22 years old wedged with a three-weeks-old baby. No father, no support, all-alone. Sure I have my parents, but I wish not to rely upon them for a responsibility in which desired. Only a few days and I fell in love with this baby. I don’t blame anyone because I adore this baby and I love her with all my heart, now I may lose her. Here I am in Grady Hospital shattering with tears hoping not to lose her. My daughter is said to have a small heart and is prepped for surgery. “She will be fine,” said to doctor, but what if she isn’t? What if an error occurs? I love her so much. I couldn’t bear it “have faith” my parents’ say. Deep down inside I do, I know God has a better plan for my baby. She is going to grow older and she is going to make mommy proud. It is highly difficult to have the faith when I am in so much pain. As I looked around the hospital noticing all of the tears and fear around me, makes me even more depressed. I see the secretary sitting behind the counter smiling and greeting people as they walk in pretending to be as happy as ever. In front of me sit a couple in similar situation as I am. The only difference is “they have each other”.
“I am alone”
“Miss Reed?” called the doctor behind me
I turned around slowly with tears in my eyes “will she be okay?” I asked softly. I guess the doctor noticed the fear on my face and answered politely
“we are doing the best we can”
“doctor may I take her home?” I pleaded
“sure” he said “give me a minute to give you some prescriptions for the nest 2 weeks”
“thank you so much doctor” my eyes appreciatively
as the doctor walk away to the surgery room I kaput into tears remembering the road of love and tragedy which led me to this hospital.
“oh God you cant let me lose Sarai again.”


