Shadow Of The New Moon chp 1

Okay so were I to begin......


My dream started out with the characters from the story sis and I are

writing. Let me remember who was there.....






Oh and Tora was there too!!



ima put this as a story but this is truly what I dreamed........


Kevin and Rayne were walking home and stopped suddenly when they heard footsteps behind them. Kevin pulled out his sword and

Pushed Rayne behind him and flared his wings open to protect her. "Aw come on now Kevin im not going to eat her organs or deprive

Her of her own blood or anything. Besides she’s my lil sister and its no fair too sneak up on her if you are going to do this all the

Time” Shadow said as she crossed her arms.  “I rather leave it this way than to have her killed; I'll will always be the first to go before

Harm ever comes her way!" Kevin said as he withdrew his wings and sheathed his sword. Rayne popped out from behind him and planted

A kiss of thanks on his cheek and went over to greet her sister. "So um sis was is Tora?" Rayne asked as she took Kevin’s hand

And dragged him towards Shadow. "Oh she is out hunting down some herbs for her potions and remedies." Shadow simply replied and

Crossed the small river bridge before her sister could. Once they were at home they were greeted by a cloud of blue smoke that

Shimmered in the moonlight once it reached outside. "Tora!!!" Rayne growled. Kevin rolled his eyes and Shadow laughed as she

Fanned the smoke away with her hands.  "Oh shut your jaws you mutt, this is a powerful potion that can knockout an legion of

Demons in just about five to ten seconds. " Tora said proudly as she held up a black fancy looking vile. Rayne sneezed a couple of times

And headed to the staircase. "Well if any of you need my I will be with Kevin up stairs." Rayne said as she followed Kevin too his room

And shut the door behind her.  "I hope you too get along one day." Shadow said. "Don't worry love it will be soon, LOL Im almost

Done with my tolerance remedy!' Tora said with a laugh. "OH I tried that I just hope yours is strong enough for her she has no

Tolerance what so ever." "Oh enough of worrying over that dog of a sister of yours Shadow come the fire is nice and warm come

And join me on the couch." Tora said as she caressed Shadow's hand to her shoulder and had her follow her to the couch. Mean while

In Kevin's room. Kevin hung his sword up in its special case and closed the wardrobe. Kevin left into his walk in closet and Rayne quickly

Shifted into her wolf form and nestled on his bed. Kevin came back out with a skin tight black tee and some comfortable black slacks.

"Aww Rayne you’re going to get fur all over my satin sheets!!!" Kevin whined playfully. Rayne gave him a wolfish smile and wagged her tail.

He couldn’t help but to smile and lay next to her on his bed. The wolf sat up and looked into his maroon eyes. She returned to her human

form and continued to look in to his eyes. She brushed away his two tone long black and red hair and brushed her lips against his.

Rayne rested her head on his chest and let his ever slow heart beat soothe her too sleep. Kevin stroked her hair as he would do if she was

In her wolf form and smiled to himself before he fell asleep.


The next day Tora woke up early around the afternoon to continue her studies in the grand library. Once she gathered the books

She was looking for she retreated to a black cherry wood desk and began to open books, jot down notes and read through the incantations.

Tora felt something watching her and paused briefly and out of no were she sprang out of her seat and sprawled up on to her feet.

Looking back at her chair she noticed that an arrow had pierced through the chair and into the wall behind her. She went over to examine the arrow

To find out that it was no ordinary arrow. "This arrow was made to kill me!" Tora said in shock as she glanced over the silver blades of the arrow

And to the wings of the arrow. "Griffon feathers, these arrows belong to Kaleo only he can turn into a Gyrfalcon. Plus he is in league with

Blade this can't be good." Tora removed the arrow and sat back down on her chair and the arrow snapped in half as she dropped it

On the desk before her. A note fell out of the hollow arrow and with curiosity like any cat she opened up the small rolled paper and

Began to read the red printed letters.


                   “I have possession of your dear sister Rayne, Shadow!

                   If you want to see that no harm comes to her you will do what I ask!

