Yes the development of technology in communications and media is amazing today which makes way for tomorrows advancements. All the cool gadgets and programs, multi-media services and cures to pick from are endless. When it comes to video so many are out there trying to find new ways to expand the use of it. However, in the process I believe we get caught up with all of the cool stuff to play with, how they work , what effects they are good for. What we tend to forget is why we do all this in the first place. Why? This article by Jose Castillo, a media marketing and technology consultant reminded me about the ‘Why‘. In fact he wrote how he was reminded himself about the ‘Why‘. Jose was at a University speaking in front of a group of graduate students when he met a young deaf man named Louis, who was interested in using online video for the disabled. Jose was intrigued by this concept and quickly got him hooked up with, (a private beta for online video communications). Seesmic works as a website where you sign up on the site then you receive an invitation within 24 hours to use the service. This is an easy fast video conversational tool and, it has a very active user base all over the world. Louis was hopeful to use this to have discussions about how we communicate and how people with disabilities use technology in their day to day lives. Louis opened up Jose eyes to see what we are all doing and how it is a very important human need to communicate and express our interest with one another. We all need to do is connect and that is the core of online media in fact all media and communications alike. Know matter what tools we use on the internet, we are still connecting. This is the ‘Why‘, as to why we do what we do, how we do it and, all that we need to do is to connect with another human being. I was inspired by this article and have deeper understanding of how video is changing the world. I understand the why of it all and have an even greater sense of appreciation. Streaming Media its self and, the internet tools of today allow me to break any language barrier; even when the language cannot be spoken or heard.

 Reference : Streaming Media Magazine / Vol. 5, NO. 2

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