The First Omen


The First Omen


     Dear Michael,

          As you know, I’ve been watching the monitors in Heaven and watching the earth angels mostly being bored because it’s mostly everything that’s been done. Black angels escorting souls to their eternal rest or torment, (mostly torment you know how they can be.) Pink angels allowing those that are found worthy have their greatest fantasies fulfilled. Green angels helping the gardeners tend to all plant life of the earth. And the blue angels eradicating the minions of Satan from the face of the earth. It’s been the same thing for the past ten centuries. I was so bored.

That is until I came across, Kamyla, a very interesting blue angel. She is certainly making a name for herself in Heaven, and in Hell I’m sure. And I know you’ve heard the rumors and the talks of a second divine war. I don’t know much about that, but I do know how all this madness started. And being a commanding officer in the Holy Army of God, I thought it best if you knew the truth and then made important decisions about the fate of this baby of an angel. She’s good, but she’s still young. This is the whole story. The way it really happened:

Kamyla sat at the front pew of St. Peter’s Cathedral. She pulled the gun out of her back pocket and looked at it.

“God, this is what you want me to do?”

In the silence was her answer. She stood up, loaded the wooden stakes into the barrel of the gun.

“Fine,” she finally replied “but if I kill a human I’m blaming you.” She breathed in deep then walked out of the church.

~ ~

     Dek opened his eyes to be welcomed with claustrophobia, Shit, he thought I knew she was willing and I was gonna have to pay for it one way or another. Oh well, I like the night anyway. Fewer idiots. Guess I’d better get out of this coffin before I start screaming. Vampires heal fast, right?

     Yes, you fucking stoner, now how about getting us out of here.

     “LINDSAY!” Dek yelled out loud in surprise. “What the hell is going on? Vampires cannot be schizophrenic! They aren’t. I’m not dead. You are. Now if you don’t mind this coffin is really starting to freak me out.

     Dek began to bash, pound, kick and claw away at the coffin lid tearing away the cloth first with ease then breaking the skin of his fingers on the wooden frame, and finally digging away at the earth that had not yet completed its settling process, grateful it was night.

     Kamyla stood over the fresh grave her pistol pointed at the hand reaching for the surface. The name on the grave was Dek, only Dek.

     “You should be dead. So do yourself a favor and get your pasty undead ass back into your grave.”

     Dammit. Dek hung his head as he slowly continued pulling himself out of his grave. “Can I at least get a head start before you kill me? I’d like to enjoy five minutes of being a vampire. Actually, you’re really going to want to let me go. The woman who’s with me will be very disappointed if you don’t.”

     “Then get back in your grave, and I won’t have to dispose of you.” Kamyla then placed the gun right in Dek’s face. “And tell the bitch in your head to deal with it. Or there is one alternative…” she placed the gun back into its holster. “You can bargain with me. But let me warn you, I’m a real bitch to deal with.”

     Dek looked up at Kamyla, her short blue-black hair blew into her face. He hoped she didn’t notice him sliding out of the ground.

     “You can lead me to Shela and Eros… or I can dust you before you get a chance to move. I need a good undead escort, and it seems you’ve already seen them.” She placed her fingers over a strange symbol scratched onto Dek’s neck.

     “You’re her’s now. That’ll get you into all the best dens.”


     “Vampire raves. Little Sodom and Gomorra’s. All over town, nastiest things I’ve ever seen. And with that little mark, well… I could get top suckers at any time.”  Kamyla fiddles with her gun, “Or, I could just say ‘Fuck it’ and well… ashes to ashes.” She looks at Dek and smiles.

     “Ya know, I’ve already got I pain in my ass to deal with, I don’t need a second. But, considering those wooden stakes look pretty sharp I’m–shut up Lindsay I’m negotiating. So sorry.” Dek continued while brushing dirt and splinters off of himself “She can be a little pushy sometimes. Anyway as I was saying you don’t seem to be joking about wanting to kill me so I won’t disappoint you but she is really hungry so if you don’t let me shut her up soon I’ll be in no mood to do anything for you. Thanks for all the vampy info, but now I really have to go.” then at a speed Dek had no idea he was capable of he hit the slayer. “So catch me Buffy.” Then he disappeared into the night.

