Sheer Nakedness...The gray areas of love-making.

Sheer nakedness... the gray areas of love-making.

apple.jpgPassion and sensuality are beautiful things, they allow our minds to fill in space, the gray areas if you may. All you have to do is use your senses… all of them.


To see a beautiful vessel of life unclothe before us is a breath-taking event, yet to see sheer soft clothing with light shimmering through it, over the top of that same nakedness can also be very amazing in a different way. It can add a sense of fantasy, of romantic eroticism.

Sometimes when the lights are lowered or sensual clothing is put on, it can open up your lover's sexual power, making them feel even more beautiful. It also dismantles any defenses or insecurities. Sometimes your lover may be feeling not so pretty, even though we may think and reaffirm that their beauty is the most stunning thing ever beheld. It's good to relax into the moment. Take your time, have patience, and allow your lover to create the mood. This allows relaxation and passion to flow forth from them especially if they're feeling not so perfect.

“The sensations we feel from day to day change.” The way we see ourselves and our lover also changes. Face it we all have a little bit if insecurity within us from time to time. Why not turn it around? Add some mystique, by spicing up your warm-ups with more romance? The only way to change a feeling is to change the core thought. It all begins within your own self-image and the image you behold of your lover.

This week reaffirm the spark that started your love, passion and ecstasy. Do not let your insecurities overshadow your reality; the reality of the passion and love you share with each other. Fill all of the gray areas with sheer nakedness. Use all of your senses to experience each and every moment as your last, thus it shall be as your first, now and in All-Ways!

“Changing The World One Orgasm ~At A Time”

 [Copyright Michael Schuessler 2009)

prettyflower1_73   prettyflower1_73 wrote
on 10/25/2009 1:46:18 PM
I wish my boyfriend would read this because it describes how a sensual moment should be.

keilymason   keilymason wrote
on 6/24/2009 6:22:31 PM

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