Architect of a Man of Peace...

Architect of a Man of Peace...


Head lifted high toward Heaven - prayed... he begged ‘relief’ – “Find way”

“Be loosed my chains this cup contains” his Father’s will would stay

His sacrifice so great most souls not willing to accept

Was ‘braved so grand’ toward God’s work planned... he acquiesced - then wept


King watched the few defend him true... yet ‘most’ fled for their part

As soldiers came to take him ‘way which ripped his soul - at heart

The pack of wolves surrounding him ‘alone’ to stealth great ill

Held craven, ‘blind-mad-bloodlusts’… poised to draw his blood - they’d spill


By dark ‘mid night through eve’s twilight... they seized him - chained and bound

Mercs dragged him ‘fore court magistrate; vast ‘dens of thieves’ abound

They’d sought ‘excuse’ with false accuse to ‘twist’ his truth - in kind

Try as they did... false witness give... no wrong ‘gainst him they’d bind


Frustrations reached their ‘limit’s peak’...; their ‘council’ - none advanced

Chief Pharisee and Sadducees scowled measurably entranced

Thus, as foul prate forged sayings ‘false’… yet could to none degree

Chief priests pled cause ‘fore Magnus Prime... “Great Pontius… do ‘not’ free”


 King brutalized and tortured fierce... no food nor drink gave they

Guards rendered him ‘state enemy’ - chained hand to foot as prey

Rome ‘chose’ to forge example of… send forth their ‘strong decree’

Should ‘any’ man ‘think’ to offend - they’d loose great agony


Gross thrashings sore King suffered should have sent him to his grave

Spiked flagrums ripped his blood-soaked back - through weathered skin it clave

He should have screamed one hundred times… collapsed ‘mid brutal blows

Rome’s soldiers wailed with all their might ‘til fainting from fierce throws


Beat bloodied raw to disrepair... he spewed vitality

With ‘blood-soaked back’ guards draped King’s robe - one ‘made’ for majesty

King ‘mocked to scorn’ and sore reviled... disgraced by pompous fools

Was brought to naught ‘mid their ‘cruel charge’ - dismissed by ‘dutied ghouls’  


A crown of thorns on him they’d force – ‘spiked wreath’ pressed ‘gainst his head

He should have wailed yet did not shout; his blood eased out instead

Plague left him rot to languish gloom… forlorn drained ‘spirit core’

Yet ‘unkind word’ not uttered – heard world breach an oath he’d swore


At last armed ghouls stripped King's stained robe to ‘sport’ his nakedness

Rome forged great shame… ‘intent’ remain… long past his ‘life’s - laid rest’

They kicked him ‘round and tossed him ‘bout; yet cursed he none his foes

While dying from great deadly thirst... no mercy… ‘still’ - they chose


Shrilled massive pain King suffered… Rome’s ghouls crucified this Man…

As they held him down, bound both wrists, then drove spikes deep - each hand

His feet were bound together... a ‘long stake’ then driven through

King watched as Mary’s tears like rain held captive torment’s rue’


Chief Sadducees and Pharisees stood ever-watchful by…

Just to glimpse ‘great grief’ - his suffering… King’s form would ‘frame’ the sky

‘Pined bated-breath’… priests long would wait to hear last words confessed

“Renounce your soul ye ‘Son of God’… death looms thy ways transgressed”


 Expectations set their ‘morbid tone’… ‘grand order’ gleaned the day

By what damage done - King’s rebel hands… soon death would ‘wipe’ away

With his life… now ‘Jewish order’… once again be ‘fast’ restored

Gifting priests their grand ‘mal-practice’ - clearing way their ‘vast’ reward


“Trouble was this ‘great pretender’… trouble was the way - his life

Great concern… his ‘caring nature’ – great his works engendered strife

We’ve no place a ‘prophet’s message’… teaching all - “Believe in me”

Making us - ‘them… less-dependent’… skewing thus… ‘our’ funding-spree”


Woe… a ‘righteous’ Jew must need be slain to stay ‘some’ status-quo

Far it better - be that ‘this’ man die… than bide ‘rule-overthrow’

Have ‘we’ place to judge ‘their’ purpose… judge ‘we’ them the ‘non-contrite’

Chief ‘their’ councils forge decisions – absent ‘view’ their scandaled-plight


Greater was the ‘call for order’… than ‘true justice’ for this man

By the ‘seeds’ of King’s disruption multitudes were healed – God’s plan

By the power of his message many sought his way of life

Casting doubt… ‘religious-doctrine – causing mass ‘religious-strife’


Great his anguish… fierce King suffered… as his ‘friends’ so watched him die

Sad… no one raised hand to ease his pain - mass crowds meandered by

Is it true great throngs once ‘pressed’ him... yet none ‘chose’ defend their ‘kin

Sad those crowds… whose ‘sole’ agenda… ‘central-care’ was their ‘own’ skin


King did render 'no' disservice for his punishment endured

Yet to those for whom he’d sacrifice… ‘stood watch’ - his world immured

And yet… through it all he doled great peace… forgave them - everyone

This great gift all men unworthy of… is God’s ‘Crown Jewel’ - His Son


© 2017  NDLII

Rhiannon   Rhiannon wrote
on 10/27/2013 11:30:37 PM
Your poem is just so beautiful, the emotion it evokes is just so powerful I cant think how to describe them. So all I can say is WOW!! :) AND BEYOND AWESOME

shakatoah   shakatoah wrote
on 10/22/2013 8:23:52 AM
I'm back here in the Writing Room my beautiful friend, because of your encouragement. And this is the first page I chose to find here this heart-wrenching piece that affected me profoundly all those years ago, only to find it affects me even more today. It's like watching the scene as an observer on that fated day, so sharp and true are the images you evoke behind my eyes. For those of us who, like me, love and believe in the agonies God's own son went through for our pitiful sakes, it's impossible to read your words with dry eyes.

uzzi   uzzi wrote
on 10/6/2013 2:53:50 PM
A magnificent piece.I feel like I am not good at writing by just reading this.great chalenge this is.

rbouncha   rbouncha wrote
on 6/5/2011 4:28:31 PM
bravo magnificent and delightful. The poem does justice for humanities point of view

Queen   Queen wrote
on 12/11/2009 3:10:18 PM
wat a lovely poem this is quite a rare is nice.

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Though he suffered the greatest injustice... the quality of his character never diminished. He bore no hatred