Of Graduation
            I am now done with high school. I have walked a glorious mile of a stage, my fist raised in triumph. I have thrown my hat, spinning among endless others like a flock of happy birds. I have laughed, and partied, and smiled at my friends in a night of celebration.

As we left, my friend turned on the radio of his car, and, as if on cue, a song began to play.

It was a song by Journey, Don't Stop Believing.

This song, by some grace of taste, was elected the class song.

I've heard this song countless times now. Countless. But now it speaks to me, and I now must speak in turn to you. This song has almost nothing to do with us, or our class, beyond the fact that we are all fans of Journey, of course. But now the song... now it matters. It is a song of loss, of hopelessness, and a romantic struggle through life and adesire to retain life and happiness. Now these things speak to me. For every person who clapped for me today is friend who I may never see again. For every girl I saw may be a lover I will never know...

You see, moving on is not a matter of stepping through doors, but amatter of shutting all those parallel to them. You see, some friends I will never see again, never become as good of friends as I wanted. People I will never know. People I wish I could know. I shall never know these friends as I want. I shall never talk to those who I respect as I want. I shall never kiss the hand of the girl I have come to love... as I want.

I can see all of these possibilities, dieing for me. Like some great wave function, its begun to collapse. The edges of a boundless universe have died by ever so much. My eyes feel heavy with tears that are too few to come, but too many to ignore.

Now though, I must say goodbye to what may have been, but, I must also seize that which is before me now. New friends, new loves. No more regrets. No more sadness. The mountain is before me, and I shall march its length, and plumb its depts. I see the sun that balances upon the pinnacle of that spire. That sun is mine, and I shall have it yet!

I cry and laugh then! To the dawn, to the sun, to the twilight and to the moon, I laugh and cry! Forward now, all must be as it must! The twilight is mine... The dawn... is ours.

Let us seize it.


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An Essay written after my high school graduation.
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