         Running out of the cemetery, and into the park, Dek spotted what was to be his first meal as a vampire. “Excuse me miss, but I couldn’t help noticing your hair. I’ve always been a sucker for blondes.”

     “Hm, blondes is that so?” the woman didn’t realize that Dek was guiding her down an alley. He was fairly handsome and there was something in his eyes that held her captive. “Well, I’m not a natural blonde. Not really, anyway.” There was something about him that couldn’t allow her to lie to him. Which was odd because she was the type of woman who would lie to her dying grandmother if she could benefit enough from it. 

     “That’s all right. The more important question is what’s your blood type?”

     “What?” the blond was now frightened realizing that the streetlights didn’t show light back this far into the alley.

     “It doesn’t matter really. I was just curious.” He whipped her around so that her back was to him and bit down hard on her throat before she had chance to scream. 


     Kamyla just sighed as a pair of blue colored wings spread from her back. In a few moments she was standing behind Dek who currently had his teeth in some bottle blonde bimbo.

     “You really shouldn’t push an angel, asshole.”

     Dek looked up from his feasting and angrily threw the girl aside. Maybe the horror from nearly dying gave her the adrenaline to run. Or maybe it was the look that Kamyla gave her but run she did. The thought of looking back never once occurred to her.

     “Now work with me here, or do I have to get righteous on your ass.”

     “You have to catch me first, bitch.”

     Kamyla only shook her head, raised her pistol and fired a shot that moved faster than any vampire. The slim wooden stake slid neatly into Dek’s knee causing him to howl out in blinding pain as he fell to the pavement in the alley.

     “Seeing as how you’re going to be trouble than you’re worth…. I think I’ll take care of you right now. The dumb ones always run. Kamyla pulled a syringe out of her backpack and walked over to where Dek lay rolling in pain. She pinned him to the ground, which was relatively easy, despite the fact that Dek was rolling all over the place, and stabbed the needle into his left canine.

     “Nighty-night dick.” After he passed out she hauled him onto her shoulder and flew off towards a large gothic style abandoned building.

Dek awoke on a dust-covered floor and two pains in his head. One was the side effect of the drug that Kamyla had given him. And the other of course was Lindsey screaming at him, because now they were chained to a wall. Look I know I shoulda jumped, okay but I didn’t. Get over it. I have a hang over. Well thanks to you that crazy blue-hair freak chained us to a wall. What’d she hit us with? I don’t know, but my God she needs to call an interior decorator for this shit hole fast because its got psycho-bitch written all over it. “Cute Lindsey.” We have to get out of here. She’s creepy and I don’t like her. “Aw, poor baby, now if you’re finished.” Dek began to pull on the chains only to find that he didn’t have much strength and couldn’t break them. “Wonderful. Whatever she injected into me has blocked all of our new powers.”

“Oh, you poor thing. Ready to cooperate now or am I gonna have to blow out your other knee?” Kamyla walked into the room. Her cute schoolgirl outfit replaced by with a pink leather corset with matching pink mini skirt and knee high stiletto boots. “If you cause anymore trouble I just may have to blow something else.” She walked over and grabbed his crotch like she owned it. “I see the vampyric metamorphosis has finally kicked in.”

“You sure don’t act very angelic.”

“I’m a blue angel, babe. One of God’s hit men or women in this case.” Kamyla pulled Dek’s face closer to hers, “As a partner, I’m purely heavenly, but as an enemy well I can be quite hellish. You get to pick.” She then kissed Dek. “Hold that thought.” Just then two vampires burst through the ceiling. Kamyla grabbed her gun but one of the vampires kicked it from her hand. “Fuck!” she closed her eyes, let her wings spring out of her back and her fingernails grow into dagger sharp claws. “You really should not have done that.”

“Give us the newling and we’ll leave.” The first said.

“Sorry, I just getting used to him, so… no,”

“He must die!” the second vampire shrieked.

“No you must.” With that Kamyla leapt at the first vampire and with a swipe of her hand sent his head sailing before it and the rest of him turned to dust. Before she could kill the second he planted a firm kick into her ribs. The kick sent her sprawling, but not before she shoved her middle claw into his heart. He exploded into dust as Kamyla hit the wall. “So,” she said causally as she got up “are you going to cooperate now?”

