A few kind words and a little reassurance may be all it takes to change the world.
My previous article compelled to you to look at the shame and insecurities that are sometimes brought upon us by family, friends, society and even religion. Now with that recognition, let us focus on the more personal insecurities brought upon us by our own lowered self-image, and on the opposite side, the positive influences we as fellow human beings can and in a sense have a duty to share.

For instance, on a  journey to the west coast, my Special Lover and I stopped in Las Vegas for a little sunshine and fun. A slight detour if you may ... We stayed at one of our favorite stops, the Hard Rock Hotel. We were perched in our special little area around the pool, ordered our drinks and worshiped the sun for about 6 hours or so. It was about 90 degrees if not hotter, perfect for our desires. Now as we enjoyed all of this beauty that life had to share with us, I noticed a couple of young women (in their mid 20s) sitting near us, one in a string bikini, the other ... well her clothing concealed the bathing suit beneath.

Understand me on this point: as a man, it wasn't just that I wanted to see her in that suit buried deep beneath. It was all about the energy I saw flow forth. In fact I talked to my lover about this and we both agreed that it was the underlying fear we saw in her eyes. Fear of revealing her body to all those around; let us call it shyness laced with insecurity.

She sat there for hours baking in the sun, her friend lying next to her totally comfortable in her and I must say, very sexy string bikini. I just wanted to lean over and tell her, that she too was beautiful and should enjoy the day, and for her not to allow her fears to keep her from enjoying the sun and pool to the fullest. As the day progressed I felt a little bit of sadness. Why? Because of the strength of continued insecurities I saw build in this innocent being laying next to us.

I thought to myself that even being an author, being very familiar with self-help techniques and with a willingness to share them, I did not want to embarrass her, or look like a player pointing out to her that she too was beautiful and shouldn't be afraid to show that beauty. My lover also felt her pain. So the two of us continued to contemplate a tactful non-embarrassing approach.

Lo and behold, after about three and a half hours baking in that hot sun, she finally undressed and showed the pool her swimsuit, yet even then she still had the desire to put on her skirt each and every time she got up to walk around. So I again conferred with my lover, she decided she should leave the area for a few moments, that way I could take the opportunity to lean over and compliment this shy little lady on her suit.

All it took was that - little reassurance and a few kind words from another, for her to see the beauty she already had, and for her to drop her fear and insecurities. It amazed us, the change we saw take place.  Her whole demeanor was different. She now walked boldly and confidently. She also had a fresh sparkle in her eye, and even stopped putting on her skirt when she got up to walk around the pool area.

My point?

First and foremost on a personal level try not let your insecurities get the best of you; enjoy the time you have and the places you visit! Each and every one of us has some kind of beauty to share! If you come from a place of love you cannot go wrong, so continually practice loving yourself each and every day. When fear and doubts set in, to the best of your ability broaden your self-love techniques, try to see the true beauty you have deep down within, it all begins there.

Also; when called upon (you know when this is), share your feelings; give some simple and positive words of appreciation to those around you. It only takes a moment and the results can be amazing for all involved, bringing a little bit of light into a seemingly dark world.

Last but not least, in All-Ways remember that there is a fine line between a compliment for the sake of creating joy and happiness, and a compliment that is geared in the direction of making someone conform to what your ideals or wants are. All you need to do is let your heart of hearts be the guide, and thus with little or no effort at all you too can change this world.

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This was a very interesting piece that you wrote.

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