A Winter's Tail
Today the sun shines in the far reaches of the north where winters icy grip has reigned with the furiousness of an angry ogre. Tempered by the slow melt and the appearance of a dry stretch of road I ventured out with my trusty companion of a mutt Calvin. Calvin, a Jack Russell terrorist has never been one for any temperature below 40 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. Better to pass the winter from behind the safety of a warm house and a clear window than to immerse ones paw into the cold wetness of springs melting snow.

The sun was warm on my face and Calvin walked with his snout to the wind. It was wonderful to see the familiar cracks on the road and to pass trees like old friends that stood as sentinels along our trodden path. Although they looked cold and naked in the chill, their knurled faces greeted us nonetheless, and I recognized many whose faces smiled with the wrinkles of countless years. Calvin on the other hand recognized many for the scent around their trunks. I’m not sure how pleased they were to see him.

As it turned out Calvin was unable to finish our modest trek because his paws froze, and looking at me with those big brown puppy eyes that begged for help I had no choice but to try and lift the beggar. The only trouble is that Calvin is ticklish on the feet. I know...it’s hard to believe. And he is stout enough that lifting him around the chest usually ends with a tumultuous growl or perhaps a small nip on the hand. Somehow I managed to get him up and supported his back feet in the palm of my hand, and with my other arm, cradled his chest so that he looked like the figurehead of a ship pointing the way home. The neighbours had quite a howl and no doubt wondered who the master was. Cars honked their horns driving by and the sight of smiling faces hidden behind windshields made me wish that we had ventured out after dark.

Nevertheless, having survived the shame and humiliation we arrived home and Calvin quickly recovered after a small Scooby Snack. Tomorrow is a new day and spring will no doubt inch a wee bit closer. The days are getting longer and warmer, and perhaps next time we may make it to the end of the driveway.

“ Lionheart

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