Blind Sighted

Blind Sighted

Yes, she was a ‘playful creature’ whose ‘blue eyes’ just like the sea

Whose calm ‘subtle charms’ and warming arms could chain men’s fantasy

She fell hard for ‘Sergeant-Major’ who would ‘well’ exact her ‘treat’

And would ‘ever’ leave her ‘longing’ for ‘grand-tricks’ he’d dole – replete

She was known the ‘teasing temptress’ whose smooth words would breed ‘false’ hope

By her ‘undulating passions’ driving good men ‘down a slope’

She’d get ‘drunk’ from men’s attention… their ‘obsessions’ fueled her drug

Which ‘felt’ ever strong as ‘climax’ - compliments... her ribbed ‘sex-plug’

At first meet… we thought her ‘cutie’; hesitation ruled the day

Was there something ‘bout her ‘charming smile’ which ‘warned’ our spirit 'way

Did we sense ‘something’ improper though we'd never scribe with name

Or was ‘mischief’ in the ethos... warning - ‘leave the way you came’

Jewel was ‘fishing for a fill-guy' mid her bleak 'relations-gapped’

Please her torturous obsessions... fueled from lusts... she'd 'longed' were tapped

By some ‘glimmer of projection’ which we 'thought' was worth her wait

We'd made plans to 'trick her treaty'… sad, we were a 'smidge' too late

Sad… we did not read her ‘tea leaves’… nor gave ‘heed’ our ‘inner guide’

Soo in search 'our' true obsession who would one-day walk our side

Desperate ‘seemed’ some ‘future choices’… desperate ‘felt’ a future - grim

We’d much later gleaned her ‘candy’ had been ‘all-consumed’ with him

We did ‘launch’ an inquisition… we 'strong' warned her true enough

Yet our uttered ‘quib of madness’ merely ‘brazed' her will - more tough

Jewel would ‘solely’ heed such warnings just to ‘mitigate' said risks

Thus, she’d justify 'investments her deposits' through lust’s ‘fiscs’

Yes, it really 'screams' astounding how 'some' women love to talk

About unresolved recurring themes which drive 'most' men to squawk
No… "It's not the destination, but the journey"… some might say
Though most 'manly interactions' seldom operate this way

Yes, we’d say whatever's on our mind - our tongue unbridled speaks

So the truth comes forth... it hurts sometimes; We’d watch as havoc reeks
Oh, we’d show our hurt and temperament as freely as a child
Yet, because we’re all ‘grown up and stuff’… we’d 'sport' our 'adult' style

Yes, she wants to hear those 'pretty words’ that makes her ‘feel’ so good

No, you can't display an attitude - you'll be misunderstood
So, just ‘mind your mouth’, don't get upset, agree with what she thinks
And should you be poised to ‘brave these games’… it may drive ‘you’ to drink

And so - yes… It 'is' expected… that we men should ‘always’ hear
Share kind words our understanding and support her through her fear
Please examine… not too closely - do ‘not’ criticize her ways…
Thus, should 'we' well do this long enough… she'll shower endless praise

Jewel’s ‘old-flame' fast come to 'calling' – what he’d crave was ‘more the same’

He’d become lust's ‘lubrication'; with his 'craft' he’d ‘quench her flame’

They’d both sought each something different; both they longed each something – new

He’d ‘escape’ his tortured marriage… she'd hope 'change' her plain world view

By lusts past 'then' re-emerging … Jewel soon put ours ‘fast to bed’

Strong her ‘sweet love’ craved more ‘candy’ thus she'd don her ‘tables-spread’

Hopeless were her ‘split-affections’; doomed were they right from - our start

‘Lust’s-convictions’ crushed hope's chances... future ‘treasure-hunts' seemed smart

We ‘felt’ burned and rendered useless like ‘worn sheets’ placed on a shelf

Pushed aside and sore discarded - ‘ripe stains' marred our mental health

As we’d ‘move to terms’ - then forward…  taking ‘count the costs our worth

Jewel’s ‘gross-acts’ viewed - spent and futile… helped us 'seek' less ‘engrossed earth’

We've sore gleaned this ‘clear conclusion’... true you can't change someone's mind

Almost certainly ‘most’ woman in whose hearts strong lusts - you’ll find
Thus no matter what you prove to them – ‘his lusts’ their hearts throb for
Well… there's no amount of 'attitude'... you'll ever win 'that' war

©2017  NDL II

DiamondNDaRuff   DiamondNDaRuff wrote
on 12/29/2009 1:07:40 PM
I truely enjoyed this. You found the right collection of words to express what can be so difficult for some to say. Thank you for an enjoyable read.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 12/27/2009 6:47:55 PM
This was an enjoyable read and so true, unfortunately. Great job!

markBrad   markBrad wrote
on 12/27/2009 10:42:21 AM
My kind of poetry, loved it

on 12/27/2009 10:18:07 AM
It's quite a struggle here to be a man or a woman. We all need to RESPECT or we all end up going to a drinking party.

shakatoah   shakatoah wrote
on 7/31/2009 10:01:11 AM
How's it going, my friend? Have you been getting yourself into trouble speaking the truth in love? I've been doing that a bit myself lately so I know the frustration it evinces, and which you express so well here. If someone isn't ready to hear the truth, then it simply won't be heard...maddening. And I hope the answer to Zaidsong's question about stretching across the gender divide is 'yes'. Good to read you again.

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