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“She’s black as night and swift as and arrow.”

“She’s beautiful.”

“I can let you have her Majesty for fifty thousand.”

“She’s worth so much more than that!”

“I know, but seeing as how this is your Majesty’s birthday…I thought I’d give you a deal. Winged horses aren’t easy to tame my lady are you up to the challenge?”

“What else have I got to do? Thank you Tyre. Remy’s going to love having someone to talk too.”

“Why I ever sold you that phoenix I’ll never know”

“Because I wanted it”

“Yes, but he’s been nothing but trouble ever since you brought him home. And that was six years ago.”

“Yes well now with another mystical creature around Remy’s bound to behave. He’s got flying competition now. Have you named her?”

“No, I thought it best to leave that to you.”

“You bought her just for me, didn’t you?”  

Tyre only grinned.

Alexia only shook her head. “Then I’ll have to pay you seventy-five for her, she must have cost you something great.”

“You’ll do no such thing, your Ladyship. I said fifty and I meant fifty.”

“And as the Murkath’s daughter I’m paying you seventy-five thousand and I’d better not see the other twenty-five in some other gift. I can’t pay you fifty thousand, I’d feel like I’d cheated you.”

“This coming from the girl who’d steal the clothes off her mother’s back.”

“She’s not my mother and I only did that once. I needed to prove a point to that witch of Dorsel.”

“Yes, but did it need to be in front of the entire court?”

The royal only glared. “Okay Alexia, I get it. She’s evil and you had to show her that you are going to control this land after your father joins the Murkaths of old. But you destroyed her gown and pulled out her hair.”

“Tyre don’t start that again. She’s a dark witch and she’s bewitched my father. And I will free him from her. Anyway, here are your seventy-five thousand gold pieces and I’m riding her home. But what to call you. I can’t bring you back without a name it just wouldn’t be proper. Can I call you Darkness?”

The horse whinnied and nodded. “Excellent. And…” Alexia reached into her purse and pulled out a bag. “I have something for you. Do you like apples, Darkness? Thank you Tyre.” She said feeding her new pet.

“Your welcome Dema, there is just one thing though…she’s a war horse.” The Dema’s head snapped up and she stopped admiring her new charge.

“What do you mean war-horse?”

Tyre hesitated. “This beauty here was bred and trained for battle.

“But…how…? She’s a winged horse…”

“I really didn’t want to tell you this but she’s from the stable of the gods.”

“WHAT?! Are you mad?! The gods! Please tell me you didn’t sell your soul to MacRhym for my birthday gift. I’ll never forgive you and I’ll take her back. I knew there was a reason you kept using my title. I should flog you for this. I can’t take her.”

“Dema, you have to-” Tyre started.

“I most certainly do not-”

“She was bred for you!” he blurted. “The gods know bad time are coming they want you to be prepared. Not in the next decade and a half but soon. You have to take her. For your protection.”


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