The Night

In the night as you weep, your pain in life is for keeps.

The sounds of thunder above your head, left for dead so they said of your passions and dreams.

Marauding deep inside your dreams, you hear the screams

of your past-will it last-looking through the mirror glass of those who crossed your path during your lifetime?

Laughter they say is only for a day and sorrow in your tomorrows an eternity, full of bigotry, by those that claim to be a friend, there is no end of the smiles they extend.
Behind their grin and sin in the heart, that was placed from the start (as birth) gave them life.

The iridescent glow on the faces, in those places you have roamed of perpetrators of friendship.

Crowded by voices filled with deceit and lies, time does fly as you cry in the wee hours of the night, while toiling in your plight.

Mesmerized by the desires in heart, their attainment is your prize once you realize that life is yours to live.

In the earth from whence you were formed, from the womb we all were born,

Victory is in you, and not that of scorn.

Upon your head a crown, despite the frowns upon the faces of those you have past during your lifetime.

A silhouette of your passions and dreams they see, reflecting from all of your deeds.

A breeze whispers to the spirit in you, (only a few) but if all only knew the exquisiteness of your being chosen.

Copyright 2008

mike_murda   mike_murda wrote
on 2/16/2010 3:08:48 PM
im moved by this piece of work. i would like to see more of this. you use such strong words...

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 2/23/2009 1:51:48 AM
This body of work is filled with movement, style and reflection (past and present). In the night where time 'carries' the myriad expressions of joy and pain that ‘flow’ down the river of tears and heartaches, fashioned by the hands of deceit…, that dark crowded chamber has become the ‘court-house- and witness stand against painful remembered experiences.., compelled by the drive to attain “Mesmerized by the desires in heart, their attainment is your prize” …, you endure and suffer recalling the dark events over and over and over ‘til time is no more and night is no longer. Along the way the journey holds one promise… The chosen are reserved and preserved to endure. Remember, ‘…your pain in life is for keeps’. This has become your prison without walls.

hoodiegirl   hoodiegirl wrote
on 10/29/2008 9:36:09 PM

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 10/28/2008 4:09:57 AM
Such wisdom and thought provoking reminisces. You went so deep for these introspections and it shows. I rate this right up there with some of Langston Hughes writings for feel you tapped into some of his genius here!

lindsay   lindsay wrote
on 10/27/2008 10:11:31 PM
This is really powerful. So many memorable lines. I enjoyed every word of this.

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writing Luqman_Qadi
Expressionism, Victory, Overcoming
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