The beautiful secrets we all have.....forced into shame by the society we live in.

The beautiful secrets we all have ... forced into shame by the society we live in.


Why is this? That society, the mass of humanity, and family project: they project this one thing - shame - so well. No matter how nicely you trim, this beautiful flower we call sensuality is apt to be crushed.

Look at the thoughts that are imposed upon us. If you love sensuality and sex just a little too much you must have been abused as a child! Why else escape into this ecstasy? There could be no other reason! Being drawn down to these levels of filth and self absorption, and empowering yourself with the sensuality of another. Why, if only but to escape the pain of that abuse for one moment? Isn't it so, that the only reason you only take those nude pictures of yourself, and strut around in overly sexy clothing is to force everyone else to feel your pain?

Okay, enough's enough!

Sensuality is a beautiful thing, and it is okay when we share this beautiful emotion.

When you are born you are naked, innocent, and new to this world. When you die, hopefully you have stripped away many of the misconceptions and guilt you were brought up with, thus again becoming naked to this world. The reason we have so many beautiful things within this physical plane is ‘desire'. Without desire there would be no world! Desire is one of the first acts of creation, misrepresented as carnal sin. It's time to own up to the fact that desire, one of the many shades of sensuality and sexuality, is a natural fact of life, and that all of life is full of different degrees of these types of expression. It is a beautiful thing this thing we call desire.

It gets tiring, hearing the same old song, that people who experience sexuality and enjoy it - really enjoy it - are dirty or addicted; not quite right in the head. It's even sadder when family or societal views implant the thoughts or notions of childhood abuse as a reason to harbor those feelings. The beautiful souls that express themselves in this manner actually start repeating the words, or begin actually searching for that time in the past that sparked their unnatural sensuality. Yes there is a lot of abuse that goes on hidden behind the doors of humanity; you cannot get away from that reality. Yet if you probe deep enough you shall find that even the purest of beings may have a skeleton or two lingering within their closet also.

This is the wonderful thing about free will: it gives us the ability to create and change in a positive way those negative thoughts and experiences. Why buy into someone else's reality, to give you an excuse to be free and sexual?

Humanity needs to get away from this kind stereotyping or this type of excuse to validate sexual enjoyment, this physical practice of desire nature. It is okay to strut around feeling sensual and sexual. It is okay to take naked pictures of yourself and share them with those who enjoy seeing them. If it makes you feel good and comes from the heart you cannot go wrong! No matter what family or society may say. It is time to stop the brain washing and buying into what everyone else thinks. It is time to stop feeling pain and insecurities because you are trying to conform to someone else's ideals. You cannot make everyone happy, so stop trying, take the mask off and release the shame!

The chalice of life is with our grasp, each and every one of us can find this happiness, and the purity of desire within. Feel desire on all levels and share this with those around you, sooner or later the negative ideals that do not make sense to you will fade away. You can be loved for who you are: try not to conform. Do not feel dirty for enjoying a beautiful sacred act between two human beings no matter how freaky it may seem to those on the outside. If you both smile when you are done you have created beauty, and thus you take this energy and beauty out into the world with you. Your light will light the path for others.

So this week try to practice some abstinence ... yes the abstinence of the shame and insecurities that may be brought on by others.

"Changing The World One Orgasm ~ At A Time"

[Copyright 2008 Michael Schuessler]

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