Just Jonny
Who? "alchemist" What? "tooth brush" Where? "The Outback"
"Jonny, hurry up or you're staying behind!"

These words chased Jon P. Sullivan down the flight of hard wooden stairs as he rushed to find his socks, bare little feet pattering swiftly in their race to find cover.  Tiny hands waved about desperately, tearing up everything in sight; the search was a frantic one, as no five-year-old likes to be left behind in any situation.  And despite what his Mom liked to think, Jonny was no different than any other five-year-old.

"I got it, I got it!"  The gleeful cry was barely audible from behind the thick cushions of the family couch, and when Jonny pulled out with a shout of triumph and two socks his mother could be heard yelling once more from the floor above.  "Jon Sullivan, I'm not kidding with you!  I'm coming down in five minutes, and I better see you standing ready at that door!"

Hastily Jonny began the process of pulling on a sock and hopping towards the bathroom, a feat he hadn't quite yet perfected in his whole five years of life.  He felt like a kangaroo, bouncing up and down and up and down.  The thought made him giggle, and as he hopped he imagined a long tail bouncing out behind him, thudding on the floor with a loud smack!  smack!  smack!  How interesting it was, how fun!  He was a great kangaroo of The Outback, the bounciest creature that ever lived!  With another giggle he took a giant jump, leaping so high into the air his head almost touched the ceiling.  It was no problem getting his other sock on now, with so much time in the air to bend down and put it on!  Wait until his mom saw him, leaping and bounding with such awe-inspiring power.  How proud she would be of her kangaroo-son!

Kangaroo Jon made it to the bathroom, both socks now on, and after hitting his head on a shelf decided that he didn't much enjoy being a kangaroo anymore.  He inspected his freshly clothed feet and shrugged.  Mom would like little boy feet better than big furry feet anyways.

This important matter solved, Jonny climbed up onto his stepstool in front of the sink and reached for his toothbrush, beaming proudly at himself in the mirror.  As always, his little teeth were already a nice shiny white;  at least, white enough that he saw no need to brush them.  Dad told him it was good to always brush his teeth anyways, to get rid of yucky germs and the likes.  Jon didn't see any germs, but no matter how crazy Dad seemed, he was always right.  Always.

With a sigh Jonny got the toothpaste and dabbed it on his brush as Daddy had shown him, wishing he could be wrong just once.  Oh well.  One day Jonny would invent toothpaste that you only had to use once a year, and it would keep your teeth healthy.  He had told his dad so.  It would be called "Jonny's Germ-Killing Toothpaste"  and it would kill germs for good, so you didn't have to brush your teeth so much!  Jonny would be a famous inventor.  He liked the idea.  Everyone would know him and want to talk to him and give him cool stuff, and even smelly Owen Parks at Daycare would have to be nice to him.  And he would have lots of money and could buy stuff for Mom and Dad and his sister Lacey.

He remembered when he had first shared his ground-breaking idea with Dad.  Dad had laughed, telling him it was a great idea.  Jonny smiled proudly.  Of course it was.  He always had great ideas.  Like "Jonny's Spit-Powered Engine" that would let Mom and Dad drive as far as they wanted, and his "Live Forever Potion" that would let their old dog Franny live as long as they wanted her to.  Jonny thought about when he had asked Dad if anyone had invented that yet.  His Dad had said someone had tried to make "Live Forever Potions" like Jonny's, but they weren't as smart as him and hadn't succeeded yet.  The person was named Al Kemmist or something like that.  Jonny remembered desperately wanting to make his Potion before Al did.  He wanted to be famous and have tons of friends and money.

But as he thought about it more, it didn't sound quite as nice as before.  Jonny shrugged.  Al Kemmist could get famous instead; the only friends he needed were Mom, Dad, and Lacey.  And Franny.

A piece of wet toothpaste dripped onto the sink, and Jonny realized his toothbrush was still in his mouth, though his teeth were probably more than clean by now.  Belatedly he realized he had been wasting time and

basketball103   basketball103 wrote
on 1/13/2012 7:43:36 PM
Kaylee, you should really make this into a bigger story, it would be great! Its awesome now too.

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this isn't letting me save it as a draft for some reason, or copy, so i'm just going to post it. it's only about halfway done but i hope you enjoy anyways? lol
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