Hi’ my name is David. When I was just a young boy, my mom used to send me to stay with my grandma’ doing the summer break. Her name was Kay Blackwell. I never knew my grandpa. He died long before I was born. Grandma told me that he had suffered a heart attack. My grandma was a very strict woman, over protected and grouchy at the most. She was rather a large woman with thick long black hair’ and talks with a rather loud pitch tone. She had a face of an angel and kept a grimly smile. All the little kids that lived near her, was very afraid of her. Whenever they see her, they run the other way.


My grandma rarely speaks to neighbors. She said. She does not have time for young adults, that they are very disrespectful people. I was 10 years old back, now that I am 15 years’ I should be able to watch myself as when my mom goes to work. Nevertheless, every summer I end up being dropped off at my grandma’s house to stay. That really burns the inside of my stomach. I swear whenever I am at Grandma I hear strange noises there. Grandma says it is just the wind or squirrels up in the rooftop, but I know better. I told Mom Sheila what I hear and she laughs at Me. True is, I rather go stay at my dad place, but mom says he is too busy playing daddy to other kids and a husband with another woman, and don’t have time for me. That sucks! Therefore, another season and school are out for the summer. This time I am going to find out what is grandma has in her basement.


Grandma: Summer break

Ok, the day has come’ I pack my bags, with my mom help. “Mom, I really have to stay at Grandma’s house, why can’t I just stay here?” I said as I pack up my clothes. “No you can’t stay with me, who is going to watch over you while I work? Beside grandmother, want you there with her. You know she is old and may not live a long time, so stop it with the complaining, ok. ” She replied very agitatedly.


“Man, I can’t ever stay home’ I wish dad was here.” I grumpily said, hoping my mom hears me’ as she quickly leave my room to answer her phone. Therefore, I continued to gather all the things, which I will take with me to grandma’s house.

I laid my bags near the front door and sat on them, until my mom finds her car keys. She is always misplacing them.


“David has you saw where I laid my keys?” she says while she speaks to whomever on the phone, rolling her eyes.

I unseat myself and reply “No mom I have not seen the keys, where did you put them?” I help search around the house.

“Never mind David I found them! Are you ready to go? ” Mom yells walking from the kitchen.


“I guess.”


I grab the small bags and mom grabs the big bag, and off we go, heading to grandmas. On the way there, I sat quietly in the back seat staring out the window.

Mom on the phone, I am guessing she is talking to her new boyfriend.

I sit frustrated because, I rather go stay at dads instead of grandma’s house. “What’s wrong David are you alright back there?” Mom asks while she clicks the end call button on her phone.


I give her a stare of a sad face. “No, why can’t I go stay at Dad’s house? Grandma is cool’ but she’s creepy at times, especially in the night.”

Mom laughs and says “your daddy! I will not let you go stay at your dad. His lifestyle is not right. And besides I know grandma will take care of you’ the way you should be taken care of.”


I did not say anything else for the rest of the way. When we arrived at grandma house, Grandma was waiting, sitting and reading a book. Mom parked her car, jumps out excitedly, to hug grandma. I was still in the car’ I refused to get out.


Grandma made her way toward the car. “Boy get out that car and come to grandma.” She says with her loud pitched country voice, with her arms stretch out for a hug. Even though I did not want to, I did. I gave grandma a hug and a kiss on her cheek. Then she helps my mom and me, get my bags out the car’s trunk. I stood in front of Grandma’s house and I starred at the house for a while. The feeling inside my stomach twists and turns. My heartbeats felt as if it had tripled. Then I slowly walked toward the front door. The house was very big and creepy looking from outside, but nice inside.


“So, do you still remember the rules here, since the last time you were here David?” grandma asked.


I wanted to roll my eyes, but I did not because, it makes her angry. “Yes I remember grandma. Not to ever go down in the basement’ because it where you store your antique furniture.” I said heading up stairs to the same old room, whenever I come to stay. I unpack my bags and place my shoes neatly against the wall inside the closet. Then I hear that growling sound again as usual. A very scary sound, like someone is in pain or something. Then it stops. I turned around so fast and ran down the stairway. Grandma met me at the end of the stairs, and I am heavy breathing’ trying to pull myself together. “Where’s my mom?”


“She was in a hurry; she left a few minutes ago. Is there anything you need? Are you’re hungry.”

“Yes mam, I suppose I can have something to eat. Grandma did you hear that strange noise?”

“Boy what noise? You always hear strange noises, when you come to stay.” Grandma replied as she pulls out a pot and some frozen chicken.

