Dearly Departed

Dearly Departed



Once… when we were a boy… we were filled with such joy… from the ‘fact’ we were strong and still young

No, we had not a care, had no cause to despair, 'cause such thoughts of an end seemed far-flung

We would kick up our heels, freely share our ideals, with no end of ideas within sight

With our heart and our head, we felt splendidly led, to a place we ‘felt’ safe and alright


As our years rolled around we’d surprisingly found that some things were just not what they’d seem

We’d no longer ‘sport’ pep from each stride in our step as ‘the’ younger man living his dream

Bod' and mind… once in tune… like strong tides to the moon… as the dance of the light on one's face

We would ‘weather’ those years through the grind… each our fears… 'til no youth would remain in his place


Lady time’s so deceitfully wicked… in the means that she ‘stealths’ years so fast

Points in time cannot stay, each have fast slipped away, through the hands of her sand’s hourglass

Though the years we have lived were worth living and such sights that we’ve seen worth our view

Now, with haze in or eyes, from the years we’d surmise, things do ‘not’ look the way we once knew


As the years rolled around we’d surprisingly found that some things weren't just what they’d appear

With each day passing by, so much more would we try, to discern all the words we would hear

As a child every word someone spoke would be heard, - audibly this is all one could ask

Sad… we pause here to tell, that our ears don't work well; ‘fruits from age’ mocks this chore quite ‘the’ task


Though each rainbow with myriad grand colors, yet ‘each’ none of their hues shall soon fade

Such is seldom the case for the hairs on our face, as each strand grows more ‘white’ - we’re afraid

As with hairs on our heads, like their sisters… each shall morph with the passage through time

As each year fades away, strands remain ‘ease’ to gray, 'til none ‘dark’ that remain… ‘boast’ their kind


Once our smile was so bright you could ‘read’ by its light; we would eat per our appetite's pleasure

And we’d give no account, nor would weigh each amount, of such treats we’d consume - absent measure

We’d succumb to the ‘crave’ of the ‘sweet-chewy’ grave with great wear and repair to our teeth

Thus, in time the ‘dull-tent’ to our ‘pearly-whites’ meant… to the ‘bane’ … our great smile - we’d bequeath


Way too often would our grandfather lecture… yet, his words to us ever rang true

He would say, "Son, it's mind over matter; you should mind ‘only’ things you 'can' do

Do not mind ‘each’ such things you should let go; do not hold all your cares while you sleep

When you mind only ‘then’ will it matter; should you ‘not’ then great peace shall you keep"


Though the years have been kind… we’ve been losing our mind, we forget ‘each’ those things of our past

We no longer ‘sport’ pep from each glide in our step; as our thoughts seem to fade way too fast

With no heart left for zeal, we have fast lost appeal; we don't cling to such things left behind

In those things we yet do, to ourselves we'll stay true - holding fast to the joys we ‘still’ find


© 2017 NDL II

part_time_super_hero   part_time_super_hero wrote
on 3/7/2010 4:13:57 AM
I really liked the piece and finished reading it feeling I need to do something, anything, and quick before it is too late. It is difficult to write in this style, it's like doing hop-scotch on a side walk three blocks long

on 1/7/2010 6:48:08 PM
I love this piece! I also thank you for taking time to comment on my work. Janie (biddixgirl)

frederic   frederic wrote
on 12/31/2009 11:33:48 PM
A nice assortment of reflections on growing old. You basically find the business of getting old to be entertaining, but a little disconcerting. Good idea.

on 12/30/2009 9:47:35 PM
OK I'm ready to embarrass myself, but...I didn't like myself at all when I was at 20s even though my skin was firmer and my waist line was 23 inches. I LOVE BEING OLD! I feel more confident, I feel sexy, I feel great with my not-so-firm skin. It's like I became more ne sais quoi?

DiamondNDaRuff   DiamondNDaRuff wrote
on 12/30/2009 12:23:53 PM
A very powerful read. Great work!

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