The power to create or the spark that ignites your destruction....
The Duality of Passion-- Thoughts from "The Holy G-rail"

The power to create and overcome, or the spark that ignites your destruction, which shall it be?

Within the relationships we share there is a duty, a duty to love and trust, listen and actually hear with an open mind and heart! Jealousy clouds this duty, easily making it go astray! It can be such an ugly emotion, yet if we just clarify what the meaning of our intentions are when sharing this type of information, maybe we can make it more digestible for all involved. Maybe we can resist the urge that fires the emotional side of our pride.

Point in fact; women and men compute the same exact information differently.

We all would love and think we know our significant others inside and out, but we cannot in All-Ways read each others minds. Sometimes it may seem so, and may actually happen over and over again, yet when the jealousy factor sneaks up upon us we need to step back and Listen, really listen. Context can and will be distorted by this emotion.

I'm sure we have all had many a beautiful relationship destroyed by this emotion. So how do we overcome or keep in check, this powerful emotion sparked by the passions which drive us?

Whether it's a passion to create and succeed or a passion to devour your lover with desire and sensuality. It all begins with the practice of Self-Love and respect, trust and compassion, first by feeling this for yourself and then by allowing this to flower into all of your relations, no matter how large or small, whether for business or pleasure.

Yep.. Easier said then done. But if you think about it, really think about it. When you respect yourself and those around you, no matter what happens within your relations you can see things more clearly. You can respond rather than react, you can listen to the words spoken, rather than hear the words you want or even expect to hear. This will allow you to speak your mind in a soft-spoken manner, rather than in a competitive, reaction type of push! Reaction is good in the proper context, yet if clouded by jealousy and pride you may stray from the original meaning get flustered and miss the mark totally!

Your relations are worth it!

Believe, trust and love yourself so that you may receive this from others. Remember that when love comes from the heart and soul, your passions and desires will not go wrong, your relations will do nothing but grow, your ecstasies will flower and you shall feel the release so much deeper on ALL-LEVELS! Clarified communication in All-Ways is the key.

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Smiles Michael Schuessler

Thewissen   Thewissen wrote
on 3/6/2009 11:47:45 PM
Good advise! You have a little problem with punctuation, but that's the only problem I see in this piece.

jenni   jenni wrote
on 3/4/2009 4:28:28 PM
oh now I see your slogan. cool.

jenni   jenni wrote
on 3/4/2009 4:28:07 PM
I would listen if he said something. And I'm not being coy or sarcastic. I agree -

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