“No grandma I know what I heard. It sounded like it was coming from the basement.”


Grandma laughed at me as if I were crazy or just making things up. “Well I tell you what David; sometime I think I hear God speaking to me ‘do you?”


I laugh a little. “No, but I have bad nightmares about a monsters living in your basement.”


Grandma dropped a pitcher of Kool-Aid breaking the pitcher. She curses, as she quickly dropped down on her knees to clean and soak up the Kool-Aid. I tried to help ‘she yelled at me as if I did something wrong, and right and then’ I knew she were hiding something in the basement. That she does not want me to see. Later that night after I ate dinner, I went up to my room to watch television. I didn’t want to sleep so I stayed awake’ though my eyes were heavy. I can hear Grandma downstairs in the living area playing her oldies, and the smell of Marijuana aroma.


I was curious to find out what she is hiding in that basement. Grandma kept checking for me to see if I were asleep. It puzzled me why. However, whatever down there I was soon to find out. I lay across my bed with a pillow under my chin, with support of my crossed arms. Then I hears it again, the horrific sounds of a crying person, sending chills throughout my body. I hid myself in the closet, holding on tightly to a baseball bat, I brought with me. I hid in the closet until I felt safe to come out. Minutes later the sound stopped, but I still wanted to know’ what is down in the basement.


Therefore, I changed into my pajamas and lay in the bed as if I were asleep. Grandma came into my room to say goodnight. That she’ll see me in the morning’ but reminded me to stay away from that basement. I kept an ear out as lay in bed. Again, I hear that weird noise again. This time it sounds like a woman struggling to yell help, and I hear scuffles and a slam of a door. I was so scared to move an inch; I sat up in bed clinching onto the sheet. “What the hell going on here? What is grandma up to? ” I say to myself. Then I hear the basement door open and slammed' and then there is silence.


I built up enough nerves to go check what is going on downstairs. First, I checked in Grandma Room and she was not there. Therefore, I creep cautiously down the stairs. I looked around a bit throughout the house. I went into the kitchen and I could see, splattering of bloodstains on the floor and wall. My heart pounds faster and much harder against my chest. I put my ear against the basement door, there I can hear grandma talking to someone, but cannot quite make out the sounds. I slowly back away from the door to grab a butcher’s knife. Then I hear a woman’s voice other than grandmas, then a sound of a drill or something. I grab a glass and placed it against the door' and lean my ear against it, to get a better sound.


I could hear grandma telling the woman, to keep quiet or else. I twist the knob, but it was lock from the inside. Oh, shit! I ran back up the stairs and jumped back into bed. Moments later grandma walked into my room’ and ask have I been in the kitchen. “Yes I was thirsty; I went downstairs to get water.” I said. She could clearly see the glass side of the bed. She looked around the room suspiciously for a moment. I can see small stains of blood on her nightgown.


“Well, then what? Did you hear a strange noise again? ” she asks while she fixes the curtains in the window.


My hands sweat, “No I didn’t, I hurried back to bed, grandma.” I slightly stuttered.


“Ok, go to sleep and try not to get thirsty again.” Grandma says as she closes my room door.


Early before sunrise, I creep downstairs before grandma walk-up, and I picked the lock to get inside the basement. I open the basement door slowly and stairs led down to a dark room. There I heard it very clearly, a woman’s voice call out. I slowly went downstairs steps at a time. I was so frighten that my hands start to sweat again, slowly moving until I reach the last steps. My flashlight was dim that I could hardly see anything, looking for a switch to turn on the lights.


There that is a little better. I looked around the basement; the stench of something dead scolded the air. I move a little further into the basement I see blood’ lots of it and flies swarmed a refrigerator. I open the refrigerator and I see a man’s head and other body parts and human organs. I threw myself back, slipping on blood, which covers the floor of the basement. “What the Fuck.”  I look to the left of me I see a woman, naked in a Cage. “Reached out her blood covered arms and says, “Feed me!”


“What the hell! What is grandma doing to you down here?”


She look as if she has been beaten' she had cuts and bruises.

I suddenly unlatched the cage to free the woman and she attacked me, taking a chunk of a bite out my throat, I could not yell for Grandma.  I was in a state of a shock, I could not move. Then I felt my stomach ripped open, as this thing ate away at me. I lay dying, staring up at the ceiling until my eyes finally closed.




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Short Story
Science Fiction
writing MjMartin
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Another one of a short story I call "GRANDMA" which is up for publish along with other shorties.