skilled -- and quite a crescendo of 'ick' -- such hope for all of us, the less than ideal that we may find that special one!

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