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  Mark Andreessen


   Mark Andreessen is best known as being the co-author of the first widely-used web-browser known as Mosaic and for being the founder of Netscape Communications Corp. Andreessen graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1993. After graduating, Andreessen moved to California for an employment opportunity at Enterprise Integration Technologies. Andreessen then befriended Jim Clark who is the founder of Silicon Graphics. Clark believed that the Mosaic browser had great commercial possibilities and with Andreessen as cofounder and vice president of technology, Clark opened the doors of Mosaic Communications Corp…       Due to the University of Illinois being unhappy with the Mosaic Communications use of the Mosaic name, Mosaic Communications changed its name to Netscape Communications, and its web browser became known as Netscape. Andreessen became the poster-boy of the Internet bubble because practically over-night a young 23 year old becomes a multi-millionaire. Netscape's success immediately attracted the attention of Bill Gates who wanted to put Microsoft at the forefront of the rising Internet revolution. Microsoft licensed the Mosaic source code from Spyglass Inc. connected to the University of Illinois, and Internet Explorer was born. The result of Bill Gates’, Microsoft creation of Internet Explorer became a battle between the two companies known as the Browser Wars. Netscape was ultimately bought out and Andreessen moved on but, on an inspiring note, Andreessen did not take his riches and depart from the digital world. To the date Andreessen continues to contribute his expertise and these days you will find him working on the Board at Facebook, while remaining the chairman of Ning (an Internet social networking company). Andreessen, unlike others in the digital world, does not seem to believe too much in using his money to buy source codes to just put a different name on the product. Andreessen is very innovative and though he may be inspired by other internet social networks like Myspace, you can trust that by the time Andreessen’s contributions, for Ning and Facebook has taken effect, a league that will be very hard to catch up to will be created. Best wishes to Rupert Murdock’s acquisition of Myspace but, I strongly feel Andreessen has a much broader vision of where social networking is going and, on how to effectively use that medium profitably.

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