                   Tell that cat demon of yours to find me the Book of the Lost Souls.

                   After I have received the book I will return your sister to you...

                   Alive you ask I may not know.......

                   You fail to return that book to me. Then you will suffer the


                   I will enslave your precious sister and let my minions have there way with her.

                   And the day she begs for mercy is the day I fill her blood with silver.

                   It is all on you now; your sister's life is in your hands!"




Tora dropped the note and chuckled to herself. "What a prank, I mean Rayne went to bed with Kevin last night! And Shadow and

I was in the living room downstairs almost the whole night. Also I have a magical barrier protecting our land..... Unless he... OMG

Kaleo is half human!!" Tora said to herself and stood up and left the room. “That is why Blade sent him he knows only a mortal can

Enter my barrier man fuck him!!" Tora said to herself aloud. She reached the stair case and went to Shadows room and entered with out

Knocking. "Shad......?" Tora started to say when she stopped to hear what Shadow was mumbling in her sleep. 'Yes my love your blood

Is sweet.......Yes you want me to whip you harder...Say my name bitch say it!!!" Shadow whispered in her sleep. Tora dropped

To her knees with laughter and Shadow woke up with a start. "YAWN" "Gees Tora why or what rather do you have to wake me up

For its only dusk. "Oh that was a riot! Oh I’m here with a message and an arrow; it’s one of Kaleo's arrows if you look at it."

Tora said as she sat down next to the half naked Shadow. Tora handed her the note and Shadow began to read it. "Ha H a is this

Motherfucker kidding me I mean Rayne is with Kevin up stairs!" Shadow laughed and threw the note to the side. "But Shadow thinks

Of it our land is protected with a barrier and......."  "And so nothing can get through it only a mortal can!" Shadow interrupted. “Will

You let me finish! Like I was saying, so how did Kaleo enter our land with out being killed do you wonder why? It’s because he is a mortal

He tried to kill me last night!!" Tora finish saying to her.  A wave of panic and fear spread over her face as she got out of bed and threw

A shirt on and ran to Kevin's room.  The door was unlocked and it swung freely open like the door was waiting for them to enter.  Shadow

And Tora found Kevin not on his bed but on the ground with his wings pinned with witch blades. Tora went around the room to find 

Some thing and came back to Shadow when she found what she was looking for. "There are signs of a struggle by the window there

Claw marks on the tile on the floor, but that was not what I was looking for I found an empty vial and it seems to me that it’s a knockout

Potion or something along the line of ethanol." Tora said as she gazed over at Kevin. Kevin's eyes shot open and he tried to get up. He let out

Loud screech when he tried to move his wings and fell back down. Shadow and Tora jumped in surprise and turned there attention toward

Him. "Kevin what happened here!?" Shadow asked. "That mother fucker he was too quick I......I couldn't lay a hand on him.’ He said and closed

His eyes because of the pain in his wings. Tora removed the blades and put them aside on the night stand closest to her. "Kevin withdrew

His wings and an expression of alarm hit his face. 'Were Rayne?" Was all that he had said? "Here just take a glance over this." Shadow said and

Handed him over the note. They watched as Kevin read over the note and drop it on the ground. He stood up and walked over to

The window and opened the double door windows and walked out side. Concerned Shadow walked over to him and stood next too

Him and asked "Hey we will get her back...." Kevin turned around and grabbed her by the shoulders, "Tell me, Tell me were this ex of yours

Dwells Shadow tells me!!" Tora broke Kevin’s grip of Shadow and said. "Everyone suit up were going to go and get Rayne back."

