Far From Heaven

Far From Heaven


Our once ‘grand life’, though incomplete, forever changed that day

When you stepped right in and shared your world which ‘stole our heart’ away

Oh… your joy so filled our empty space with love, ‘great light’ and peace

That the heart found rest - soul’s weary quest... our loneliness soon ceased


Love - our ‘guiding light’ shared love with us; her soul held such great worth

She companioned friend who we’d depend... you ‘angel’ came - our earth

‘Twas through your sweet core... the one real cure... which ‘stilled’ this soul of mine

And thus breached great walls, once firm betwixt; your love ‘breathed’ genuine


Thus. our love affair ‘felt’ right enough... as satisfied would be

Yes… we ‘felt complete’ form harvest fruits her joys surrendered me

Wise my angel from the ‘House of Love’... disguised... had ‘cast her snare’

And strong ‘chained our heart’ now bound to hers and ‘fused’ our passions - there


True… we were afraid... what meaning had our ‘long-term life-commit’

That we’d sought destroy our heart’s grand joy which fostered our ‘love split’

Thus, despite our ‘flame’ we had not planned ‘forever and a day’

So… with passing time we’d ‘egged you leave’ – thus clothed a ‘coward’s way’


With lone years now passed in search ‘new’ love for just your ‘perfect fit’

But by then ‘twas clear’ who’s needed most... once you were best of it

And as ‘grieving fool’ from ‘hard-knocks school’ who chose the ‘our-way lane’

We’d meander down life’s ‘weary hill’ with ‘slim to none’ - as gain


Thus we played the ‘dunce’ in life’s high-school and ‘failing’ for our grade

And made ‘grand mistakes’ that’s caused great grief - we should have begged you stayed

So, as cavalier as we were then… who staged great ‘judgment-lack’

We’d well beg you now... would pride relent…; “Abba... give ‘heaven’ back”


Thus ‘tis true we all must answer for... decisions toll great costs

That we’d only grieve those ill-achieved ‘trade treasured-goods’ - once lost

Not all ‘foreign grass’ is greener... therefore wise decisions make

Sad we’d gambled our ‘sweet heaven’ for a ‘bowl-filled soul-heartache’


Now we know this place called Heaven is a place we’ll morn no more
All great grief ‘pained-disappointments’ that surrounds us won't endure
Sad we've lived too long without you that our ‘will of soul’ seems gone
Babe… with you not here beside us - love... we've no strength to ‘forge on’

Yes you've told us ‘we should move on’... so to that did we commit
Though while 'going through the motions' didn't ‘stem’ the breadth of it
Real love should have been so easy to graft other hearts - except
Your ‘loved quirky ways and lifestyle’ matched as keys to ‘hearts-connect’

How we loved your 'crooked teeth'... the ones you'd hide behind your smile

The ‘grand way’ your face would light our room showcasing your best style
Doubtless knew we that your 'chicken legs' and ways your bony knees
Well did bother you in retrospect - which weren’t ‘Greek tragedies’

Thus the things we loved about you most... which are completely true
Were the myriad ways you’d love us hun' which made our gray skies blue
While extending us your ‘loving soul’ you’ve sealed upon our heart
Pure… an ‘endless love’ so strong not space nor time would ever part

Oh… our life seems far from Heaven – your heart 'feels' too from me
Long so many nights when hope ‘seemed’ gone... love's will forged destiny
Sore we'd charted course - your Heaven… with grand sights steadfast on you

Abba God… forgive our madness... for we’ve ‘gleaned’ none else will do


Copyright ©2017 NDL II

Starlingpoet   Starlingpoet wrote
on 1/25/2014 4:15:15 AM
I love the way your writing flows so beautifully One Voice ... very touching and heartfelt!!

Trini_belle25   Trini_belle25 wrote
on 1/19/2014 10:45:30 AM
Absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing this emotionally engaging piece...

conflictedheart   conflictedheart wrote
on 5/5/2013 2:41:37 AM
This is a truly beautiful poem. One can relate and empathize with what you are saying, I know I do.

rrs17   rrs17 wrote
on 6/24/2009 11:11:54 PM
Very beautiful emotion and rapture to your writing...you bring the reader into the experience that makes you feel a connection so real and pure..thankyou.

zaidsong   zaidsong wrote
on 10/9/2008 4:17:51 AM
I think you capture "Good Grief" very nicely here. I often feel like I'm stretched between here and there, soul straining toward Heaven, especially as the list of loved ones "there" grows. That experience is painted vividly in your poem. Thanks for that point of connection. Technically speaking, your rhythm feels very natural and flows well. I'm always amazed at you poets who rhyme and keep steady meter. It's so far beyond me! I appreciate the way the beat serves to soothe the feelings the words stir up. Thanks for the blessing.

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