Wake up America! Wake up Americans!

I’ve been paying attention since I was twelve, when Nixon was in office, and you can trust me when I say things are not nearly as bad right now as they are going to be. So far, the nation as a whole seems to have some sort of weird sense of denial as to what’s really happening, but that is going to come to an end soon, and I think it’s a good thing.


America represents a mere five percent of the world population, and it’s a percentage that isn’t getting any bigger. We do, however, produce thirty percent of the world’s garbage, and that number has to go down, if we’re ever going to get back up.


The one big thing that has to come out of this is we’ve got to go back to the idea that we, as Americans, share a common fate. The last two national elections spawned the concept of red state/blue state to show just how polarized we are. That was, and still is, a myth created by people who sell such ideas, but it stuck, and we bought it. The idea that anyone in Washington, blue, red, pink or green  can, or will, or even is so much as be inclined to save us will destroy this country. Congress, the president, and the Supremes have not acted in our best interest in quite some time, and as the water deepens, we cannot hope they will come to bail us out. To believe they will is nothing short of suicide.


There is some good news, and even if we do not see it as such, it will eventually prove to be just that. With the economy drying up, and commerce coming to a halt because of fuel prices, Americans are going to have to find a way to survive.


The first thing that has to happen is we have to stop using so much energy. Look for clothes dryers to become a luxury as they once were. Look for there to be fewer giant televisions. Look for there to be a lot fewer giant cars. Look for people to have less spare time, and therefore less spare time for those things that do little more than eat spare time.  We have billion dollar industries that supply adults with toys to while away the hours. That has to stop, and I think it will.

Water is going to be the biggest problem, and as soon as we stop treating it like a toy, we take a very big step towards wisdom. Golf has got to go. We cannot afford the water, or the space for games. Water parks will have to go too.  Privately owned pools will soon be a thing of the past.  It will be illegal to have a nice green lawn, and for that matter, the sooner we stop believing that we have to have such vanity shows, the better off we’ll be. We’re going to have to guard water more carefully, and that means we’re going to have to totally redo how we treat rain and rain runoff. We have to create more green space to filter the rain before it hits the rivers and streams. We have to create a storm water system that doesn’t just send it away like the trash we throw into the gutters.


With the lawns gone, so will go a host of other wasteful inventions we’ve been talked into believing we need.  Gone will be those five and six thousand dollar lawn mowers, and all the attachments. Gone will be anything that uses fuel and doesn’t produce something in return. Four wheelers, ATVs, and a host of other toys will be gone also.  We once survived without weed eaters, leaf blowers, and every ridiculous two stroke machine we never needed to help us keep us busy tending grass gardens, and we will survive without them again.


I think the family garden is going to make a comeback because without it a lot of people are going to go hungry. We will have to log on to the earth again, to create an account with Mother Nature, and get our hands dirty once more. Already, I’m planning a spring garden with a friend who lives nearby, and that was once the way of things. What you weren’t growing your neighbor was and someone down the street had something you didn’t so you traded food for food, and that was once important. Food is going to be as serious as water soon, and I suspect a lot of our restaurant chains are going to break. Buffets are going to be a thing of the past, as will such large portions of food in other sources.  As the price of feed and fuel skyrockets, we will all be pushed hard into the semi-vegan lifestyle simply as a necessity.


The one thing that has to come out of this, and will come out of this, is the need to rely on one another again.  It is not the hard times that produces mistrust but the easy times. When you know that those around you are all you have, and no one else will help you, this creates a bond that transcends. We all have to become neighbors again, and we will all have to learn to be concerned about those around us once more. No one gets left behind, no one goes hungry, but no one is allowed not to pull their weight.  The lesson taught over four hundred years ago will resonant again; no work no food.


This isn’t going to be easy, but we’ve had it easy for far too long. A generation plus another has distanced themselves from the earth, from growing food, from saving resources, and from one another. We become detached from reality. We’ve become addicted to nothingness and idleness.  We’ve grown potbellied and slow headed. We’ve forgotten all there was in being an American, and what hard work it took to be just that.


The world as we know it is ending, people. America will sink into the oblivion of history, remembered not as what she could have been, or was, but for what the Americans surrendered without a fight. Or we will once again become a nation, a country of free people, willing to fight for that freedom, to live in total independence, in each and every aspect of our lives.


Take Care,


Lee   Lee wrote
on 4/11/2013 1:30:08 AM
Indeed. Well said. Sounds like your the man for the job. From a Taoist perspective I can see this situation in terms of an accelaration of the dissolving of archaic cultural forms. The masculine, mechanistic, materialist, linear, ego-centered, Yang energy making way for the feminine, organic, non-material, non-linear Yin. I think you are spot on with your ideas about the need to get back to basics and return to nature. Every single one of the exsisting traditions of ancient indigenous culture say the most important step in reconnecting with nature is to get off the Gregorian, Heliocentric (solar, masculine centered) calendar and get back to living in harmony with larger cosmological cycles (such as those measured by the Mayans and the Ancient Chinese.) Our conciousness and physical biology is out of harmony with the powerful cosmic forces which shape our evolution. This is why humanity is so ill. Thankfully people are awakening profoundly to this cosmological connection for themselves. Individuals coming together in a critical mass of raised conciousness. The entrenched and failing political, economic and religious instiutions want to prevent that from occuring because it undermines the very basis of their centuries of power.

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