"But what is this thing with the Book of the Lost Souls?”Shadow asked as she zipped up her gear and sheathed special swords

Onto her back. "Its a lost ancient book that I hold procession of and if one reads the lost passage the have the power to inherit the

Entire underworld and wield its army to his/her doing." Tora said and wrapped her special blade whips onto her back as well. Kevin didn’t

Put on any armor he just took his sword out from his case and made a fresh wound on his forearm. He let the blood flow onto

The sword and with in minutes the sword was drenched in blood. Shadow and Tora watched in bewilderment as the sword began

To absorb the blood by its own doing.  Kevin sheathed his sword and withdrew his wings. "Alright lets get going we have no time to waste, and

Tora don’t for get the book." Kevin said and took the lead into the skies. Tora packed the book and shifted into her cat form and ran after Kevin and



{Meanwhile in Blades prison.}


Hands shackled above her head and her body kneeling on the ground. Her face was stained with tears. Rayne's body began to grow

Accustom to the pain that it was to deal with. Her only hope was that Kevin and her sister would come for her. The door to her dark

Cell opened and her body grew tense. She let out a growl for it was her only defense. "Hey, hey there I'm not going to hurt you I have

Come to release the shackles so that you may eat what I have brought you." The vampire said. "W.....Why should I....I trust you." Rayne

Said weakly. "Because Blade raped my mother and that is how I came into his world, every day he says I am not his son I am a mistake

And that I should have died along with my mother when she was in labor with me. For many years I had to learn to survive on my own. But that is

Beside the point. The name is Raziel what’s your name wolf girl?" He asked as he released her and brought her to a small comfortable room

For her to rest and eat in. "The name is Rayne." she said as she sat down near the fire. Rayne smiled and as he got comfortable next to

Her and they began to chat about there lives. "So um yeah that’s basically all what I have to say." Rayne said and drank the rest of her

Tea. "Raziel the Master summons for you!" Came a loud male voice from the door.  "Alright be right there dammit!"Raziel answered

Back at him... Rayne got worried and He just winked at her. The man at the door left and Razeil led her back to her prison cell. "I will

Lower the shackles so they won’t put to much strain on your body alright."He said as he loosened the chains. "Raziel thank you!"

Rayne said and planted a kiss on his cheek and he tied her up again. He turned around and shut her cell door before he left he

Turned around and said. "Your welcome wolf girl, I pray your mate and pack come for you soon."  Kevin scouted the area and signaled

Tora to kill off any of the patrol guards. She came back with blood tainted on her paws and mouth. Shadow disabled the barrier

And together they walked into the old musty building. "Hey Kevin, What was the deal with soaking your sword in your own blood?"

Tora asked him as she shifted into her human form. "It's my best defensive option for a situation like this if some one tried to hit

Me with arrows the direction of the arrow will be protected from the intrusion of the arrow. You will understand when I fight oh and

When I make a kill the sword takes in the victim’s immortal or mortal soul." Kevin said as he checked a room to his left. “I know that you

Here I will send one of my most trusted men to escort you to my domain, Make any false move and my men will appear from there

Positions and kill you on the spot." Blades voice boomed over the loud speaker. "Shit shadow kin when ever did he have these fuckers

On his side?" Tora asked in surprise. "Don’t move here comes some one now!" Shadow said." The name is Kaleo and welcome to

The last night of your lives. “He said and led them to Blades main chamber. Kevin's sword lit the hallways with an unearthly red

Glow as his anger grew to an unsteady rage. "Some one is not too happy!!!" Tora said as she scooted away from Kevin and his

Sword. Kaleo lead him too Blades chamber and knocked on the door. "Bring them in!" Blade said from behind the door.

Tora Shadow and Kevin were shoved into the room and the door was locked behind them. "I trust that you have the book yes?" Blade said and moved

Away from his desk. "Here's your dame book but were is Rayne." Tora asked.  "Oh the lycan girl ha she is down in her cell

Dying for her life to be over." Blade said as he reached for the book. Kevin withdrew a dagger and stabbed it into Blade's desk

Missing his hand only by a few millimeters. "I swear if she was harmed in any way I will kill you and feed your carcass to the hell

Hounds." Kevin threatened him. Blade just gave him a quick smile and retrieved his book. "Kevin threaten me all you want with this

Book I have the power to wield thousands and thousands of demons, Heck I can even become ruler of the underworld." Blade said.

Shadow looked at Blade and he glanced 0ver to her, "Oh and you my dear will become my queen with out any hassle or regret." He said.

