BDM 100 Special Effects of "The Seeker" by M.Meese

Turning a teen into a time-traveling , evil vanquishing, visual effect that mesmerizes its audience. That is what director David L. Cunningham had no problem providing thru the several VFX Houses that he coordinated with. “The Seeker” brought the FX houses of Hydraulx, Mr. X, Rising Sun Pictures, RIOT, Digital Domain, and Illusion Arts together to prove that with the right arsenal behind your special effects, you can accomplish creating a visual master piece in barely 350 shots (including wire removals). With well thought-out planning, visual effects shots whose coverage is keen, along with not providing vendors with a lot of data, helped for David to bring his craft to the forefront with his FX producers. How can a vendor do anything correctly without all the data needed? Simple; make it up. David collaborated with producer and designer Jamie Price who organized the FX houses via David’s ideas toward production. One production involved Rhythm & Hues to convert one of the minions in the story into a thousand year old creature without the minion appearing too grueling. To accomplish this, Price ‘Google’ searched some elderly people from different cultures, he took the images he desired and made a collage on Photoshop that included his personal notes toward his desired end result. R&H then took and used the 2.5D approach. Painted textures, animated and tracked to Inferno, and then wrapped to the face of the subject so the illusion of the face sinking-in was one of the accomplished results. With 2D and 3D Animation the FX house also highly defined a security guard exploding into Rooks by paying very close attention to the detail of each of the individual Rooks so that the illusion of them flying thru the air seemed more realistic. This of course is not mentioning the detailed CG work brought in-part by Rising Sun Pictures or the other 2D & 3D collaborations of Mr. X, and RIOT. Instead of finding out what the result could be of having a final product created with shots that were never intended to be visual effects. See David Cunninghams “The Seeker” and start from there.
Resource: Animation Magazine / November 2007

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