Last Memoir
I'm sorry. Mama, I'm so sorry. Tell Devin I love him and Sam that he's the best little brother in the world. I didn't ask for this to happen, I really didn't. I didn't think this is the way I would go.
Mama, where's God now? Why does he want with a 17-year-old boy? I guess I'm going to be with dad now. I love you so much, mama. I don't want to die. It wasn't supposed to be like this.
Sara was supposed to help me surprise Devin. Tonight's our anniversary. It was supposed to be us just hanging out. We haven't seen each other lately.
Now I'll never see him again.
It hurts, mama. I wish you could be here to hold me and tell me it's okay. You or Devin, even Sam.
Sara's not here anymore. They took her away. She died too. Now I'm going to die. She's 500 feet away, nowhere near me. They're putting her into an ambulance. That's stupid. She's already dead.
Now they're lifting me onto a gurney. As if I can be helped. I'm bleeding everywhere. I can feel the life draining out of me.

I never wanted to die. I wanted to live my life and just be one of those happy, carefree teenagers. Like Sam. Though I doubt he'll be like that when I'm gone.
How does it feel, mama? To lose your husband of 20 years and then your son before he's even 18? I didn't mean to hurt you. This wasn't even my fault. I didn't cause this accident, though my karma probably did.
Maybe some higher power thought I deserved to die. I can't think of why, though. I can't think of much right now. All I can think of is Devin's face when he hears what happened. He'll be calling me, wondering where I am. He'll be upset when I don't answer the phone. He'll go to school, prepared to corner me and interrogate me, and I won't be there. After school, he'll go to the house, and you or Sam will tell him what happened.
Then he'll hear about Sara. He'll realize that aside from his dad, everyone important to him is gone. He'll lock himself in his room and cry. His dad won't be able to get him out and his mom will come over from all the way across town to try and talk to him. Sam might be able to get through to him, if he really tries. Devin's never been the most social person to begin with. He usually just talked to me and Sara.
Devin. God, I'm going to miss him so much. I don't want to leave him like this. It's just not fair to him, after all he's been through.

And Sara. She didn't deserve to die. She was such a sweet girl. She was like the sister I never had. It's so sad to think she had to be taken away so brutally like that. I honestly hope she didn't suffer.

Mama, I can feel the life leaving me now. I won't be here much longer. I'll give dad a hug for you, promise. Tell Sam to be strong for me. I love you all so much. I don't want to leave, but I have to.

It's time for me to go now.

Devin, Sam, mama. Goodbye.

Zachary Aaron Phelps
11:59 PM

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Short Story
writing LuckyRoxy13
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Zack saying his last goodbyes.