The King Is Dead...?
His blonde hair fell in his eyes as he was kicked, his low weight causing him to hit the nearby wall.
"You worthless little piece of trash!" his father roared, kicking the little boy's chest repeatedly.     
Dear God, if you can hear me, make this stop... please... I don't want to hurt anymore... sissy promised you'd take me to Heaven. Can you come and get me now?     
"Pay attention to me when I'm talking to you, you worthless little brat!"
Jesus, sissy says you help all the little children. Come get me, Jesus, I don't want to be here anymore...
"I'm sorry!" the boy yelled, out of habit more than anything. He hadn't done anything wrong, but he learned that sometimes, if he said sorry it got a little better or it stopped. Not this time though. The boy's father grabbed the seven-year-old by the shirt collar and pinned him to the wall.     
"You little piece of garbage! What do you know about being sorry?"
"I'm sorry! Please don't hit me again, daddy! I'm sorry!" the little boy had no idea what it was he was apologizing for, but if it got this man to stop hitting him, he was all for it. Just a little time, that was all he needed. Just enough time to run up the stairs to his sister's room, and she'd be there to hold him and protect him.
"You stupid waste of air! This time, I'll make sure to finish you off!" the young boy shut his eyes tightly and flailed his legs desperately. Just hard enough of a hit to get him to safety, that was all he needed...
"Daddy, let go! I can't... breathe...!"
"You don't deserve to breathe you little twit!" A new voice yelled. the boy felt tears coming to his eyes. That voice was his mother.     
Sissy says mommies are supposed to be nice! Why don't you love me, mommy?
"Don't you dare shed a tear, do you understand me?"
The boy nodded, unable to form a verbal response. He willed the tears to stop, but that just made them spill over. His father slapped him harshly across the face. He picked up the boy and threw him, smirking when he heard a loud crack issue from the child's body. Satisfied, he and his wife left the house for the night. The boy waited for the door to shut before trying to climb the stairs. He was smaller in both height ans weight than most boys his age. He cried out for his sister. She heard, running for the little boy. She picked him up gently and carried him into her room. She sat cross-legged on the floor with the child in her lap.
"You said God would save me, Nani. Why hasn't he come yet?"
"Because, Ry-Ry," she kissed the boy's forehead, "God's getting Heaven ready for his favorite angel."
She looked at the boy, his blonde hair and blue eyes, so much like her own, as those blue eyes slid closed.
She made sure Ryan was indeed asleep before she let the tears fall, whispering as the rolled down her cheeks, "Did God overlook it, what ought have been written, the 11th commandment..." she kissed her brother's pale, bloody forehead again, "Honor thy children."

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Short Story
writing LuckyRoxy13
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The 11th Commandment is a song by Collin Raye. This is one of Ryan's 'episodes', the boy who narrates 'Free Fall' and 'Broken Wings', though those are when he's older. This the last episode Ryan has before beginning to see his sister is becoming sick. The title plays on the meaning of the name Ryan, which is King. And no, Nani isn't actually her name, that's just what he calls her because he's only 7 and can't say her name.
A Word from the Writer
I really do have a soft spot for Ryan. Poor kid, only knowing 'I'm sorry' as code for 'please, please, please stop hitting me'.