Learning to Breathe

Tell me what it is you long for
In those moments when you wake.
Do you know the ones?
Before you have time to remember
You are a person,
With a role to play,
An image to maintain,
A to-do list of things
That convince you of your own importance.
Those moments where you cannot hide
From the very simple, pure truth of yourself.
Do you ever wake as I do, doubled up with desire?
Do you too try to close your mind, yet again,
To the painful hope of skin on skin,
If I could only kiss the delicate lids of his eyes,
Or run my fingers around the part of his hand
Where flesh
Meets calcium
And trace the shape of the lines.
If I could be close enough to see
How the firework specks burst out
From the centre of his iris,
With myself reflected in the soft darkness
Of his pupils.
I would be close
To wanting nothing.

poetrydances   poetrydances wrote
on 11/8/2008 5:08:45 AM
Hi - This is very thought provoking writing. Its full of great images which draw the reader in to make a compelling whole. Great write. Just to let you know as well - your poem has been linked to from our site poetrydances.com- We find and link to great poems all across the Internet. We would like to add you as a favorite writer on the site- if you are interested all you need to do is go to www.poetrydances.com/seenyourpoem.htm and follow the steps. If not that's fine too of course, and we wish you continued success with your writing. Kind regards Tony @ www.poetrydances.com

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 11/6/2008 4:22:09 AM
Deep. Very deep feelings that touched me as well. When that happens, I can tell I have read something very good.

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