“We need to deliberate for a moment. Lindsey wants to know why those guys were after us. And to be brief you rudely interrupted our meal.” Dek get out of these chains and kick her ass, you pitiful excuse of a vampire. “Before you begin I think you should know that Lindsey here thinks that I should rip your wings off and drink the blood from them while you watch helpless to do anything. And also if she could she would take much pride in tearing all of that blue hair right out of your head. In my opinion, now this just my opinion mind you, but I think she likes you. Ow! I didn’t say it she did. God. Ever hear of ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’.”

“I didn’t shoot you, Dead boy, I smacked you. And ever time I get a smart-ass comment that I don’t like, despite who it’s from, I’m smacking you.”

“Great. Look what does God want with me anyway? I’m a vampire, a very hungry vampire. Why doesn’t He just smite me or something, instead of sending you? And if we decide to cooperate, how are we supposed to eat? You won’t let us grab any more blondes off the street, and if Lindsey doesn’t get here way she won’t hesitate to take over. And I don’t care how much of a badass angel you think you are, Lindsey won’t be cooperative or kind and somewhere in the middle she will gladly kick your ass. Then redecorate this hellhole to be more feminine.

This is the deal. Lindsey and I eat whomever we chose, whenever we chose, plus the occasional nap and we’ll take you wherever you need to be. And then when we’re done we don’t get another whiff of your feathers. Because according to those now piles of dust you need us. So start acting like it and let us go!”

“Well let’s get one thing straight…” Kamyla walked forward and placed her middle claw against Dek’s temple. “The only reason you’re still alive is because of me. You’ve hardly been dead. But over time you will learn to never EVER fuck with an angel.”

“Oh, and Lindsey don’t think I don’t know how to deal with little sprites like you. With one little push I could totally rid Dek of you.” Slowly her wings returned to her back. She stepped slowly away from Dek. “You wanna know why they want you dead? So they could steal that seal on the back of you neck. That seal is a ticket to the best feeding holes around town. So you…are not important. That thing on your neck, however is. And that, well that can be removed.” Kamyla got really close to Dek’s face, her irises growing yellow. “So watch your step.” Kamyla yanked her gun out of its holster and pressed it against Dek’s chest. “Got it. Oh… and about feeding. I came prepared. Here.” She threw some medical bags at Dek’s chest. “Best shit in town. And no silicon, unlike your last meal.”

“No straw,” he said while massaging his wrists. They didn’t hurt, but he figured make the psycho-bitch think she was holding him in pain and she might ease up on the higher than thou art bullshit. I can’t believe you let her threaten me like that! Then again, I shoulda known that you’ve always wanted me gone. That’s why you were so willing to let her bite you. Well surprise asshole! Death’s a bitch, and I’m still here. Lindsey don’t pout. Besides she can’t get to you without hurting me. And she needs us, if she didn’t we’d be dust by now. Besides you know me, my hell would be if I didn’t have you to talk to. Now try and enjoy this, despite the fact that it’s barely room temperature.

“Excuse me. How am I supposed to drink this without getting most of it on my clothes?” Dek asked. Kamyla only rolled her eyes at him. Well, isn’t she the lovely little chatter box. Lindsey be nice. Why, she can’t hear me. She thinks she’s the badest bitch in town. Guess again. Look we need to get out of here. Screw her scroll or seal or whatever the hell she said she wanted. I have to get out here. No offense Dek, but I’m getting claustrophobic! Calm down. I’m working on it. See that blanket over there on the floor the black one. At dawn we grab it and make a break for the manhole or something. And what pray tell is going to keep her from shooting you in your knee again? All angels, even bad asses like this one, have to report into God at dawn. She’ll be busy with Him and won’t notice us leaving. How did you know that? I knew that but you couldn’t have. I don’t know. It just sorta came to me. Dek leaned up against the wall to try and feed. Halfway through the second medical bag he started to feel drowsy. “Am I supposed to be falling asleep like this? It’s only 2AM.”

“I assumed you’d be much better to deal with tomorrow night. So I’m helping you sleep.” Kamyla said innocently. “Sweet dreams.”

