Another's Eyes

‘Reach for the stars - exceptional’ mimed mirrored to our soul

Then she’d need be cast… ‘Good sterling cloth’… to win our ‘honor roll’

Though we’d loved our share of beauties yet had not ‘connection’ made

Still our heart was ‘ever hopeful’ though soo few had ‘filled our grade’


As with ‘heroes grand in old wives tales’ our soul’s quest had begun

With core lessons gleaned ‘shared sea of hearts’ as ‘guides’ our queen yet won

So in search of ‘our forever love’ our ‘soul’s true path’ we’d stay

True as ‘guiding light’… we’d ‘gently bathe’ life’s road toward love’s highway


Through our ‘years soul’s deep depressions’ we engaged love’s compromise

 We gave ‘flesh’ its place and purpose… succumbed lusts which ‘will’ despised

Thus we’d ‘felt the weight of sorrows’ whose chain’s length ‘seemed’ have no end

As we weathered through ‘pained hollowed times’ which ‘came our ‘consort friend’


Oh ‘ye miracle on love’s street’… ‘Sweet day’s dream’ came - our surprise

As great Heaven’s orchestration held you ‘firmly fixed’ these eyes

We’d relive those ‘precious moments’ when our young hearts found their beat

With head ‘throbbing ever harder’ as ‘love’s magic’ rushed our feet


Yes we knew you - ‘One in million’ could forever be ‘our fit’

Though yet all that more uncertain of the ‘means we’d prove to it'

We could never ‘let those moments’ or our feeble heart deter

Our ‘grand hope to know love’s fit’ our life… thus ‘pled we case’ with her


And like ‘all life’s magic moments’… your soul ‘with us’ felt sublime

Had aught we some means to ‘capture’ would suspend ‘love’s threads’ through time

When you proved us ‘living testament’ that none our dreams dreamt naught

We were sold - ‘hook line and sinker’ thus concede ‘true magic’ wrought


Some make claim the eyes are ‘windowed ports’ to each our every soul
While these stories ‘famed’ may yield ‘great truth’ just waiting to unfold
But was ‘then’ aft’ we gazed in your eyes, felt we such splendid peace
That great joy which filled our heart and soul wrought ‘end to wonder’ - ceased

You ‘soo real‘ our spirit hoped for… Heaven’s ‘sum our dreams’ came true
With great laughter, joy, adventure… which well lived inside of you
With ‘strong currents deep’ within your eyes, soo strong did our heart beat
That we drowned ‘mid ‘your great waters’ thus our love ‘bathed’ more complete

Our careers and ‘close held passions’ we’d pursue each through those years
Which would alter ‘shared collectives’ - redirect our paths and tears
Your work ‘tasked you oft to travel’… mine did keep me near to home
As years sojourned absent from love forged great rift in ‘our heart’s thrown’


Though ‘vast distance’ never wavered our life’s passion ‘keyed’ for you
We endured ‘year’s tortured moments’ absent time our queen once knew
Thus as years that passed before us eased swift by with ‘estranged dread’
We now ‘lived our life-through-motions’… our ‘numb soul’s love’s-beat’ waxed dead

Through soo many years and countless fears, we’d pressed this world alone
Half… without you here, our comfort cheer - our soul without ‘her home’
Great adventures may have ‘swept you 'way’ which ‘stole’ our heart and soul
But… ‘Cast us in bane – a ‘crippled’ state’… 'great hurt within our hole'

Let’s agree there's something missing love; we know you've 'felt' it too
Yes, we've ‘oft’ sensed times’ we've 'gone along' just doing deeds we’d do
Strong our hearts and souls still resonate… their force soo intertwined
Yet, though this ‘seem strange’ we would not change our feeling's too sublime

Yes, that's why our love still seeks ‘your light’ through ‘other's eyes’ each day
Scarce would we ‘not glimpse’ of those ‘grand times’ our hearts so felt that way
So as time like sands through hourglass, have eased itself ‘way by’
Know… long lives our quest… ‘Sweet magic dust'… once captured in your eye

Copyright © 2014     NDL II

Starlingpoet   Starlingpoet wrote
on 6/4/2014 9:57:51 PM
Writing filled with so many amazing images. Beautiful and overflowing with emotion! Wonderful writing OneVoice thanks for sharing -starlingpoet

shakatoah   shakatoah wrote
on 2/9/2014 10:24:24 AM
Hey you, I'd been wondering whether or not you had reworked some of your pieces lately...and then I find this here. Heart-breaking, poignant, disturbing in its raw emotion, touching deep places with its innate spirituality. You are a rare human being. Your heart needs to resonate at a deep, spiritual level before you can be at peace that you have found your Eve; content to stay and grow together because your eyes reflect more than each other - they will reflect Love itself at its source. Imagine, believe... act. Love and light.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 12/21/2009 2:56:56 AM
Another great work of ART here. The great literary masters of old would read this and use this as inspiration to make greater ART of words.

G_Money   G_Money wrote
on 10/8/2008 8:55:47 AM
Nicely done :)

zaidsong   zaidsong wrote
on 10/8/2008 6:31:55 AM
My soul without a home... I know that feeling well. Your soul seeking that experience in other eyes, searching, and hungry. You capture it well, drawing me straight back into those memories in my own life. I think I'm coming to a place where I believe that thing I seek is inside of me -- That we are self-contained and complete in and of ourselves. If I'm right, when one whole soul meets another whole soul, the exchange should be significantly richer for it. After all, the things we felt when connected to that other did not actually belong to that other; They were ours, and still are. We just let them wear that other person's face and skin for a while. Dunno -- its just what makes sense to me right now. Thanks for the provoking thoughts, as usual. I appreciate the prodding.

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