My Favorite Toy: For Sherri

My parents should have realized from the toys I loved that I was not a normal child. Even the “normal” toys were used in such a manner than should have sent up red flags like a Russian holiday on meth. I did have normal toys that I enjoyed in normal ways, and looking back at it, normal wasn’t really that good of a thing. Army gear, toy guns, cowboy stuff, and the sort of stuff that involves little kids pretending to kill one another was deemed normal, and it still is.



I liked plastic dinosaurs and plastic monsters. I had a good collection of rubber critters of all species of nightmares. They had oversized teeth, claws, huge stingers, spikes, spines, tentacles, and had my parents thought about it long enough, they would have realized that humans were the favorite prey of these creatures. Those poor green plastic Army men! Many a squad was ambushed by my horde of horrors and those reinforcements never arrived on time.


My all time favorite toy, hands down was the one being sold here. STRANGE CHANGE TOY THE LOST WORLD 1967 MATTEL


The main part of the toy is really just a hot plate. It heated up these special plastic squares and they unfolded into monsters. It’s hard to explain how it worked, but it did, and I loved it. I spent many an hour heating those squares up, turning them into monsters, and then reheating them, putting them in the vice that was part of the toy, flattening them out again, and doing it all over again and again.


There was this never ending plot that the green Army men had found the time machine, and they were totally ignorant of its purpose. At night, one of the monsters would slowly free the others and when they were all in form…..the reinforcements never arrived on time.


It was odd that the monsters almost always won. The human would always screw around with the evidence they found that would have brought realization their demise was nigh, but no, they always ignored it and the reinforcements never arrived on time. When other solders did arrive, they found all the monsters in the  plastic square state and nightfall was approaching soon.



There were a lot of plots that centered around plain people happening upon a square, taking it back to their small town, and the critter inside being brought back to life by a heat ray. Now, if you had a heat ray, and you were a monster, why would you need to fool people into taking some object anywhere? But that’s how that one went.


Do you parents out there have kids like me?



Anyway, what was your favorite toy?


Take Care,


Mike Firesmith   Mike Firesmith wrote
on 5/22/2008 6:32:54 PM
Dani, Ain't it great? I misd all of those toys. I thought Slinkys were pure magic!

danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 5/22/2008 2:39:10 PM
I don't remember that toy. I too was a reader and a barbie doll kid. I also liked shrinky dinks and the Wizard of Oz set. One of my very favorites were the transformer like robots that shot stuff out of their arms. What great memories you conjured up for me. ;)

Mike Firesmith   Mike Firesmith wrote
on 5/21/2008 8:55:02 PM
Books and trees.... You cannot beat that!

vwhitlock   vwhitlock wrote
on 5/21/2008 8:53:54 PM
I'm sitting here going over the list of stuff that I liked when I was a kid and sure, I had some barbie dolls, a slinky, a bike, stuffed animals and on and on and on...but none of those hold any special spark in my memory. The things I loved were books and horses! We had a huge weeping willow in the backyard and I can remember sitting under that tree for hours and reading. I went all over the world sitting underneath that tree! I got my first pony at six and then a horse at nine or ten and until boys came along I was sure that I was going to grow up to be a wild horse rescuer or at least a rodeo clown!

Mike Firesmith   Mike Firesmith wrote
on 5/21/2008 8:30:53 PM
Yeah, you would never get a device like this past the safety people these days.

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