~ ~

“Hey, rise and shine Dekki. You over slept.” Kamyla kicked Dek in his side. He rolled over and looked up at Kamyla. “Get ready. We’re going hunting.”

“Hunting? What time is it?”

Kamyla crouched down to get close to Dek’s face. “It’s nine-thirty silly.” She responded sweetly. “Now get up.”

“Go without me, bitch, you drugged me.”

Again she responded sweetly, “Please don’t be difficult right now. I’m not in the mood. Standup we’re leaving.”

She was now wearing a loose black spaghetti strap sundress. She still had her corset on underneath. As Dek began to sit up he grabbed on to her dress.

“Hey! Watch the dress!” Dek let go. “I died in this dress okay.”


“Yeah, how do you think I became an angel in the first place? Life stories later. Move now.” Kamyla yanked Dek to his feet by the collar of his shirt and led him out the room. “We’re going to Blood Orgy, everyone’s favorite vampire sex club. Kamyla clicked her heels as she walked out of the room. She loved that sound. “We need to stop at my apartment first.” Dek looked at her confused. “What? Oh, please. You actually thought that I lived in this dump. You’re kidding me right? This is the Blue Angel Headquarters. Idiot.” She shook her head and started to chuckle. “You are such an idiot. God takes care of His own you know.” Her wings grew out of her back with ease, and she walked to a whole in the ceiling. “Grab on, unless that is you feel like walking.”

“Actually yeah I would like to walk, right out of your life.”

“That wasn’t a suggestion, Dek. Get on my back now.” With some reluctance, Dek wrapped his arms around Kamyla’s shoulders. “Oh, and don’t even think about biting me” she said as they took off. “Angel blood is poison to pretty much everything. Especially vampires.”

Dek hated heights. He really hated heights without seatbelts. As they soared out of the window and over the city he tried to keep calm. He didn’t want to know what this very unusual woman would do if she knew that he was afraid of heights. Probably a barrel roll. Twice.

As they reached Kamyla’s apartment she began a slow descend if any humans were around there’d be pictures of her all over the news and YouTube by 11o’clock. That was not something she wanted to deal with right now. She landed in the alley across from her building. Dek slid off her back grateful to be on solid ground again. She checked the street to make sure that no one saw her land and waved Dek to come with her. She pulled a gold chain from around her neck on was a set of keys. She unlocked the door then held it open for Dek who just stood in the doorway. “What now?” Kamyla rolled her eyes, and then raised her eyebrows. “What are you waiting for?” She looked down the hallway for danger.

Dek looked at her dumbfounded. “Vampires have to be invited into private homes and buildings remember? And she says I’m the idiot.”

Kamyla sighed heavily and using her middle finger invited him in. He followed Kamyla up the seven flights of stairs to her apartment. Apparently this chick has never heard of an elevator. She stopped at 747 and pulled her keys from around her neck again, and beckoned her unwilling partner inside. The moment Dek walked in he was strangled with a wave of nausea. His knees buckled and he fell over.

“What’s wrong now?” she asked him exasperated.

“You and your place reek of Holiness. It wasn’t so bad at the other place because the windows were blown out. But here it’s strong. And I can smell it all to well.” Then he began to laugh, “And you actually thought that you were just going to waltz right into a vampire club, vampire-you know super senses and all that, without them noticing. That’s priceless.” He began to laugh harder, despite his nausea. “Are you really that stupid? You may think that you’re some badass angel but to the rest of the supernatural world you’re smell makes you out to be nothing more than a choir angel.” She walked to open a window as he continued. “Look, I’ve got two very serious problems with you: one you’ve hit me, kissed me, shot me, interrupted my meal, you drugged me and I don’t even know you’re name, and it’s really starting to piss me off.

Lindsey couldn’t care less but I do. Oh and speaking of Lindsey, if you ever threaten her again I won’t hesitate to tell the Quezar demons in 628 what you really are.” Kamyla stared at Dek as if he had two heads. “Don’t give me that look. I can smell them. We just had this conversation. Super senses.

