The Question
The mood was set. I lit every candle in the house, dimmed the dining room lights, and filled the air with my Christian Dior perfume. It was the perfume I had been wearing when we met. He said I smelled so good it made him wanted to taste me. Oh yes, and tonight I needed him to have the same idea. Every room was romantically set and conducive for love making.  I made sure every hair on my body was freshly waxed. My long locks were hanging a little past my red bra strap and the front of my hair was pulled up in the front so I wasn’t hiding my beautiful face. I looked at the time, it was 6:50pm and he assured me he’s never late.  So I hurried and slipped into my red dress that I purchased just for this occasion. It was so short when I put my arms down beside my thighs I could still feel my smooth silky skin. As I finished rubbing the Victoria’s secret bronzing oil on my legs the doorbell rang. It was him! I quickly opened the door and greeted him with a smile. We sat, we laughed, and we ate. The conversation was amusing and the chemistry was in the air. I could feel he had the same attraction for me that I had for him.  After we ate I invited him over the couch. Unable to control myself I dived in for a kiss. He welcomed it, and softly kissed me back. I could feel his temperature rising has his slipped my dress off and ran his fingers through my hair. My thighs began to French kiss themselves from the wetness my body was producing. I slowly unbuttoned his pants while softly kissing his neck. This was it; I had been waiting for his moment all week long. My body had been anticipating becoming one with his. He reached down and grabbed my hands before I could put them down his pants, then passionately put them behind my back as if I was under arrest. I was excited! My juices began to flow as if I was going to explode before we even got started. Then his whispered softly in my ear, “baby I gotta ask you a question,” so excited and now sexy frustrated I seductively responded, “ yes daddy, anything,” I stopped kissing him and sat up on top off him to situate myself in my favorite position. He continued, “When was your last HIV Test.” As my body began to dry up as if I was dehydrated, I couldn’t help but think, damn! I should have asked that first!

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Short Story
writing lorena
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