Five weeks to a Fear-less Life..Take the challenge

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Five weeks to a Fear-less life! Take the challenge…

What are you doing with your fears this New Year?

Fear as you might, fear as you may… STOP the fear, take the five-week challenge; Attempt to change your fears into something a little more palatable, more passionate; try to release the fear just for a moment and you may find that you can change your life for the better within as little as five weeks.

A stumbling block for many; fear in all-ways can stifle and even block the roads we formulate towards intimacy, closeness, and the relations we attempt to nurture.
 Why is it that this most powerful of emotions leads us around in circles? Is it the fear of actually achieving the promise land we truly deserve? Or is it that we do not see ourselves as capable, or deserving?

STOP; challenge yourself to change these deep down thoughts and insecurities, whether they are emotional or even physical, its time to get started!                                                                                                           Communication is the secret… It's all about the words and images we formulate within our own minds, how we communicate with our own true self. It is easier than you think, all we need to do is change these thoughts. The mind works in pictures and images keep it simple, see and feel the things you want to change. It will happen and it is truly magical how this will affect our lovers, friends and even co-workers; it can be quite intoxicating to everyone and everything you come into contact with.  

Begin with the fleeting little murmurs that go on within your sphere of activity, you know the ones; Strive to push out the negative forms that arise from physical and mental insecurities of guilt and fear. We all have notions of failure in some way or form, whether it’s the images forced upon us by the media, or the pain of actual mental and physical torment, even the guilt of past endeavors gone astray, it matters not where the thoughts come from.

From this moment on gently push those thoughts and feelings out. Only allow the images and emotions of what you truly desire into this, your field of activities.
 Think of it as a garden, only plant that which you want to grow and flower, make sure to pull out all of the weeds as they sprout, do not wait until the garden becomes dense and overgrown. As soon as the thoughts of negativity and fear appear, gently pull and remove them, once you do this you will see the positive over come the negatives, and slowly but surely each and every day you will notice a larger span of welcome thoughts and feelings rather than those that are uncomfortable and full of pain..

Take the challenge; in all-ways try to re-connect with the true spirit you see and feel daily within your life, whatever that Spirit may be, (The Spirit that makes you smile and feel love from deep down within, the true spirit of compassion) it's still there find it and feel it, experience it as you have in the past. Do this for just a moment, be patient with yourself; the moments will turn into hours, the hours into days....

It takes 5 weeks to change the cells within your being, It matters not on which level you start, once you begin you will see the results and it will effect each and every moment that life has to share with you.                 (copyright 2009)

Michael Schuessler
The Holy G-rail

dsr   dsr wrote
on 3/10/2009 5:23:04 PM
It had to be God that led me to this page because I've been needing advice that I haven't gotten from the people I usually depend on. I needed this. Thankyou

jenni   jenni wrote
on 2/28/2009 8:30:05 PM
Exactly what I am needing. thanks!

EmeralTropix   EmeralTropix wrote
on 2/18/2009 8:03:43 PM

Thewissen   Thewissen wrote
on 2/15/2009 9:51:47 PM
Nice thinking and metaphors. You're very hopeful, and I relate to that.

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