4 years earlier chapter 1

I have been constantly praying God for the past few days, asking him to guide me to the right way. I have reached a lost point. in my life . I don’t know how to find my way. 18 years old  High School Graduate  single . My brother Jermaine is 19 years old in his third year of college “weird huh?” well my brother is a very intelligent guy. He began taking college classes as early as his junior year of high school. He is a good looking guy so females frequently throw themselves. What I find amazing is, him he never lack focus, temptation was never his weakest point. Only one person was and is “Charisma”, together they are beautiful. She is 5.6 tall, brown skin, short medium hair, about 135 pounds. My brother is tall, approximately 5.11, very light brown skin and fit. Not in a million years would anyone ever place those two together because they are totally the apposite of each other. Charisma is outgoing, adventurous and audacious. My brother is somewhat conservative.
It is time for me to get out of my parents house, and do something with my life ” I always find myself thinking. Not literally get out, My parents would be heartbroken. I doubt I would make it to the next state by myself, let alone live by myself forever. My parent has been pressuring me to become a “doctor” but it isn’t my dream. I dream of becoming famous but I don’t know what with. When I was a young child I would always dress up as a businesswoman, an actress, a singer, choreographer, dancer, fashion designer. I have only dreamed of all of these wealthy professions that will guarantee me money. I want to be famous except I don’t know “what with” I am the one to always listen to others goals and dreams and achievements and never actually take the time to think about my goals, my dreams, my achievements.
I will find my purpose one day, I am sure of it. I have a scholarship of 20 thousand dollar to Savannah college of art and design, I competed in the interior design completion last year, enter the semifinalist in New York and won my award. Art has always been one of my talents, however I am not sure if I should make a career out of it. I have also been accepted to the University Of Georgia and I am now on my way to confirm my acceptance letter. I am already 15 minutes late awaiting for the train when a tall light skin beautiful Caucasian lady, wearing a business suit, with her hair in a donut, hazel eyes, pale skin who appear to be somewhat 35 years old came to me and gave me a complement.
“wow I love your outfit”
“I made it myself” I said turning around showing her the back of my dress
“you undeniably have an eye for fashion” she complemented
“thank you” I replied
“welcome” she smiled walking away. I looked after her and at that moment I realized what I wanted to do for a living. I quickly turned around an to catch the Marta bus to "Savannah College of Art and Design.
Two hours later, I called my girls Nkechi and Jessica to celebrate my new founded path. We went to red lobster and sat at a table for three. I don’t really like going there on Fridays because it is very chatty, couples on dates, business meetings, friends hanging out, “chat, chat, chat”. Nkechi ordered her favorite plate; shrimp and salad. Jessica and I ordered crabs and fish.
“may I asked why we are here?” Jessica asked wiping her mouth
“well ladies” I started “ I Zeldana will be the world famous Fashion Designer, in a few years of course” I laughed
“aaahh” screamed Nkechi
“I am so happy for you” Jessica smiled embracing me
“ you always knew how to draw, this is an excellent opportunity” said Nkechi
“I can already see myself” I said looking at the ceiling “ooh and a roach too” I added
Jessica and Nkechi looked at each other and laugh
“guys I am serious” I said “there is a roach on the ceiling”
“you’re kidding” said Jessica looking up at the ceiling
“I don’t see nothing” said Nkechi looking at the ceiling
“I am going to report this” rise Jessica
“report what?’ I asked “what did you see?”
“a roach”
“sit down” I commanded “I saw the roach, leave well enough alone, some rich stuck up human will notice it and sue”
Jessica looked at each other and laugh at my comment. I always loved to make my girls laugh, especially now when we need to do anything to stay in each other’s lives.
“ I wish Charisma could celebrate with us,” said Nkechi unobtrusively
“we don’t need her”, said Jessica
I frowned at her comment and she noticed. Somehow I don’t wish I could take it back. I have had enough of her rude comments. “Let things go”
“she betrayed me guys” Jessica beseeched
“ but she is a good person” added Nkechi
“ I knew this would happen,” I alleged fearfully
“I am sorry, I know this about you”, apologized Jessica
“it was my fault” said Nkechi “I shouldn’t have brought her name up”
“it’s okay” I replied
we spent the rest of our dinner in the restaurant quietly eating . Not once did we glance at each other. I cant help but feel resentment toward Jessica at the moment. I know Nkechi feels the same way, not because she know the entire truth but because of her forgiving nature.
We exchanged good byes and couldn’t help but notice the hurt in each and everyone of our faces, this is the outcome of what use to be Me, Charisma, Jessica, and Nkechi. Afterward I returned home to tell my parents the news. I enter the house and found my parents along with my siblings, Jermaine, Zane, and Kady eating dinner.
“eating dinner without me?” I asked playfully
“ we couldn’t wait any longer” replied my little sister Zane. I could not tolerate this young lady at times. she is just like me at the age of 12; smart mouth, opinioned, and egocentric. I favor my little sister Kady because she is docile and does everything an adult tells her to do.
“would you like to join in?” ask daddy
“I just return from red lobster” I replied
“ and you didn’t take me?” asked Jermaine
“I thought you hated see food?” I asked dumbfounded
“ I still eat it” replied my brother
“mom, dad” I started uncomfortably “I am going to attend Savannah College of Art and Design in a few weeks” I paused “to, to become a fashion designer”
I could tell my mother was excited about my decision but my father did not seem to happy.
“That is good sis” harmonize my siblings
my father quietly walked away from the table and away from my presence. At that moment I felt like someone stabbed me in the heart with a knife. My father is a surgeon who graduated from Yale, where he met my mother who is a dentist. He wants me to follow their footstep, I remember when I was little he would always read stories about little doctors and I would always dress up as a housewife to make him mad. My mother would for eternity yell at him because he was so hard on us. daddy took education very serious and he feared of us being uneducated and failing in life. he can be understanding sometimes but he always question our choices and decisions. He tried to make my brother attend law school but Jermaine was not having it. he is maybe the sweetest kid on the face of this earth but he will not compromise his future with anyone and I agree with him. Daddy should leave us to make the choices about our life, and just support us because he loves us. He dreams of all of us following his path .I guess his dream is now shattered.
“don’t worry about it sis” said Zane
I bite my lips and march quietly up the stairs and into my room. A few minutes later while sitting on the bed crying my brother knocked on the door. he was always the one to comfort me when I a, in a moment of distress.
“come in”
“are you okay?” asked Jermaine as he sat next to me on the bed, touching my hair
“ I cant believe him” I cried “he is so selfish”
“forgive him” he said softly
“ ill never be able to satisfy him, ill never be enough” I cried
“you need to worry about your happiness not our fathers” he commanded
“its easier for you to say, you are on your way of becoming a computer technician”, I replied, “you went where the money is”
“you will be successful Zeldana I know it”
“thank you and I mean it” I whispered softly
“I love you sis”
“I love you too Jermaine”
I really did love my brother. He has always been here for me. The secrets he knows I would never share with anyone else. Everyone is always fear and dislikes their big brother but that is not the case for me. Sure he is overprotective at times but I know that it is because he loves me very much. He would jump in front of a bus for me and I would do the same for him. We have that strong brother and sister relationship.

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Novel / Novella
writing MissFashionesta
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The book encounters the friendship and lives of four young woman. Secrets will be discovered that will destroy the lives of the young women and possibly their friendship.
A Word from the Writer
This is just The prologue and chapter 1. I am finished with the book. Anyone who is interested please send me a personal message.