Think I’m bluffing. Before I got turned, I heard a couple of vamps talking about what some Quezars did to Michael. And he’s your highest God-bitch isn’t he? And he lost more than a few feathers in that little scuffle. Watch your step. They’ll eat your wings while watching a football game. Regardless of how poisonous you are. So don’t fuck with me. Got that? And,” he continued before Kamyla could interject “if that doesn’t work. I’ll kill myself, and there goes your precious seal. Are we understood?”

“My God you talk a lot. Is that why your sire bit you? To shut you up.”

“You mangy blue-feathered bi-”



“My name, is Kamyla.”

“Thank you. Now will you please do something about that damn smell?”

“Look, I can’t do anything about my apartment’s smell, but…” As she said this, she walked to a nearby closet, “As for my own smell I can do something about that.” She started to open the door, then stopped and bit her lip. “Don’t move.” Dek holds his arms up as if to say: Why would I? Inside was a male vampire, his clothes tattered and torn.

“Now this is how an angel feeds.” Kamyla smiled then her right index fingernail shot out, and then she quickly ran it across the vampire’s neck. It was light enough to not kill him. Then she began to lap up his blood.

“What the fuck?” Dek tried to jump to help his beaten “comrade”, but when he moved his head started to spin and he couldn’t make it. The other vampire was dust and Kamyla no longer smelled of angel. She stood in front of the now empty closet with blood hanging on her chin.

“Don’t look so surprised Hun, if you’d had the chance to go and find her, I’m sure Celina would have told you to stay away from my kind.” She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and then got a look of triumph on her face. “And Mr. Super Senses, your demonic search didn’t quite pan out the way you would have hoped. Next door are two sirens, above us are three Orc demons and below us is my cousin Lenny, he’s a Chucabra. And as for those dangerous Quezar demons… my brother Pete and his Frat brothers.”

Dek was now even more confused, “Um… how… how the hell does that work?”              

“Exactly. I was born human just like my mother was, but my father… wasn’t really a looker but a great guy anyway. My mother died and became and angel and my brother and I are the product of that. I got lucky. Then I died and…” she trailed off looking distant and sad.

“Now… look I don’t… but… whatever. I stopped caring. Look we got you. Right now I’d gladly trade with my dear little brother but, you know.” She shrugged.

“Well obviously you and I have a lot of work to do and the only way to get it done is if we work together and set aside the fact that you’re a pushy bitch who needs to hit in face. A lot. And the fact that I’m a huge pain in the ass. Once we than do that then I think we’ll work together well. So can we please try to get along?” Dek was really trying to make things work between him and Kamyla, mainly because the faster he did what she wanted him to the faster he and Lindsey could be on there way.

In response, Kamyla slowly extended her hand to Dek. “You’re right.”

“I am?” he said taking her hand gingerly. “Is this some kind of trick?” he said warily.

“Not at all you’re right, we need to work together.”

“Oh, I know I’m right about that. I thought you were going to say I was right about you needing to be hit the face. Because you really do need to be hit in the face.”

“I’m going to pretend that you haven’t said that three times now by not stabbing you. Let’s go.”

You are right. She does hit in the face. I know. I’m just glad she didn’t hit me in the face.

*   *   *   *    *    *    *

A few minutes later they were standing in front of Blood Orgy.

“Here we-” Kamyla suddenly collapsed to the ground, as a large hand came crashing down hard on her shoulder. Then Dek found a stake gun in his face.

“Let’s take this inside.” Boomed the voice attached to the hand. The giant grabbed Kamyla and threw her over his shoulder. He led Dek into the club, with his gun pressed up against his back.


“Izzy?” Dek recognized his companion from Celina’s coven.              

“Dude, what’d you do to piss off Booker?”

“I was gonna let a Blue Angel in here.”

“What! Why?”

“She was gonna dust me. Why else would I risk it?”

“Stop talking!” thundered the huge vampire Izzy called Booker as he knocked Dek into a bar stool where three vampires were currently kissing and biting each other. Annoyed they got up and left the club. “This happens every time we come here.” One of them said walking out the door.

“Then don’t come back.” Dek said. “Aw come on guys, do you really think I’d let this little slice of heaven come in here and dust everybody? This is me we’re talking about.” Try to look hurt. I am hurt. Emotionally. I am. Oh, sorry.

“Prove it!” someone shouted.

