A man walks the seemingly endless deserts of Aranduo. He wears a sand cloak. A long hooded cloak that goes from head to feet. Attached to the hood is a peace of cloth that wraps around and fastens to the other side of the hood, protecting the nose and mouth. His eyes are cover with glasses. The sand cloak and sand goggles are a necessity for a man in the desert at this time of year.
It is the twilight season. Some call it the sand monsoon. Due to the extreme tilt of the planet in this season Solarangia dose not move very heigh above the horizon and when it set there is no night, only twilight. In this season, one pole of the planet nearly directly faces the Solarangia, this causes the pole to heat up, ice to melt, water to evaporate and barometric pressure to increase. On the pole facing away from Solarangia, the long darkness cools the pole, water liquefies and freezes and the barometric pressure decreases.This causes wind to blow across the planet from one pole to another.
The wind is blowing hard from the north. It picks up the sand and hurls it threw the air. It if wasn't for the sand cloak that cover his body it would eat away his flesh.
From beneath the cloak there is a strange movement. The sand around the man moved as well, as if something was under it. In front of the man a sand dragon bursted out of the sand. Its head, flat and wide and roughly the size of the mans. I came roughly 2 and half meter out of the sand. Its snake like body must be 8 meters long in total. It opened its 4 jawed mouth and let out a loud screech. The man stopped, he knew these beasts. Those in the heigh latitudes and in the city's feared these creatures but those of the desert do not. The desert people knew these creatures, they knew there habits, and there body language. The desert people have lived in harmony with them for century's. They were not dumb vicious predators, they were smart, some think smarter than humans. Young sand dragons were often kept as pets by desert people. Sand dragons were territorial and this one was declaring the area its territory. The man new what to do, he stood there. If he were to make a sudden move, the sand dragon would strike with its tail, buried in sand beneath the man. The man and the sand dragon remained in there position, lock in a stare down. The sand dragon let out another shriek than burrowed and moved away. By not moving, he told the sand dragon that he accepted the sand dragons dominance and was no threat.
Three hours west of the sand dragon he arrived at a town. The town was in a crater with stone rubble sand dams built on the to the north and south. The building where made of mud brick with a coating of stucco.
The man entered the town saloon. He shook the dust off than unbuttoned the face protector, lowered the hood and removed the sand goggles. His hair was black and almost chin length. His eyes were green and vaguely asian. His skin was olive brown and rough.He unbuttoned the cloak. As he placed his hand on the bar a sand dragon was visible beneath his cloak, wrapped around his torso.
The man tapped the bar and said: "Waters, two. One in a normal glass the other in a shot glass."
The bar tender placed two glasses of water in front of the man, one a regular glass, the other a shot glass. The snake like sand dragon moved from the mans torso and wrapped around his arm. The man placed his arm near the shot glass. The sand dragon placed its long tung in the shot glass and started sucking up the water, the man drank from the other glass.
From the left of the man a large man walked up to him, "Your standing in my spot." the large man said.
The man looked the the large man then went back to his drink.
"Your standing in my spot." The large man said again in an aggressive tone.
The man ignored the large man.
The large man let out an aery grunt and lifted his hand to hit the man. The man with out turning or taking his eye of his glass lifted his left hand and hit the large man, knocking him down. Two men behind the man quickly got up out of there seats, the man turned around pointing his right arm at attacker on the right, the sand dragon leaped from his arm and ripped open the attackers jugular. The attacker let out a scream as blood sprayed from his neck then fell dead. The man pulled a knife and threw it at the other attacker, hitting him in the right eye, killing him.
The large man looked at the two dead men then looked at the man. He then leaped to his feed and ran out of the saloon. The sand dragon was hissing at every one around it, then took a bite out of the dead mans neck.
"Cici!" The man called. The sand dragon then returned to the man, slithered up his body and wrapped it self around his arm. The man tuned to the bartender and said: "I need a room for the night."
The bartender looked at the bodies then turned to the man. "Your in luck, two just opened up." He said.
The room was dirty. There was no maids in this hotel.
Cici wrapped itself around the coat rack and hissed at the man.
"I know." He said. "I know." he repeated in a low voice.

This story just came to me one day. I don't know where its going, I don't know it its going anywhere. I don't even know what the "I know" means.

kt6550   kt6550 wrote
on 1/31/2009 5:55:06 PM
You've got a good story and a good beginning here. You can build on this. Your spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure indicate, to me, that English may not be your first language. Perhaps having someone proofread and help you edit your stories will make them more effective. Please, by all means, continue writing.

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