Not the Author - just the pen

Not the Author – just… ‘the pen’


The skills to stay ‘creative’ in this ‘alphabet-steeped soup’

And express said untold stories – magically...

Ever lead to long and weary ‘bouts’ from which some must regroup

Should they ever hope ‘preserve’ their sanity


The struggle of good ‘craftsman’ is to make veiled dreams come true

To ‘create’ and bring to life ‘thoughts’ in their mind

Yet this ‘ever-present challenge’ is in ‘giving place’ to who

Is ‘True Author’ of all genius - by design


Short ‘glimpse’ of some great vision may ‘as yet’ seem undefined

As we ‘search within’ to know such things we see

So. with ‘patient meditation’... waiting as our minds decide

For a ‘prize’ much long awaited – mentally

It is in those ‘fleeting moments’ when the ‘truth’ to us - revealed

Seems the ‘hope’ of our life’s station - tasked to us

It’s those ‘moments of elation’ when such things which ‘once’ concealed

Are ‘delivered’ from the heavens to our trust


Yes, sometimes we as writers when we're jotting down our thoughts
Do most often ‘search’ to find our words to say
So we agonize vast questions and internalize these plots
As new stories ‘birthed’ reveal themselves - this way

While this process oft' confusing and does truly take its toll
On those searching deep to unveil mystery
To uncover truth and bring to light said stories filled with soul
To inspire and to reach humanity

Yet this process, though intriguing, may just seem a bit obtuse
Though our task is to reveal said truths ‘we’ see
Though often, we may struggle with which words are ‘best’ - our use
As the Mighty One, through us, births symmetry

Though we may not be the 'authors' of some ‘perfect work of art’
Just inspired by the ‘Grand Divinity’
And our only 'claim to fame' and contribution for our part
Would be ‘ceding conduit' - through Majesty

No we truly aren't the 'authors' though we scribe such things we ‘feel’
Just the 'pens' to note veiled clues form gifts received
So for most of us said thoughts expressed ‘seem’ ours enough - as real
Well... that's something ‘some’ commit themselves… believe

©2018  NDL II

Rhiannon   Rhiannon wrote
on 10/28/2013 12:09:30 AM
A friend & I had a discussion about this very thing last year. I was explaining something I had written and I had told them that although I was "writing" it was like someone telling me the words to write and has been the only way I know what to write. but you have said it so much more eloquently than I :)

shakatoah   shakatoah wrote
on 2/18/2009 7:35:45 PM
This is beautifully written, Daniel...and a timely reminder also of the Divinity that inspires and guides our writing. There is such a strength of conviction flowing through your words - and I admire that greatly.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 2/5/2009 1:59:46 PM
This is so good, you wouldn't think you struggle with any writing! Though I can completely relate to that on many levels... it's usually worth it in the end, though, isn't it?

SapphireCat   SapphireCat wrote
on 2/5/2009 8:49:31 AM
I don't understand how some people can spit out thirty pages of pure brilliance in a matter of two hours. I sit down at my computer and end up staring at the screen for about thirty minutes, writing one measly page, then erasing the whole thing in total dissatisfaction and starting over. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. ;)

Luqman_Qadi   Luqman_Qadi wrote
on 10/23/2008 6:56:17 PM
I can relate, awaiting that inspiried thought to flow. Inspiration from above. All writing I believe is infulenced by an unseen enity. I liked your focus in this write.

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