“Yeah! Prove it!” the rest of the clubbers began shouting and jeering at Dek.

“All right! All right. What do you people want from me?”

“Kill her!” Someone else shouted.

“Uh… no. But I will,” Dek reached into his pocket and was grateful to have been buried with his knife still in his pocket. “let the demon brave enough (or stupid enough) slice her open so we can all see what makes an angel tick.” Then Kamyla started to stir. Dek knew that there was going to be a lot of trouble. And it was going to be mostly his.

I’m gonna end up getting an ass-kicking at some point by someone tonight. I kinda just wish it would hurry up and happen so I can stop worrying about it. Don’t be such a baby, Dek. Just keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing and we’ll be fine.

“So why won’t you kill her, Dek?” Izzy inquired.

“Cuz, somebody’s got a price on my head and so far she’s been “protecting” me. And if I don’t have to do any work, why should I?”

Just then Kamyla jumped up wings spread and eyes yellow with anger. “You assholes really should have tied me down. But vampires aren’t known for their brains now are they?” after that Dek dove over the bar to hide. The only sounds he heard after that were Kamyla laughing and the screams of vampires before they attacked the angel then turned to dust.

“Dek… you can come out now. I’m done.” Dek was reluctant. He half expected one of Kamyla’s long nails to swipe his throat as he stood. He had never heard anything so malicious in his life. For the first time since meeting this woman, he was afraid of her. “Dek…” she sounded nervous but she could just be a good actress. He decided to risk it. He stood and surveyed the room. Everything was covered in the dust of vampire remains, even him.

“I think I’m going to be sick.” Dek turned to heave.

“Sorry. Sometimes I get a little over excited.” In the midst of his vomiting Dek was able to give the heavenly being the finger.

“Look, I didn’t kill all of your friends. I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name.” Kamyla looked under a table at Izzy. He was crouching in a puddle of urine.

“Leave him alone. He hasn’t done anything. And he gets a kick out of eating ‘the bad guys.’” Dek tried to plead for his friend.

“Do you know anything?” she grabbed Izzy held him in the air.

“About what?” Izzy just wanted to go home and shower. He couldn’t answer any of this psycho’s questions truthfully or by pulling something out of his ass like he normally did.

“I ask the questions, you give the answers, or else you die. Got it?”

“Kamyla! I said leave him alone. Do it or I’m gone!”

“You’ll die out there on your own.”

“I’ll risk it. Will you? I wasn’t real up to date on God when I had a pulse but I do know that He hates losing. And if I die, He loses something. And then it’s your ass. Still wanna risk it.”

Kamyla dropped the frightened vampire who went running for the door.

“Dek, you are crazy-ass mother fucker. If you’re still alive in a week look me up.” Izzy called taking off into the night.

Kamyla stood glowering at Dek. “What the hell was that?” she demanded. “He was our best chance at-“

“At what? I don’t owe God anything. I can’t believe I let you take me here and then you just murdered all of them. There weren’t any humans here. They weren’t hurting anyone, and you just killed all of them.”

“They wanted to kill me. I’d say that was reason enough to kill them all.”

“Because you were gonna come in here and do what you just did! None of them were going to take you on. Don’t ever fuck with a Blue Angel, remember.” Dek ripped a bar stool out of the ground and threw it at Kamyla hitting her in the chest and sending her into the wall. “Well, I’m fucking with one now! What are you gonna do, Angel? Huh?”

“You really shouldn’t have done that.” Kamyla said throwing the stool aside.

“Why? What could you possible do to me that you haven’t already done?”

Kamyla leaped up and tackled Dek into the opposite wall. Dek tried to gasp at the forced of the blow but she knocked the wind out of him. Then he remembered that he didn’t need to breathe. He wrapped his legs around her waist and wriggled his way onto her back and smashed her face into floor three times before she spread her wings and he was flung off of her.

He came back at her teeth bared and eyes ablaze and growling he leapt at her. He slashed at her with his knife. He cut her dress and made deep gash in her chest.

“BASTARD!” She jumped at him and he made another cut in the dress, this time in her thigh. She howled out in anger. Dek went to slash her again, but she grabbed his knife hand and snapped the bone in his forearm. He screamed, dropped the knife and cradled his wounded arm. Kamyla took this opportunity to check her wounds. She was already starting to heal but not as fast as she would have hoped.

