You ask me what is wise.

I will show you as I lean down.

I will show you the wisdom at my feet.

I will show you the wisdom of a handful of dust.

Behold this grain,

Born and born again from the earth.

Dust of stars it was.

It was touched by God as he made this world.

Behold this grain,

As sand of the sea it was dragged down

Down into the earth where it was born again

This grain has seen the center of this world and more.

Behold this grain,

It floated upon the wind

Like a sprite it ran across the skins of titans

This mote has seen the age of the age of tyrant lizards come and go.

Behold this grain,

It lay upon the ground.

T’was trod on once, by the mighty mammoth, and again by his hunter.

This speck saw the dawn of man.

Behold this grain,

It has flown up the river Rubicon.

It brushed against the leg of a Legionnaire as he crossed to his home

This mite saw the rise of Caesar and his Rome.

And see, this grain,

It fell down through the breathless air,

To rest upon a suffering man’s brow studded with thorns.

This one small piece of dust rested upon the dieing brow of Christ.

This one was upon the winds that blew behind the Turks as they marched for Rome.

This one rode upon the flank of Napoleon’s charger as he rode across the Alps.

This one swirled in the chaos between the Kaiser’s trenches.

And this one was frozen in snow as the Americans fought for their lives at Bastogne.

Wisdom is Knowledge,

Knowledge is Learning,

And Learning, is Seeing.

So, you ask who is wisest?

I give you that which has seen it all.

I give you father, mother, and God.

I give you Earth, may she live forever.


By Nyronus~

debby   debby wrote
on 4/12/2008 4:45:06 PM
Reminds one of how insignificant we are in the scheme of life. We can only hope to make a slight difference in our brief exsistance. Looking forward to your next posting.

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writing Nyronus
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A poem about the Earth
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