Tora and Shadow left the room and Kevin followed."Oh and Kevin you only have ten minutes to find her or she will suffer from a constant

Spray of holy water and silver mist." Blade said as he opened his book and began to read. Kevin's sword went from a red glow to a

Black and purple glow. "Dame Kevin is going to kill us all just with his dame demonic sword." Tora said. "No I wont, we just need to find

Rayne and fast.” Kevin said as he bolted out from one room to another.   A loud sharp scream came from down the hall and the trio

Ran in that direction. Kevin kicked down the door to see Rayne trying to pull herself free from her chains in a helpless atempt.Then j

Just like Blade said there was the silver mist being sprayed into the cell? Kevin threw up his wings like an umbrella and went over to Rayne.

With a swing of his sword he broke the chains away from Rayne and protected her with his wings by holding her close and wrapping

His wings close to his body.  "Kevin the mist watches out for the holy water mist!!!" Shadow cried out from the door way but she was too late.

The hiss of the sprays sparked to life and began to drench the room. Kevin screamed with all the might in his lungs as he held Rayne

Tight to his body afraid that the water may do worsen her condition. He finally moved with Rayne outside and he fell to the floor

Gasping in pain. "Kevin .....Kevin please tell me you’re alright!!" Rayne asked as she took a glance over his body and wounds.  "I.....I'm fine

Are you okay?" He asked as he sat up and put his wings away.  “Yes........yes I am thank you so very much Kevin." Rayne said as she

Hugged him and put his head against his chest. He smiled for once knowing that he did something good knowing he was strong enough

To protect her. "Um guys I hate to break up the reunion but we have company!!" Shadow said. "Oh my god I didn’t think he could do it,

Blade cracked the code to rule the underworld. And now here come some of his men to take us to him."Tora said. "Tora I don’t

Want to be his queen!!" Shadow said as she hugged her tightly. "Its okay loves just play along you know the hero always defeats the

Villain I have a feeling that this is going to work out for us some how." She said as she kissed Shadow on the forehead. The men came

Fast and bound them all in twine and lead them too Blade. He was in the same room except he looked more animal than human. Blade's

New form was a crossbreed between a human and a bat, He was an ugly creature. One of the men pushed Shadow on to her knees

Before Blade and Blade made his way toward her. Tora tried to break free but the mysterious men held her down. "Shadow!!" Was

All that she was able to say. Tears began to stream down Shadow's face as Blade lead her to a couple of throne like chairs. "Sis!!"

Rayne screamed. “Shadow was forced to be seated on the throne and a silver gem embedded crown was placed on top of her head.

"Look my queen you have an army of demons at your will!" Blade told her. Shadow didn’t say a word she just let the tears fall.

Kevin looked at Shadow and Tora and finally at Rayne. He took of his precious chain and placed it on Rayne's neck and said to Tora

And Rayne, "Follow my lead."  Kevin with drew his wings and snatched Shadow from Blade and together the gang made a break for

It. "Raziel front and center!!!!" Blade yelled on top of his lungs. "Yes Milord?" Raziel asked. "After them and Bring me my queen back."

Blade ordered as he threw a huge cross bow gun at him. "Yes Milord." Raziel left with out a word and a few demons followed him. Kevin

And Rayne ran side by side and Tora and Shadow ran ahead together. They kept on running and they hit a two hallways one only

Promising the way out. Then out of know were demons of all kinds surrounded them. "This is our only chance!!" Shadow said. "Not quite

You guys remember the potion that I made earlier that night before well I brought some with me." Tora said as she took out the vial from her pocket.

She threw it in the center of the floor and a cloud of blue smoke fogged up the place. They hearted a whole bunch of bodies

Drop to the floor and then the smoke thinned out. "Kevin.... were is Kevin?" Rayne asked frantically. "Oh admit he got knocked out!!"

Shadow said. Rayne shifted to her wolf form and carried Kevin's limp body. They began too move till the confronted Raziel.

