On a Species of a Most Curious World
 Ona Species of a Most Curious World

LogEntry #001100

Ihave come across a most interesting discovery. Upon the sixth planetof a system upon the fringe of Galaxy #111011 there seems to be aunique species of mammal. I note the tending of plant forms by thesemammals. I have recorded two things of note. First, this speciesutilizes other beings’ advantages as its own. Second, and moredisturbing, is the fact that I witnessed one grouping falling uponanother in violence, and then leaving the defeated party to waste. Noconsumption of the resources of the bodies of the defeated.

Couldwe have discovered another higher form? I suggest pausing in thesurvey to focus upon this species.

LogEntry #100110

Tonote a large collective of these most fascinating beings that havemade their survival for a time upon the bank of a massive river havemanaged to complete a project that they have been pursuing forgenerous span of time. They have constructed three relatively massivethree-dimensional shapes consisting of four three angle forms mountedupon a four angle base. This budding culture has a fixation uponmassive mineral structures often fashioned either in their ownlikeness, or in arbitrary geometric forms. No curves though. I havenoticed this collective has a fascination with straight lines.

Theirunderstanding of the manipulation of world around them has grown muchover the time I have spent observing. They have grown strong infields of geometry and structure. Their minds have given them asevere advantage against the competition for resources and growth.

Thereis a disturbing trend among them. I cannot create a reason, but itseems that the primary collective has dominated a secondary groupingand then forced them to construct these shapes. I have yet to see apurpose for these shapes or for the reason of dominion. Further studyis needed.

LogEntry #101101

Ihave to say my concerns were dispersed. I watched as an obviouslyinferior force was utterly destroyed. It is not the loss thatalleviates my thought. It is the fact that such a small number ofbeings stood against aggressive mass that was exponentially moremassive. For whatever belief, these few beings fought an obviouslylost battle, but they did so brilliantly. They used logic to forcethe invading collective into a position where they could not bringtheir size to full effect. They also performed this tactic in orderto martial a second, larger force to end the aggression once and forall. I was worried for the longest time that the trends of seeminglyirrational oppression would lead to the self-destruction of thespecies.

Ihave also have begun to notice additional promising trends. I now seethe beginning of formal thinking logarithms. There is a rise in theuse of reason and formalized thought to help advance and structurethe world. These beings have found various ways to improve upon allaspects of life. I can see the birth of a brave new race of beingsand a civilization that may one day grow to an equal level with ourown. I am now hopeful for these little beings, and the promise thatthey represent.

LogEntry #111111

Ihave grown disturbed again. I thought I witnessed the conclusion ofthe trends that would lead to the self-elimination of the mostcurious beings to which I have devoted my time.

Iwas wrong in my estimation.

Afterthe group that I had noted some time back rose to prominence, theonly thing the collective I spoke so highly of accomplished was to inturn emulate the ones they had fought so hard to drive away. Thesociety then proceeded to conquer various other collectives and thenfall upon itself. It was not so long after that another group roseand conquered these lands again.

Fora time afterwards I was optimistic of this new group. They showed afine mastery of geometry and the construction of infrastructure. Yet,once again, they have fallen short of my expectations. This mass has,like those before it, turned upon itself. I am now watching as twoconsiderable forces pursue each other across a small peninsula in theuppermost reaches of the world.

Thesebeings have come so far, yet, at the same time, they have changed solittle. I worry for them.

LogEntry #011000

Ithas been some time since I have focused my attention upon thepeninsula. Since the massive society that had built itself up uponthe lands there collapsed, the whole region was steeped in war andturmoil. I could not bear to watch. I turned my attention elsewhereupon the globe, but there only saw the same armed conquest andbloodshed.

Iwas surprised then when I turned my attention back to the lands thatI had abandoned. It seems they have undergone a transformation oftheir old societies. An enlightenment, if you will. They haveadvanced much since I left them last. The continent is at peace forthe moment and has progressed far in terms of science and society.

Ihave noticed something. The multiple nations of this land have begunto travel across the oceans. A feat not repeated much before thisage, yet now done with ease. I missed much in my time studying thefarther side of the world.

Somethingelse of interest, though. Farther on, beyond the sea, is a continentthat these new nations on the seas have, it seems, long since begunto colonize. However, it appears another internal war has arisen. YetI have to wonder. Will this be one of oppressor against oppressed, orsimply a fight for the strongest thug?

LogEntry # 010101

Itis over. I have lost all hope.

Thesplitting of the atom–Only a step from the power of the stars!–theyfound it at last…and the first true use for this power, this powerwhich could fuel the world, was that of utter destruction. Not once,but twice. I watched, I screamed, as two whole cities were leveledinto nothing by ash and fire in a matter of instants.

Theonly thing that has truly kept me from utter despair is the dampeningof both my empathy and my sympathy. I have watched for the last fortyrevolutions of the planet as it burned. And burned. And burned.

Ihave decided that my little project here is without worth. I havewasted my time. This race will never reach any great heights, but, ifsuch a disaster were to occur, it is my recommendation that theyshould be quarantined and stripped of their power. I cannot imaginethe kind of mind that would unleash such irrational destruction. Howcan a race be so prone to violence on such a mass scale? They seem tobe utterly civil alone, yet once they gather, it seems death is theonly outcome. With the splitting of the atom, they murdered severalhundred thousand. I hate to see what kind of horror will occur ifthey gain dominion of fission, or black hole weaponry.

Ihave already begun to prepare to leave this world. My equipment hasbeen shut down, and I will soon begin final preparations for myimminent departure. It is my most sincere desire that this race doesfinally destroy itself before they bring their evil upon us all.

Tothe end of an irredeemable waste of time.

LogEntry (Unnumbered)

I…Iam not sure how to proceed…

Iwas going into the final state of preparations for my departure. Ireached over and began to adjust a simple transmission setting, whenI suddenly caught a signal. It surprised me. I had yet to try to seeif they had begun to communicate via radiation waves. I began to workon the signal until I managed to uncover what I believe was theactual transmission.

Whatcame out was something…new. It was sound. Shifting sounds. Soundsthat moved in rhythm. At first I was going to disregard it, but thenthe sounds changed. It was then that I heard the voices. The voicesof the beings down below me. It was the first time I had heard themsince I began to observe this world. They spoke with such passion,such endless passion. Their voices deep and rolling, shoutingbeautiful triumph and joy.

Isat for a long time. Even after the beautiful sounds faded and thetransmission passed out of understanding. I thought deeply. I think Iunderstand them better now.

Whilethese beings…these people, have a great capacity for destruction,they also have a second, perhaps greater capacity for creation. I wasperhaps misguided in only watching from above. There may still besomething more to learn of these people.

Iam sending this to tell you all that I will not be returning asplanned. I have decided to stay. Perhaps now that I am listening, Imay be able to learn something more about them. I may also be able tohear those wonderful intoxicating sounds again.

Ishall soon begin studying in earnest. It is a curious and perhaps,one day, a wonderful world below me, and I plan to watch them rise,or fall. Until the end, I will be here. Perhaps then, I may be thefirst to greet them as they come to meet all of us.

Fornow, there is only hope.  

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A short work done between me and my friend Stephen for a class of ours.
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