A Measure of my Dad

Mistakes so made by some of us are plenty to go round

Thru death or life, in peace and war, throughout the world abound

Oh how I've grown to understand how much we share the same

Missteps you've made were paired by me, and now we're both to blame


Like Adam in his Eden realm who was the first to sin

What deeds he'd done you've done as well and destined do again

Old copies of familiar books - our cycles oft' repeat

With time and space did doubt erase from errors soo replete


I've once believed your actions flawed and thought I'd know to do

Enough not to commit some acts... some artless ones you blew

And planned that I should not repeat some dealings poorly done

To my surprise and wonderment..., as daddy did - so son


So humbled by the many ways I've set to task and planned

To firm commit within myself of how to make my stand

But failed for my own weaknesses - good plans don't all find way

I've struggled as I've learned to live the life my soul should stay


Some choices you were forced to make framed you as cruel to some

I'd yet to give you credit earned for 'sticking to your gun'

What struggles that you could not share in silence and regret

Could translate into 'verbal spears' and do your heart - beset


In silence scorned, assumptions made, once judged you mindless for

Decisions that we 'both' have made - as I'd been keeping score

T'was easy to play quarterback when sidelined from what's real

But now I've learned the way of things and understand your deal


I'm sorry that I've judged YOU for some things I too commit

And should I never share this truth I'd live as hypocrite

T'was not the way we've handled things that's right as much to say

As..., my petty gripes and childish snipes did not ‘adult’ portray


I have not done as well dear dad - while walking in 'your' shoes

Made 'count the costs' of what you've faced, and given much to muse

I will confess that in 'your boots' - I've stood a distant last

The irony my journey ‘lived’ has made no clear contrast


©2011 NDL II

Rhiannon   Rhiannon wrote
on 1/17/2012 7:29:09 PM
Wow is really all I can say It's such a sad poem, but your journey has not yet ended, anything can be turned around if we want it bad enough Thank you for your comments also

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A tribute to Dad
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