"Stop right there." He said.” Rayne shifted back to her human form. "Razeil it's me Rayne from the cell." She said. "Oh Rayne is that

Vampire the one you were talking about? "Yes it is do you know were the way out is so my sister and I can escape? She asked?  "What Are?

You talking about there’s only you and Kevin here?" "Oh great they probly saw you and fled the other way.”Well don’t worry about it

Rayne follow me and I will get you out of here and maybe I can escape with you." Raziel said as he flashed a smile. They began to

Walk down some dark cold corridors till they came to this one corner. "What’s wrong why did you stop?" Rayne asked. "My father

I can sense him he is near here. "Think again Razeil!!" Blade said from the other side of the hall way and Threw a silver stake like

Dagger at Razeil pinning him to a wall. Raziel screamed in agony and grew his nails and raked them across the wall. Kevin woke up but was

Still a little bit groggy and looked around in his situation. He saw the vampire pinned to the wall and withering in pain and Rayne next to

Him with fear and wordiness spread across her face. "Rayne bite him!" Kevin said in a raspy voice. "Why he’s a vampire it’s not going to do

Anything to him?" She said and looked at her friend wither in pain. "He is a half breed he’s half human side will take in your elixir and

Create a new creature, maybe even faster and stronger." Kevin said. Rayne looked at him in a questioningly manor and knelt by his

Side and bite into his collarbone and transmitted her elixir into his blood stream. Raziel stopped withering in pain and stopped moving

For a quick second. "What in the blue hell did you do to my son!!!" Blade yelled at Rayne and threw her to the side. Kevin stood up

And swiped his sword across Blades chest. The sword went form a red glow to a black and were Kevin struck Blade a faint black glow

Stained his skin. Blade hissed in pain and got up again and attacked Kevin. Rayne woke up from her knockout fast and saw Raziel

On the floor changing into a wolf shape like her when he was done changing he had nine tails and spikes coming out from his fore

Arms and shoulder blades. Since he was a hybrid he was able to walk like a human and move at a vampires fast paste. Kevin

Withdrew his wings and broke free from Blade. Blade gazed at Razeil. "You call me now you son after all these years you neglected

Me, Wished me dead, Cursed me very own mother and deprive of her blood. You’re a monster that needs to die." Razeil said as he

Snatched Kevin's sword and drove deep down into Blade’s heart and everybody watched as the sword consumed his immortal soul.

Everyone went out of the dark rundown mansion and took a long look at it and watch it fall apart. Rayne looked at Kevin and saw

Razeil start to leave. "Hey were do you think your going?" Rayne asked. "I am alone now I’m monster with no were to go I guess I will

Go south of here and see were that leads me." He simply said. "Or you can join our small clan." Kevin said as his sword lost its glow and

He stuck it into the earth. "Besides you’re practically like my brother now that you share the same dna that I have." Rayne said as she

gave him a hug. "Alright I don’t have any other options might as well. Together they walked back to their huge mansion were they found

Tora and Shadow waiting.






Back at Blade's broken down mansion the demons that had survived the potion revived those who didn’t and together they

walked over to were there master lay and all bowed down there heads.

A moment later Blade’s body emerged from the ground and he faced the direction that Kevin Raziel and Rayne left in.

He went through the rubbage and collected his book The Book of the Lost Souls and read out loud the last sentence.


""Fallen angels fire from hell

Long lost souls break free from your cells

Together now all as one

Complete my will forever done""


Blade smiled wickedly as his eyes went red and the demons entered his body making him stronger one by one.


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This novel i created started way back since my freshman year wich was august of 2003. It involves the following characters Kevin: HIS BREED IS VAMPIRE, AGE' 25 Blade: he is the villan breed is vampire and he is 31 Rayne; Breed" blacktalon werewolf Kevin's lover age" 22 Shadow; BREED, HYBRID BTW WOLF AND VAMPIRE age: 23 Tora" breed cat demon age" 24
A Word from the Writer
This is a story of the lives of vampires and a werewolf and other creatures living under one roof, This is the first chapter i have typed on a computer so far and i have tons in notebooks that i have to work with so um let me know what you think i love feed back!