An Ode to Healthcare Compliance

An Ode to HealthcareCompliance

By Lindsey Hennings, MAM, CHC



Healthcare Compliance. What does thatmean?

Rules, regulations, best practices… and allin between!


We strive to remain compliant with laws

To provide the best service and care,without pause.


Why do we do this? Why do we stress?

Well someone has to sift through thismess!


Administrative rules, executive orders,

Proposed legislation within our borders.


Plan types and states and federal reign -

Of course the requirements cannot beplain!


In order to travel the (over)complicatedfray,

We need compliance to show us the way.


Compliance is here to guide and to showus,

To partner and support, to train and togrow us.


Tools and resources and training abound

To help compliance bring businesses round.


The Sentencing Guidelines, following ascam,

Created the Seven Elements of anEffective Compliance Program.


What are these elements? You wonder withglee.

Sit down and relax; I will explain themto thee.


First recommendation is easy as youplease;

Policies and Procedures, also known asP&P’s.


These policies document the ways that wework

And prove to regulators we are not justjerks


Who do things without thinking or withoutdesign.

We use these procedures so our processesalign


With regs, laws, and rules, while keepingin mind

Business functions, abilities anddecisions in kind.


Number two comes next and deals withoversight -

Compliance Officers and Committees, yougot that right!


The Compliance Officer, in charge of allthings compliance

To that office we pledge our alliance.


Compliance Committees, a stalwart group,

Help make decisions and keep folks in theloop.


The next element consists of training.

Effective knowledge is what we’regaining.


Presenting compliance rules and recommendations

While working to ebb trainees’frustrations.


An effective program empowers employeesto communicate

In order to drive compliance concernsthrough the gate.


Whistleblower protections andanti-retaliation protocol

Helps employees feel safe while revealingit all.


Next comes monitoring and folks’favorite: the audit.

Routine checking; regulators applaud it.


Business departments may not be pleasedwith your presence

But finding issues before CMS does iscertainly a pleasance!


Should a claims examiner be punishedgreater than a CEO?

For similar compliance issues – theanswer is NO!


Effective compliance programs havestandard rules

For disciplining those noncompliantfools.


What do we do when hearing an issue ofnoncompliance?

Respond, investigate, and correct – itain’t rocket science.


When hearing of allegations of offenses,

Compliance professionals must take to thefences


To review in due diligence theaccusations presented

And respond in kind and ensure they’redocumented.


Regulators, clients, employers,consumers.

Millennials, Gen-X’ers, and Baby-boomers.


We all know the importance of remainingcompliant.

To these Seven Elements we remainalliant.



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Poem explaining the in's and out's of healthcare compliance.
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References the Seven Elements of an Effective Compliance Program.
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6/28/2016 12:00:00 AM
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