BDM110 project2 JBoulton
    The myth i chose was the story of Prometheus, and im going to compare it to the Terminator movies. To start, i have to say that there are a couple different versions of the Prometheus story, and a couple of adventures he had. Prometheus was a titan who wanted to help mankind. In the story of Prometheus and the flame, he brings back fire to mankind, only to anger Zeus, and Zues punishes mankind for it. It is a story of man getting  technology, and then paying for learning it. Just like in the Teriminator movies were man discovers A.I., and it bites mankind in the butt later. It turns out, it might not have been a good idea to rush the nateral flow of progresion.
    The role of conflict in both, The Terminator and Prometheus, is after mankind learns(prematurely) a new technology, he has to suffer for it. This new technology will come back to haunt him. Man now has to strugle to survive becouse of learning a new technology, no more "easy street." (By the way, Prometheus was also the inspiration for Marry Shelley to write Frankenstein, a simalar story.)
    There really wasnt a good story of Prometheus, just a bunch of "cliff note" version of several different authors version of the story. To compare both stories in the three act model, i would say learning the new technology is in the first act, weather it is fire, or A.I., then humans have to suffer the consquences becouse of it. The inciting incident is things go bad, ( A.I. takes over, or Zues gets mad, and smites humans.) Act two, there are lots of problems for humanity now. the robots are killing all humans,(or in the Prometheus story, Pandora was introduced, causing plagues, and famine,) first culmination may be when Sara Conner tries to kill Miles Dyson to stop the scientist from creating the A.I. in the first place, but fails and learns there are more problems now. For the Prometheus story he gets strung up and vultures eat his kidney every day and it heals itself every night(prometheus was said to be immortal, wich means it was a good way to torture Prometheus)(I couldnt find the first cullmination in this story, but the second act definately ends with more problems for the heroes, and everything is worse now.) The third and final act starts with all the problems, but now Prometheus gets cut down from his punishement  by Heracles, but after that i dont know too much more of the story. In the Terminator movies, John connor faces the final enemy, and emerges victorious. There is a calm, then the evidence is wrapped up and destroyed. Un-answered question are answered, like in Terminator III, It ends with proof it is inevatable for the world to be destroyed. No more questions, it just WILL happen one way or another. 

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