Dek once again dove behind the bar this time he grabbed a bottle of something red that he hoped was blood. He popped it open and began to drink. It was too sweet to be blood. He threw it aside and went to the cooler. That’s where he found what he wanted. He grabbed a bottle and unscrewed the top. He drank deep, his broken arm beginning to mend and he stopped seeing double. Kamyla dove over the bar after him wings spread. And Dek took the half empty bottle of now lukewarm blood and smashed it over her head.

Having human blood on her infuriated Kamyla further. It stung as it ran into her eyes, all over her face, at her moment of vulnerability and Dek decided to add insult to injury and lick the blood off her face and then kiss her. But instead of killing him, she kissed him back.

~  ~

Rick, I need to take a break. Talking about this only increases the reality of everything that happened. I mean she was like family. Now she’s running rampant with a vampire. I can only pray (and fuss) to God that she is returned to us swiftly and that her charge is dealt with. I’ll continue in my next letter after I’ve had a rest.

God by with you,



Dear Rick,

     I assume you know what’s happened next. That spawn of Hell has fornicated with one of our own. And what’s worse is she is now protecting him. The Almighty knows and sees all but I can’t see this ending well. Since this event I’ve sent in Penelope to try and clean up this mess. I’ll keep you up dated.

                                           Lord Save Us


     “What the hell just happened?”

     “I…I don’t really know. One second I was ready to rip your face off the next we were-“

     “Don’t say it please. Just hand me my dress and let’s go.”

     “Go? Go where? I’m not really the commitment type.”

     “Listen to me very closely you bloodsucking half-assed excuse for life maggot. What just happened changes everything. I was just supposed to slice off a chunk of your skin and move on to more important things. SHIT! I am going to kill you if you don’t move your ass!”

     “Kamyla what is going on?!”

     “Less talking more moving. Penelope is coming.”

Before Dek could ask another question Kamyla grabbed him and threw him out a window. She walked out to where he landed and only looked down at him eyes grave, then spread her wings. Dek closed his mouth and climbed on her back. She took off in a flash with Dek barely holding on.

”Dek, why in God’s name did you screw her?!” “Seemed like a good like a good idea at the time.” “You fucking idiot. You really have no idea what you’ve done.” “Hey, look I know it was stupid okay. But please can you stop swearing at me she does that enough. And what are you talking about? What did I do?” “I’ll let her explain everything.” “What? Lindsey?” But no reply came. The spirit was deep in her own thoughts. She was remembering why she had been stuck inside Dek’s head to begin with. She was once a powerful muse. She helped God create the universe. The magic in the colors, the symphony of the stars that was all her. So what could someone with so much power and who had so much respect from the Almighty that he would not cast her down into the deeps of Hell but force her to be tormented by being trapped in the mind of cocky male now turned vampire. Simply she disobeyed in a big way. But since her disobedience was not relevant in the fight between good verse evil He saw fit not to banish her to hell, but to trap her inside the head of His most uncreative humans. Lindsey has a soft spot for females. Not because she is a female herself, but because most all females on earth are second class. Even in the animal kingdom. The males mate and leave or the find the food and sort of protect the young ones. The females take care of them raise them teach the younglings what they need to know before they go out on their own. So every female uprising woman rulers the amazons even the woman’s right movement in the 1920’s in the United States. But one day she went to far. Does the name Bobbet ring any bells. Well that whole thing was Lindsey’s idea. Any other time a being decided to injure, maim or kill his/her significant other the being’s guardian was not to interfere. Well Lindsey felt it was her time to get in on some of the fun. She came to Laurana in a dream and told her what she should and well you know the story. Anyway God found out, like he always does and decided to punish Lindsey, for her partaking in the dismemberment of one of his creations. She was banned to seven hundred years in the minds of men.               



LilyRei   LilyRei wrote
on 7/25/2008 12:58:57 PM
Please tell me what you think. Iwant feed back.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 7/20/2008 12:21:44 AM
What a story! This has everything...vamps...angels...demons... You really threw your imagination into this. I am impressed!

Novel / Novella
writing LilyRei
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