A Young 'Cranky Old Man'?

The following ‘story’ is widely rumored - ‘hoax’… debunked by many on the web.  This piece is edited with our ‘personal touch’ remaining true to its ‘original content’… because the nature of the story resonates… posing an interesting 'what if quality’… providing fodder for ‘good story’ even if/though ‘actual events’ rumored may only be ‘imagined’.

Story; An elderly man died in a country town ‘under the keep’ of a generic Australian nursing home ward.  Believing he’d nothing of value…  nurses going through his meager possessions found a poem they’d believed written by him with quality and content soo utterly impactful... staff made copies...  distributing them to every nursing hospital throughout the area.  One nurse moved soo greatly by the poem took her copy to Melbourne

The man's sole bequest to posterity has since appeared in Christmas editions in ‘Mental Health’ magazines around the country.  Slide presentations were developed based on the gentleman’s simple, yet eloquent content.  This man with nothing to give the world (so he believed) is now ‘author’ of this 'anonymous piece’ effused throughout the Internet.

Remember this when you’re with or around the elderly… souls you might ‘casually dismiss’ or ‘brush aside’ without a ‘single consideration’… souls ‘suffering in silence’… those we sometimes ‘look past’ without ever seeing their ‘forever young’ quality – within… individuals… like us who represent our futures.  God willing... should we one day harvest the fruits of long life... we too shall be – that ‘Young Cranky Old Man’ to the generation who follow.

A Young ‘Cranky Old Man’


What see you good nurses – tell us... what do ‘you’ see

Pray tell… what are you thinking… when you’re looking at me

A young ‘Cranky old man’ who is truly ‘not’ wise

Soo uncertain his habits – distant looks in his eyes


Yes, we dribble our food and scarce make sole reply

As you ‘blunt’ out of anger... “I’d so wish you would try!”

Though we ‘seem’ not to notice all the things you ‘well’ do

As we ever keep losing each our socks or our shoe


Whether resisting or not... we will do as ‘you’ will

Be us bathing or feeding the full day you'd 'long' fill

Is that what you were thinking... is this ‘all’ you strain see

Well then... open your heart ‘child’ as you’re 'looking through' me


We’ll glad share you our story… while we’re mulling here - still

As we ‘act on your bidding’ - as we eat by ‘your’ will

Though to us you regard… we as ‘babes’ who oft’ cry

It's contempt and brash scorn which seeds 'will' us to die


Born the arms of ‘Earth Angels’ who’d shown warmth and great care

Dolling love and ‘God’s keep’ - effusing joy everywhere

We’re a child of ten years with a good father and mother

With each member - our family... ‘heaping’ love toward the other

As a youth in our ‘teens’… with wings tied to our feet

Ever conscience and prayerful of ‘the’ love we’d soon meet

As a groom in our twenties with ‘joy-filled heart’ from above

We’d true honored our vows... long since ‘tendered’ in love


So, at twenty-eight years with ‘new-born lives’ of our own

Who so much needed us - ‘guide’... to provide them ‘safe home’

As a man in our thirties with all our kids growing fast

Still each bound close together… by ‘blood ties’ that would last


Each had ‘grown’ in their forties and matured and were gone

Yet our wife then beside us… fought that ‘we’ might ‘live’ on

And at fifty, once more, babes played 'round our knee

Once ‘again’ we'd rear children - both us each lovingly

Darkest days birthed great wonder – our ‘dear love’ was now dead

Thus, we’d shroud ‘worried times’… ones we've envisioned great dread

For our young were all tending each their young of their own

As we thought of years past… all the love we’d ‘once’ known


Long life’s now our true ‘curse’… our Mother Nature’s gifts - cruel

As she makes ‘jest’ our old age, nor ‘pays mind’ - as her rule

With our body now ‘spent’… grace and vigor soon ‘part

We live as ‘stone-hopelessness’ where ‘once’ beat a ‘Spring heart’

Yet inside this ‘rock fortress' a young soul ever dwells

Though ‘spite ‘time-and-again’… still this battered heart swells

Thus, remembering our joys, yet... not forgetting our pain

We’ve tried loving and living… 'past lives' over again


As we ponder past years... which too few have gone fast

We've been 'chaste' by the truth… all things ‘flesh’ shall not last

So please open your heart hun’... should you open… you’ll see

The future 'cranky old you’... 'oddly' stares back - through me


Author Unknown

Edited ©2017  NDL II

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 12/25/2014 4:17:16 PM
Well said StarPoet...we 'older' ones

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 11/26/2014 3:03:24 AM
Good to see you posting again One Voice. (I have no room to talk there! LOL) I must have missed this one by you in the past. But am glad you reposted it again. A deep and thoughtful message we "older" ones should pay attention to.

Rhiannon   Rhiannon wrote
on 10/27/2013 11:22:42 PM
I saw this not too long ago and although the story circulating about its origin is false I still thought it was a beautiful poem and reminded me of the people living in the nursing home where I worked years ago.

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 9/9/2013 11:59:06 AM
Thanks Elton

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 9/8/2013 6:54:46 PM
If you want to learn the truth about this, go here: http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/c/crabby-old-man.htm

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