Ode to a Quantum
I sit here now
My fingers strumming
My pen is flying
My mind is running

Like a tempest
it lashes downward
again and again
knowledge expanding

one, two, three, four
it strikes
pi, i, infinity, more
down upon the page

For I see the numbers
strewn across the page
X, Y, to the power of,
logarithms, roots, and radicals

But I see the life
the life behind
the motion imbedded
the colors unpainted

I see the light
I see the motion
I see the power
I see the glory

For it is the number
that is the ultimate language
it is the number
that speaks

Language, Love,
Desperation, Fear
Image, and Movement,
Time and Space.

They lift now
from my page
rising in a holy maelstrom
above my head

Flying higher and higher
whirling faster and faster
An aurora of Truth
A corona of Beauty

For it is the number that is God

The universe rising above my page
I see it rise
I see it expand
I see it spin

I see it whirl and whirl and whirl
I see it whirl within
I see it whirl without
and I see it fall.

I see it fall downward into microcosm
Into a speck of nothing
Into a mote of everything
I see it fall down again and again

For a second the darkness hovers before me
And then it explodes
And from the fire comes color
and from the color comes life

I put down my pen
I close my book
I lean back in my chair
and I smile.

“Ode to a Quantum”
~By Michael Lenahan

sphincteria   sphincteria wrote
on 4/27/2008 7:22:59 PM
Good work. on/off, yes/no, 0/1 It's all there. An aurora of Truth A corona of Beauty...nice! Into a speck of nothing Into a mote of everything ... Excellent! This is a fine example of poetry that walks the thin line separating purposeful nebulousness from understandable metaphor. If you have the math gift, program for money, write because you're good at it.

lindsay   lindsay wrote
on 4/13/2008 11:36:41 PM
Very good. I love the title.

debby   debby wrote
on 4/12/2008 6:28:52 PM
Well done!

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